Have Pie, Will Travel

This afternoon, Rachel’s Table and I are on our way up [from Delaware and New Jersey, respectively] to…


To see this gal!

Darla, from, I mean,

The three of us had been daydreaming about a Maine get-together for ages. One December morning, I blurted, “Why wait? I’m not working [since my “separation” with Big Pharma], and Darla doesn’t have to go back to [Medical Assistant] school until late January! When will that ever happen again?”

Maine? In January? You’re probably thinking.

My mom's cousin's backyard right now. Little Deer Isle, Maine.
My cousin’s backyard right now. Little Deer Isle, Maine.

Sure, they’re having the harshest winter Darla’s ever seen, but I think I’ll be spending less time outdoors and more time doing this:

Maine-Trip-Jules- lobster

Besides, while most people fantasize about palm trees and white sand, I lust after evergreens, crisp air, mountains, and of course, an ocean view at every turn. I’ve been in love with Maine since my first visit [to Freeport, Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park] 16 years ago. It calls to me. It’s like my Paris.

View from Darla's backyard.
Basically, I want to live in an LL Bean catalog. View from Darla’s backyard.

I also realized I had a golden opportunity to woo several people at once with my homemade Tollhouse pie.

Get ready, Maineiacs.
Get ready, Maineiacs.

Because that’s how I roll.

The Accidental Stepmom (a.k.a. JM Randolph), who I just had the pleasure of seeing again on Monday, approves.

I hope to return next week with some wacky and wonderful tales. In the meantime, stay warm – and don’t have too much fun without me!

I really should have gotten that hat.

Where’s your “Paris”? What part of the world calls to you?


128 thoughts on “Have Pie, Will Travel”

  1. I gal after my own cold, dead heart… I also prefer the snow covered streets, sub-zero temperatures and excuse to wear a plethora of different hats and beanies. Which is why, also as a Jersey girl. I actually moved to my “Paris”, which is Stockholm, Sweden. Which is not anywhere near Paris, thankfully, because it’s just awful there. Have fun in Maine!

    1. NICE! Now THAT’S a big move. You are an inspiration! I’d love to visit Sweden – I’ve never been to Europe at all, and it kills me.

      And great minds – I just put my most adorable winter hat next to my duffle bag (waiting for Rache to get up to Jersey; she had to work a half day today… TMI?)!

          1. THAT is a sweet freakin’ hat. I have one quite similar in green. I wash;t sure if I could pull it off, but alas…I have been blessed with hat head, in where every hat is pull off-able. You have my vote for a new hat purchase in Maine. You only need one vote for purchase permission. Totally just made up those rules.

    1. I don’t even know if it’ll make it out of Jersey. I’m waiting for Rachel to arrive, and it’s sitting on the stove, whispering sweet nothings in my ear…

      1. I’ve been to Stavanger and Berlin at least a dozen times each. While Berlin can be super fun, I much prefer Stavanger, but that could be because I lived in Germany for 15 years and can no longer tolerate the language 😀

  2. My squee was too small! SQUEEEEEEEE!

    New England calls to me – any part – but mainly (tee hee) the South Shore of Massachusetts. I grew up there and it’s in my bones and my soul.

    See you SOON.

    1. Your squee WAS too small. I was starting to get worried.

      I can’t picture you living anywhere else, long-term!

      Too bad somebody is LATE… 😉 The swingin’ cooler full of librations may not make it much longer…

  3. Fantastic! What a great get-together for you gals! I want to come too! As much as I love the sunshine, I also love love love snow, and we haven’t had any yet this year in my corner of England, so I want some! Also lobster, I want lobster. I’m not waiting for you to reply, I’m on my way…

    1. I’m going to be really disappointed if we get up there and you’re NOT present.

      We should set up some sort of bloggy house exchange, because I am DYING to visit England! (Small snag, though, in the fact that I’m selling my house…hmm…)

  4. Actually, you read my mind! I *WAS* thinking Maine? In January? It’s like you opened the top of my head and peered inside. Blogger meet-ups are cool. Blogger meet-up with food + alcohol? Nothing better. I very much like the Jiffy-Pop/Pope hat. You SHOULD have bought it.

    When traveling, I am torn in many directions but it’s usually London or Las Vegas. Me no likee nature. Being forced to use dial-up is as “roughing it” as I like to get.

    Our Governor put his foot in it. Keep abreast of Trafficgate. SO funny. And I like how you can now stick “gate” at the end of any word to create a crisis. Thanks, Dick Nixon!

    1. “Jiffy-Pop/Pope hat” – HA! I love that. It’s actually a Hershey’s kiss, but I like your vision much better.

      London or Las Vegas, wow. They seem so different, but I’ve not yet been to London (it’s at the tippy top of my list, though), so I guess I should reserve judgement!

          1. I don’t even know why you’re fussing over the ketchup on the ceiling. I’d go with “food art – the latest craze” if I were you.

            Trust me, after a month of living in a house on the market, it’ll be nice to spend time somewhere where people actually LIVE!

                1. P.S. – I can’t decide if it’s weird or insanely appropriate that we’re communicating via blog comments an hour before we’re headed up there! (SQUEE)

                    1. You better print out my gravatar picture and prop it in the middle of the action with a glass of something toxic or my feelings will be hurt.

                    2. Mine, too. Here I am slaving away at 2 jobs while you gals are galavanting about and drinking heavily. I so wish I could be there…

  5. Maine in the dead of winter… Death Valley on the hottest day of summer. But with friends it’s worth it….

    1. BTW thanks for the Twitter love! I wish I was better with the Tweets and Twits and the what-nots.

      You made me laugh out loud with, “But it sucks here in this town.” Darla says something similar about her town, but I think you’re both crazy.

  6. Well, I AM a little sad that I wasn’t invited on this trip, but that being said, I’m glad it’s THIS weekend and not NEXT. 😉

    Key West is my place…..warm, tropical, bizarre, eclectic and pie. What’s not to love?

    1. Yesss. I’ve been meaning to ask you if you like Indian food (where you’re coming in is the MECCA for Indian food)! 🙂

      I’d like to visit Key West – I’ve only heard good things! I’ve never even been to Florida…I know. Weird.

      1. Well, since we’ve devolved into just conversing on your blog here like drunk monkeys, rather than texting like civilized people…..No, I am not a fan of Indian cuisine. Mecca be damned.

          1. Come to Key West!! Please!! I will host you all and it will be fabulous! Let’s do this before I die of jealousy that y’all are hanging out and eating pie without me.

              1. Hey stranger, how you doin? We know all about this blogging buddies meeting, don’t we? Except compared to lobstah and champagne our single and a frosty at Wendy’s seems, perhaps, a bit….lame?

  7. My Paris – like you – is Maine. I always tell my wife that we may as well get a divorce at 65 because I’m going North and she’s heading South. I’ve been there 4 times now and it’s my absolute favorite place in the world.

  8. Have the best time ever, lady! You deserve it. And eat lobstah for me.

    As you well know, my Paris… is Paris.

      1. Ha! Yeah, it seems like a lot of couples disagree on their Parises (Parisi?). A le shame! But hey, mixing it up with a trip to Sweden sounds like a pretty great compromise.

  9. Jules, I love your sense adventure, but sadly, I do not share your love of the cold. (though I do love LLBean). My happy place would be sitting on a beach with the only thing cold nearby, a beer in my hand.

  10. Hahaha, this is going to be sweeeeeeet!!! The tollhouse pie makes a another appearance! That was one of my first Jules posts…something about that ridiculous pie creation. Have fun! My Paris is anywhere that has a sandy beach, ocean and a dearth of other people around. Oh, and unlimited Bud LIght Limes!

    1. I think it was my bacon ‘Pi day pie’ creation for JM (Accidental Stepmom)! I outdid myself that day. You’d be proud, too, of the 1970s cooler full of booze I’m putting in Rachel’s backseat (alas, no room for Bud Light Lime)!

    1. It’s on my bucket list, for sure. French is my favorite language, too! And the birth place of champagne, croissants and brie?

      YES. I think I’d like it there.

    1. Why, thank you for asking! PowerPoint. I’m obsessed with it. I use it like Photoshop (like in the one lobster/bib picture where I inserted the Maine winter background).

    1. I have to agree on the overwhelming awesomeness of my company! And oh boy do we have some tales to share…

      HA. Your Paris even includes a porcelain throne! Nice!

  11. Waaaa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a—a-a–a-a-a-a-a–a-a-a-a-a–a!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (temper tantrum of jealousy because I am not on my way to Maine)

    1. Peggles, wait until you hear about this trip. You’ll be glad you waited until this summer, when we’re all going to descend upon Darla together. Right? ….Right?

      1. Darlypants indicated there may have been some slight delays with the trip. Can’t wait to hear all about it so we can plan better for next summer for sure.

  12. See here now young lady, we were promised – PROMISED – full butt/body photos from here on out. Frankly, I’m just not sure what to think. Maybe you use the travel time to think about a little thing called “Promises”?

  13. YAY! Blogger meetups are the greatest because sometimes it’s instant friendship. You get together, and all of a sudden want to get naked together and sing Lionel Richie songs to each other. Or is that just me and my friends?

  14. Have SO SO much fun this weekend! I demand drunken dance parties and hours of laughing until you cry. While the pictures of Darla’s backyard and Deer Isle are absolutely stunning, my special corners of the world are Glacier National Park (in the summer) and, although I hate being so cliched, Paris (in the autumn).

  15. Bon voyage! Would you wave me “hello” when you’re driving through Massachusetts? That is, unless you’ll already be holding the steering wheel in one hand, and the pie in the other.
    My “Paris” is pretty much any place where I haven’t been yet.

    1. hahahaha Oh. You have no idea how funny your comment is, because we could have not only waved to you, but spent the night! I will share the wild and crazy details once I’ve come down from the shock.

      And I like your attitude. I’m the same way when it comes to traveling, because there’s so much I want to see – “Cross that off the list. NEXT!”

      1. I presume it shouldn’t have been any problem whatsoever explaining to my wife that I urgently need to house two attractive female strangers in our apartment for a night 🙂 (But seriously, it would have been possible, so next time you can’t make it through Massachusetts, you can keep it in mind – we’re just north of Boston.)

  16. Lobster and pie is a total win – looking forward to the full-tale post! My favorite places are sandy and hot – beach of any sort makes me happiest. Please enjoy the freezing ass cold weather up there so I can live vicariously and never go : )

    1. And? You can get lobster IN pie! (Like a chicken pot pie.) I managed to restrain myself from ordering it about 7 different times. Given the amount of bacon and booze I also consumed on this trip, it might have done me in.

      1. I have been hasty and foolish in swearing off cold weather lands – the notion of lobster IN pie has made me a potential believer. You have led the way friend. Thank you!

        1. And did I mention they basically mandate that you dip the lobster in clarified butter? I know this is common, but when we’re talking Maine lobster, it’s just a whole ‘nother level of mother-loving goodness.

          Darla said at one point, “Would you guys ever get sick of it?”

          hahahaha Silly Mainer.

  17. I can’t wait to see photos! Have a wonderful time! I love blogger friend get togethers. And this group would be a riot! If you ever plan that midwest summit, I’m in! It’s gotten warm enough to snow here now! Eh? Eh? 😉

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