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Well THAT Didn’t Go According to Plan

I’ve been a project manager for over a decade. That suggests a few things.

  1. I’m organized.
  2. I make sh&t happen.
  3. I REALLY like lists.

Phrases like Type A, OCD, and Post-It Hoarder might even be crossing your mind.

Huh. I don’t see it.

Well. Okay. Fine. I like when things go according to plan. At the very least, I like HAVING a plan. Some sort of scaffolding upon which to begin arranging my masterpieces.

Do you think this just happens?

I also really, really hate messing up or not meeting my goals.


I’m learning to take a step back, harness my Zen, be the river flowing around the rocks, yadda yadda…

Picturing Zac Efron shirtless helps.

…And if any detours from my plans are funny, I’ve gotten REALLY good at embracing them.

Thanks, blogging.

Here are a few recent favorite fails “detours.”

Well that didn't go according to plan

The Mannequin Did It! (1 of 3)

On Monday, my manager, Karla, and I enjoyed lunch during one of our biweekly check-ins. After covering business, we dug into fun stories from our personal lives. We laughed, I finished my tray of warm, delicious bhindi masala, and left her office with, as usual, a skip in my step. Life is grand!

When I returned to her office later that afternoon, I noticed something strange on her desk.

“Did I do that?” I asked, horrified, picturing my steaming, fragrant lunch resting on the gleaming, elegant wood in that exact same spot just hours earlier.


Karla burst out laughing. “I wasn’t going to say anything…”

I immediately started Googling replacement desks.

That should do it.

Now That’s What I Call Commitment (2 of 3)


Okay. I can’t take credit for this, but I just love it.

This is a sign around the corner from my house. You know when it looked fantastic? Halloween.

Do you know when I took this picture? Yesterday.

Maybe this will help?

At least they’re ready for 2019. This project manager approves.

I Just Wanted an Excuse to Post this Picture (3 of 3)

Did you know I went to Dubai in 2016? …That’s okay. Most people missed it. Even people in Dubai. A fairly last-minute meeting brought my boss and I there for a whirlwind 36-hour trip.

Jules-Dubai-burj khalifa_Oct2016

A fellow project manager was our tour guide and he crammed in lots of exciting stops for us. My boss was especially tickled when he took us to a restaurant called The Meat House.


At one point, he brought us to The Dubai Mall and led us towards a little kiosk. Before we knew what was happening, people were handing us shiny things, saying, “Put this on. Now hold this.”

My boss and I glanced at each other warily, but it was too late. There was no getting out of this.

You haven’t lived until you unexpectedly play dress-up with your boss.


Anything you’re apologizing to your coworkers for?



24 thoughts on “Well THAT Didn’t Go According to Plan”

  1. Making a list and then crossing things off never gets old. Well, unless one of the things on your list is Call Grandma. Love your post, and not just because it’s about lists and post-its, but that didn’t hurt.

  2. I know you project manager types from over 20 years experience as a project sales guy. You definitely like your punchlists. I dealt with Bechtel, Fluor, Parsons, Toyo, Panduit, ABB, to name a few.

    Parking in the rear? I am trying not to Snicker.

  3. Huh, I don’t see the project manager at all either… Weird. My biggest concern is that your boss has the WORST case of StarFacitis I’ve ever seen! Scary.

  4. There are special ways to remove a ring like that on a desk – google it before you buy a new desk! You’re the best, JS, thanks for making me smile first thing in the morning. That is some A+ fridge labeling, btw. You continue to be an inspiration. xoxo

    1. I knew you’d be just the person to ask about that. Babs (mom) found a link suggesting mayonnaise, but they did not specify whether or not it could be vegan… AND – LIKEWISE!! xox

  5. Okay, let’s do this:
    I have done the refrig bit, still do, and will do in future.
    The sign is hilarious.
    Never been to Dubai, not really into that part of the world.
    I leave food and stuff everywhere now and forget – it’s my new post-stroke life!
    As for the exercising thing, come on, Girl – You look very nice from that angle – I would not have even noticed the tag! Seriously, cute.

  6. You should put the picture of you dressed up all bling-bling in Dubai on your business card!

    And oh…how I would love to “harness my Zen” with a shirtless Zac Efron! Is that what the cool kids are calling it these days??

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