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GIVEAWAY: 10 States in 10 Days and All I Got Was This STUNNING BEER KOOZIE

Go Jules Go title graphic 10 States in 10 Days Beer Koozie Giveaway 20JUN2019

Ohhhh chipmunks. Things are so real right now. On Monday afternoon, after 10 days of driving across the U. S. of A.

Okay, so five were for a hiking break in Salt Lake City with Janeen, Renaissance Woman and Lover of Breakfast Pizza.

…I landed in my new home in Bend, Oregon!

Before I was allowed into town, they checked my resting heart rate, “Oregon” pronunciation, and facial symmetry.

What I’m trying to say is everyone here is insanely fit. And hot. And smart. And nice.

I haven’t sat still for a minute, and I’m not sure I have enough years left to do all of the fun things on my Oregon checklist.

Completely unpacked and settled in by hour eight. Project manager 4 life.

I’m ticking one of the boxes next week, sans cell service, which means I won’t be putting up my usual Wednesday blog post, but I promise -PROMISE- the following post will make up for it. I mean it’s probably going to be the best thing I’ve ever written. Because it will involve your very favorite topics on this blog, based on the search term analytics that led you here: my suffering, sweating and -possibly- nudity.

To help the time fly, I’m going old school Go Jules Go-style and doing ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!

Did you know that all you have to do to acquire THE BEST BEER KOOZIE (and deck of cards) EVER was drive 2,777 miles? Somewhere in the land of…well…LAND, I started to spot curious signs.


Forget your Exxon Mobil. Forget your BP gas. I bring to you…


Naturally, I couldn’t walk away from Kum & Go without a trinket or ten. And because I’m living the dream, I want to pay it forward. To you, dear reader.


Not the flowers. Sorry.

To enter, simply leave a comment describing your worst road trip (or other car) moment by 12 midnight PST (awww yeah, my first PST deadline!), Tuesday, July 2, 2019. The winner will be extremely subjectively chosen by whatever cute Oregonian is jogging (or stand-up paddle boarding or kayaking or mountain biking) by at that moment.


20 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: 10 States in 10 Days and All I Got Was This STUNNING BEER KOOZIE”

  1. Lovely photos! But you unpacked and set up an entire apartment in 8 hours? You really are Wonder Woman.
    Kum and Go? I’m dying! 🤣🤣🤣

  2. My worst road trip would be any that did not entail teetering on the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, held on terra firma only by the grace of an electrified fence, without you beside me. But thankfully………….. CHECK!

  3. Mine is a bike moment that also involved the road, could be termed a Kum and Go moment. I was out for a morning jaunt on the country roads west of Chicago when I spied a curious item in the middle of the road ahead of me. It wasn’t the typical skipped possum or toad. As a matter of fact, the object was not a formerly living creature, although it’s possible it could have been animated with the aid of batteries. I was not willing to touch it, so I kicked it to the side of the road. It’s possible it was buzzing as I pedaled quickly away.

    Should my entry be chosen, I bequeath the prize to the runner up. I too have succombed to the lure of the K and G.

    Congrats and may you fully enjoy the health of your new surroundings.

  4. Let’s see, worst road trip?
    In the French Alps. I never get car sick, but after 11 hours in the back of a teeny tiny Renault with a diesel exhaust leak I was heaving over the side of Les Gorges du Verdon. It’s kind of like the French Grand Canyon and is filled with rock climbing tourists. I tried to find a quiet solitary corner to retch only to discover it was awash in mountain goats. At that point, I didn’t care… but I’m sure the goats were not impressed with America that day.
    Not my finest hour to be sure.

    1. Oh nooooo. That reminds me of the day I discovered I was prone to seasickness, along with 2/3 of the other passengers during a snorkeling trip in the Bahamas. I had a plastic bag that I tried to discretely empty the contents of my stomach into, only to discover the bag had a hole…

  5. Worst road trip was drunk-sick-hungover sitting upright in the back seat of an over packed station wagon from Michigan to North Jersey stopping only for gas while my Dad sat directly in front of me chain smoking Tarrytons and guzzling coffee. Were it not for the cold glass window I laid my throbbing head against, things could have actually gotten worse.

    As for you, Jules. Bend Oregon?! You ain’t coming back !!

  6. I’m so new to all this and I’m SO very glad that these awards are coming out because I’m discovering all KINDS of amazing writers out there!! #bloggercrushing – is that a thing??

    For my worst road trip ever… I’m going to have to leave you a friggin novel about a family drive from San Diego to Seattle a couple of summers back. Enjoy! Rather than leaving a ridiculously long comment, I posted it here:

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