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Your Guilty Pleasure Survival Kit

I feel guilty about the lack of pleasures on this blog as of late. Because of personal and professional duties doodies, I haven’t been able to post as regularly as I would like. (Either that will change soon, or I will go Britney Spears circa 2007 on ya’ll.)

No one wants to see this.

I hear your cries. I know. It’s unacceptable. So, to get you through to the next post, I give you your very own…

Guilty Pleasure Survival Kit!

Indulge in these items, and it’ll be like I’m right there with you (hopefully in a slightly uncomfortable way…I love that shirt on you).

1.) More ME

Some things just scream, 'Winner!'

If you haven’t seen my last cinematic masterpiece in celebration of my 1-year blogiversary, you’re dead to me. Watch it! You’ll love it! Critics are calling it, “Um, who are you?” “The best thing since your video before that.” When you’re done watching, check out my archive over there —–>. 132 thought-provoking posts.

2.) Tube Schmoob

Did you know Johnny Depp was this funny? I didn't. (Photo Credit: http://static.guim.co.uk/)

I’ll be honest. There are a couple of free hours at night where I could be writing, but vodka and American Idol always wins. (Although, let’s remember this is technically research for me.) Be a boob tube schmoob with me and check out some of my new favorite shows:

Billy on the Street

I give you the full scoop here.


If you love Glee and American Idol like your favorite guilty pleasure blogger, you’ve got to give NBC’s new Katherine McPhee-a-palooza a shot. Let’s just forget about Nick Jonas’s guest appearance last week. Suspend your disbelief a little longer.

Life’s Too Short

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant have done it again with this HBO winner starring little person, Warwick Davis. It was touch-and-go for the first episode, but bringing Johnny Depp into episode #2? Genius. Davis’s assistant is also not to be missed.

3.) Second Husband Croaks!

This much cute almost shouldn't be allowed. (Photo Credit: eonline.com)

My beautiful Second Husband, Darren Criss, got to perform with Kermit the Frog for E’s Oscar pre-show last weekend! They sang Rainbow Connection and the result was magical. You can watch the video here.

4.) Tried-and-True Food/Beverage Combos

"Why do birds, suddenly appear..."

I have graciously road-tested the following food combinations for you over the past two weeks. You can enjoy knowing they have the GOGP stamp of approval.

  • cherry peppers on pizza
  • chocolate chips mixed into cupcake batter
  • refried beans and bacon
  • vodka and Simply grapefruit juice

As a reminder, please indulge recklessly, and whatever you do, DON’T:

  • use the following words or phrases in casual conversation (and maybe don’t use them ever):
    • return on investment
    • reproach
    • stepwise progression
    • incumbent upon
    • optimizing spend
  • open a sleeve of Thin Mints and leave any uneaten
  • watch Vampires Suck
  • wear all black and change your name to “Shadow Catcher”
  • forget chipmunks are windows to the soul

Go forth, my sweet chipmunks, and don’t forget to report back!

What guilty pleasures are keeping you alive?

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You Don’t Know Billy on the Street?!?!?!

"Why do you like Jessica Alba?! Jessica Alba doesn't even like Jessica Alba!!!"

FuseTV’s “Funny or Die presents ‘Billy on the Street’” is one of my new favorite shows guilty pleasures. It’s delicious.

I call it a guilty pleasure because there are plenty of times I feel like I shouldn’t laugh, but of course I do. (“Let’s play ‘Rebecca Black or Black Person?’!” “Are you ready for, ‘Are You Smarter Than A Gay Fifth Grader?’?!?!”)

Here is how host, Billy Eichner, can be summed up best:


This Upright Citizens Brigade veteran runs around the streets of New York City with all the enthusiasm of a chipmunk inhaling helium, accosting unsuspecting passersby with hilarious pop culture questions. Half the time, there’s no right or wrong answer. Except when it comes to Meryl Streep. Meryl Streep is ALWAYS the right answer.

The fact that Eichner, a New York native (Forest Hills, Queens, to be exact), can get this kind of reaction from jaded Manhattanites delights me, having spent a lot of time among the city’s soulless stares myself. He might seem out of control, but he’s clearly running the show; he thinks on his feet and rarely cracks a smile. “Billy on the Street” is much more about his interactions with people than it is the questions themselves.

Warning: Clip has the F-bomb (twice!). A GoGuiltyPleasures first! Whoa.

As they say, anything goes in New York, and Eichner makes it work for him. This past week, a drunken businessman hovered over a British couple while Eichner tried to quiz them. The couple was clearly uncomfortable with the intoxicated intrusion, but Eichner invited the man into the mix and the result was comedy gold.

The idea for the show was in the works for years, as part of Eichner’s comedy bits. His street interviews were always a big hit, and eventually he tossed up some videos on YouTube in 2010, gaining the interest of many, including Funny or Die, who started airing the show in December.

While doing research for this post (hahaha. No seriously.) I stumbled across this New York Times article. They said everything I wanted to. And more. Only better.

So I’m just going to post some more clips and then go pout. FYI – the show airs Thursdays at 11 p.m. on FuseTV (so put down that stinky old book and find out what channel that is for you here).

Have you seen it? What’s got you laughing lately (besides moi)?

Photo Credit: John Durgee / Fuse