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Oh No She Didn’t!!! I MEAN YOU, TALBOTS.

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Okay. Okay. I need to take a few deep breaths before writing this post.

Ladies, you are not going to believe this (and Gents, you really should stay tuned, too, especially if you’re having trouble in the dating world and don’t know why).

I went to Talbots* today, with Babs. Not because I love Talbots, or even because I needed clothes, but because I wanted to go shopping, and Babs loves Talbots. I was wearing a lovely, feminine, new pink top that Babs bought me from the Gap, and I was feeling quite delicate and spiffy.

As we roamed the racks, I loaded my arm with a few articles of clothing. A female sales clerk, about my age (29), wandered over and asked the typical, “Can I start a dressing room for you?”

“Yes, thanks, that would be great,” I replied, also in typical fashion. I transferred my findings to her and continued to sort through the on-sale pants.




She says, “I can see we’re about the same size. I have trouble fitting in those [pants you really like and were planning on trying on, and perhaps even spending your hard-earned money on]. We have a promotion now on our curvy line. Let me grab you a pair. …I don’t mean to deter you or anything.”





No. No no no. This is NOT okay!!!! Her Girl Card should be revoked IMMEDIATELY. Men, if you’ve hung on this long, you’re tops. Also, don’t EVER talk about a girl’s size, or compare her to anyone else! This is like…I can’t even…

Oh. I’m so sad.

*Talbots, in case you don’t already know, is an obnoxiously boring, stuffy “clothing” store where they only sell things that dated, snotty, meanie-heads would wear. (Sorry, Babs. But I’ve been trying to tell you. For, like, 15 years.)

22 thoughts on “Oh No She Didn’t!!! I MEAN YOU, TALBOTS.”

  1. That was freaking horrible of her! I personally think that a lot of the things at Talbot’s look like old lady clothing! That clerk WAS a meanie-head and I hope the zipper on her “curvy” pants gets stuck!

  2. Oh, yikes! I understand that she was trying to be helpful, but–yikes! This is one of those situations where doing one’s job best involves remaining silent. Siiiiiiiilent. As one who has trouble with this difficult concept, I can appreciate it’s a struggle . . . but it’s a struggle that’s worth it! *headdesk*

    1. Exactly! I KNOW she thought she was being helpful, but this is a time when you ALWAYS take the safe (ie, silent!) route! I have no idea how she missed the memo on this. Maybe I need to get ahold of the guy/gal who makes the Talbots training vids. (I can hear the narration now: “If a zaftig goddess walks into our snooze-fest establishment, immediately hand her a glass of champagne and tell her her style rivals Kate Middleton’s, and her aura of class is almost overwhelming.” Yeah. Something like that.)

  3. Talbots Schmalbots! She needs to read “How to Win Friends and Influence People”…not the book she actually read! “How to piss off your customer and never make a sale you stupid idiot” HORRIBLE!
    I think you and Babs should take yourselves over to Nordstroms and enjoy some great customer service and some awesome selections…and NO I do NOT work for Nords. 🙂 I just appreciate GOOD and classy customer service!

    1. hahaha You’re so right, and yes, Nordstroms is definitely a class act (did you know they’re *required* to come around the counter to give you your bag?)! Thanks SO much for reading, commenting and making me feel better :o)

  4. ahhhh….I’m so glad so many readers have supported our outrage at this salesperson (former salesperson? I hope) tactics. I’m still trying to recover from this. Nordstroms, here we come.

  5. Holy crap, that’s rude! Now I’m torn. I need to boycott Talbot’s (not that I ever shopped there) to stand in solidarity with you, but I totally need pants from the curvy line.

    1. haha I appreciate the sentiment all the same! And I’m pleased to report that people are starting to reach this post simply by searching “talbots”. Oopsie 😉

  6. Wrong on so many levels. My husband is an artist, and just the other day somebody asked me, “Has he ever painted your portrait? He could make you thinner!” Um, really? Too bad I was at our art booth (where I am trying to make art sales). Otherwise, it would have been a cage fight for sure! 🙂

      1. I even gave her a chance to back track! I asked, “Are you calling me fat?” and she said “No, but you could definitely be thinner!”. Huh?? I should have handed her a shovel so she could keep digging herself deeper… JERKS!

          1. Yu-huh. It’s a good thing I have a modest foundation of self-esteem, otherwise I might have gone on an angry rampage. Come to think of it, Talbots might have been my first stop on the “smash things and cause destruction” tour. How’s that for karma? 😉

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