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Happy Anniversary to Me!

Cheers, me!

Wedding anniversaries are a time to reflect, to pay tribute to the (wo)man of our dreams, to sit back and say, “I love you.”

Or, in my case, “You’re welcome.”

I’ve done so much for you, my hygienic, good-garbage-taker-outer husband; it’s really something special. I’d like to take this time to remind you of all the wonderful things I’ve brought to your life over the years. Why, just 3 years ago, I was willing to learn the Fox Trot for our wedding so people would stop talking about how I have all the class in the relationship. Then there was that time I told you your marriage proposal had to be top-notch because I wanted you to harness your creativity. Oh, and let’s not forget those occasional hormonal meltdowns, where I let you practice being sensitive.

It seems almost too obvious to mention how I graciously allow you to do all the grocery shopping and cooking so you can simultaneously develop your budgeting skills and palette. Or how I occasionally have you read my blog posts in advance so you can fine tune your sense of humor.

I do all of these things for you, ball and chain Spouse. I know sometimes you have trouble putting your gratitude into words and it comes out more like, “You’re so pretty” or “You’re perfect.” It’s okay. I understand. (It’s this same understanding that’s taught you to be so patient and empathetic. But no, no. No need to thank me for that.)

I think one of your students, on the back of your birthday card two weeks ago, put it best (she must have read my witty post about proper greeting cards):

From the bottom of my heart, Mr. gojulesgo, you’re welcome.

8 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Me!”

    1. Thank you so much, and right back at you and Mr. Sprinkles! We got really lucky (for August) with a beautiful, 75-80 degree, sunny day on August 9, 2008!

  1. This is so sweet! Happy anniversary to you and Mr. goJulesgo!

    “Oh, and let’s not forget those occasional hormonal meltdowns, where I let you practice being sensitive.”

    This had me laughing!

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