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Wanna Name My Car?

I’ve named every car I’ve ever had. My first car, a hand-me-down maroon 1987 Crystler Le Baron was The Toaster. Because, well, it felt like you were riding in a little tin toaster. I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for The Toaster. Not just ’cause she was my first, but because she was healthy as a horse until her dying day, when she just wouldn’t start. True to guilty pleasure form, I even adorned her dash with 5 hunky passengers who always seemed to agree with me:

I was so sad when The Toaster went bye, bye, bye.

My second car, another hand-me-down, was a silver 1991 Geo Prism named Toasty. Toasty was a love child of The Toaster, and took after her in many toaster-y ways. This isn’t Toasty, but she looked a lot like this:

Photo credit: cargurus.com

I named my last car, a shiny new, baby blue 2005 VW Beetle convertible, Nudge, because anytime you left the door open or didn’t have your seatbelt on, she’d let you know about it in the most obnoxious way possible:

I know. I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie wo-orld...

Two years ago, I sold Nudge, knowing it was time to buy a 4-door, grown-up car that I could actually see out of (Nudge sure was cute, but the visibility? Yeesh). I had to emotionally check out, knowing it was unlikely my next new-to-me car was going to make me smile on sight. I paid cash for my current car, a used blue 2006 Hyundai Sonata. The Sonata’s been very good to me, and I’m starting to feel guilty for not naming her.

A Hyundai by any other name...would still smell like a homeless person.

I need your help. Write-ins are MOST appreciated (please be sure to comment below for any write-ins; the poll ones don’t seem to appear!), otherwise, I’ve created a poll where you can vote below! Before doing so, though, here’s a few things you should know about the Sonata:

  • She has over 100,000 miles on her

  • When I say she’s blue, I mean she’s more of a garish, turquoise-y blue

  • She reeked of cigarette smoke when I bought her

  • When I turn on the vents, it smells like a homeless person for a few minutes

  • Her trunk is huge, and, it’s full of crap (so, you know, she has junk in her trunk)

  • According to the CarFax report, she was in not 1, not 2, but 3 accidents before I inherited her

18 thoughts on “Wanna Name My Car?”

    1. Kardashian’s a great name! That’s my vote.

      I have two Acuras, Mitsumi is a ’04 TSX and Yoko is a ’96 Integra. You can see a couple of pictures of them in my “Speed Thrills…” post if you like.

      1. This was really hard! I love every single suggestion so much more than anything I could have ever thought of! But yes, Kardashian (Dash) is going to be The One! Woo hoo! Your prize, GotC, is a 3 day weekend. (Oh, what’s that? It’s Labor Day on Monday? Hmm. You’re welcome.)

    1. OMG. That’s perfect. Okay. I think I have two top contenders now. Courtney (I might even go with Love sometimes, if I was feeling especially affectionate) and Dash (Dash as in the Kardashians, and also because the Hyundai has awesome pick-up)! Thank you!!

  1. I’m torn between J-lo (for the trunk junk) and Lindsay (for the wrecks). I’m gonna vote J-lo because she’s far more likable and her name rolls off the tongue more easily. 🙂
    ps- I couldn’t have parted with the Beetle. 😦

    1. I think I agree with you! J-Lo is a fun name, too! I know. I miss Nudge. But really, I couldn’t see out of that car. The back window was so tiny, and even with the top down it was hard (and I’m tall!). It was kind of dangerous.

      Thanks for voting! I’m really putting you guys to work now, huh? LOL

  2. I wrote in Elizabeth Taylor. You could call her LizTay for short!

    We have two mini vans. Yeah, you heard me right. One is called Purple Thunder and the other is Blue Lightning. My son even wrote a theme song for Purple Thunder. Purple Thunder has no air conditioning, broken door handles, and has nearly 200,000 miles. My teenagers are thrilled to have Purple Thunder as their very own (not!)

    1. Ooh, LizTay! I LIKE it. Thanks!!

      haha, GREAT car names and I can just imagine your teens’ enthusiasm. Perhaps bobbleheads on the dash will make it more appealing…

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting on my blog – I can’t wait to check out more of yours (love the pictures so far!)!

        1. I think by the time I go home today, my head will be too big to fit through the door. Luckily, we don’t have power, so no one will see me sneak in through the garage.

    1. Ooh – Betty White rocks – that’s a good one! (And I don’t see a Betty Davis comment from you, so fear not! Even if I did, it would take a lot more than that for me to think you were an idiot! …In fact, go ‘head, try me. ;))

      Thanks so much for helping me name my car, and for reading my blog!!

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