I'm Going To Chop My Ear Off Any Day Now

Happy Halloween, Chipmunkins!

First off, I’d like to give a Halloween shout-out to Mother Nature, for inspiring New Jersey to dress up like the North Pole this weekend. Very convincing and well executed, Garden State. Who needs power and running water, after all? (You don’t need it to gorge on peanut butter cups, and I guess that’s what really matters.)

Now let’s get this spooky party started, chubby-cheeked chipmunks!

I heard you couldn’t get enough of my jack-o-lanterns, so I thought I’d share some more of my finest fun-est creations. I’ve been carving one every year for the past 15 years.

Voyeur Pumpkin (Pumpkin Masters carving pattern, 2009)

Watch out, he's coming for you!
Oh no! He's coming for ME!

Headless Rider (Pumpkin Masters carving pattern, 2004)

Halloween Window (Pumpkin Masters carving pattern, 2007)

Uncle Jesse Playing Uno Pumpkin (a gojulesgo original, 2010)

He cheats.

Boyfriend Pumpkin (a gojulesgo original, 2006)

Pattern inspiration – Peppermeister‘s old band t-shirts:

What’s your favorite Halloween tradition?

P.S. – Stay tuned later this week for Uncle Jesse’s costume and other fun tricks and treats.

19 thoughts on “Happy Halloween, Chipmunkins!”

  1. WV got hit by the snow, too! I love a good snow storm at the proper time of year, but this one, not so much! It must melt before the magic two hours of Trick-or-Treat begin!

    My favorite Halloween tradition is going out to dinner, in our costumes, (we dress up to pass out candy) at our favorite Mexican restaurant after Trick-or-Treat is over.

    I love your pumpkins!

    1. Oh no! I hope no problems with trees/power lines. It’s like a war zone here! Totally agree – snow is lovely…when it’s WINTER! LOL

      I love the sound of that Halloween tradition! Mmm, guac and tamales… in costume! I bet that makes it taste better.

      Thank you! I hope you post some jack-o-lantern pics, too! 🙂

  2. I love the voyeur — that’s REALLY creepy!

    My favorite tradition is nobody ever comes to the ranch. Granted, we look like (not that anybody can see us from so deep in the woods) like our own horror film…Halloween is all fun and no worry about visitors (including we don’t buy candy).

    1. haha thank you! That one always sends a shiver down my spine.

      Oooh, it sounds like you have the perfect house for a haunted house Halloween party! We don’t get any trick-or-treaters either, but we still buy the candy…

    1. Thank you so much! Did any of your animals get a Halloween costumer this year?? (I know I need to catch up on blogs now that we have power/internet back!)

    1. Thanks so much, Darla! And yes – that IS a terrifying Halloween, LOL We finally got power back yesterday afternoon – 7 full days without cable, running water, heat, etc.! That water thing is actually the part we’ve learned we can’t live without. I’m sure I’ll be having nightmares for weeks to come.

  3. That is seriously impressive. You should find a way to bring this up at social events. Oh, sure, “Would you like to see my jack-o-lanterns?” could be taken some wrong ways and lead to a couple awkward pauses, but it’d be worth it.

    My pumpkin-carving skills never really advanced past, “See? He’s got a fang! Ooooh. Scary. Fang.”

    1. Byron! I’m back! We have power! I SEE THE LIGHT! I also see your comment, and approve it based on its two stellar attributes: 1) It contains a compliment (thank you), and 2) an opportunity to compliment you – you crack me up!

      Usually at parties I make the mistake of opening with, “Chipmunk, friend or foe?”

  4. Great pumkins! That’s the one thing I couldn’t get done this year, ended up buying a rotted pumkin because I didn’t look it over well enough before purchase. Oh well, next year. We avoided any major snowfall, just a few flakes for the day, but everything cleared up nicely by Halloween. I gratefuly breathed a sigh of relief because THIS year I was able to decorate my yard, finally starting my own Halloween tradition. I can’t to build upon and improve it every year. Factoring in the time to carve some cool pumkins is on my to do list for next year! I posted some pictures of my results on my blog. Check them out and let me know what you think and drop me any hints or ideas for me to try next year.

    1. Thank you! I’m sorry to hear your pumpkin was rotted – we had a touch and go moment this year when Peppermeister dropped mine in the driveway, LOL We finally have power back, so I can’t wait to check out your pictures/post!

  5. I’m thoroughly impressed by your pumpkin carving skills. We carved some pumpkins this year, but none of that kind of standard! I’ve posted some pictures on my blog if you want to see what us ‘simple’ people carve 😉

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