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Why Glee Makes My Soul Sing: A Point/Counterpoint Post

Chipmunks, your Monday is about to get a WHOLE lot brighter. I made another Glee-related presentation for you me! Wait ’til you see the lengths to which I’m willing to go just to prove a point. This is epic. I actually had to change clothes during the making of this video.

And it wasn’t even my idea this time! My B.F.F., Byronic Man, approached me a few weeks ago with an enticing proposition (…that’s what she said) – to do a point/counterpoint post. On the same day, we’d both blog about why we love (in my case) or hate (in his case) FOX’s Glee.

I know with my guilty pleasure zeal and project management skill set, it’s kind of unfair to go head-to-head with someone about a show like Glee. On the other hand, Byronic Man IS one of the funniest writers I know. So, if you want to hear what Byronic Man has to say about Glee, head over to his blog


 There’s no way you won’t agree with me after seeing THIS (I recommend watching in full screen)!

Why do you love/hate Glee? Don’t forget, the much-anticipated [by me] Michael Jackson episode airs tomorrow night (Jan 31st) on FOX (8pm EST)!

53 thoughts on “Why Glee Makes My Soul Sing: A Point/Counterpoint Post”

  1. Gaahhh! I knew you were going to do some cool visual presentation! You and your cursed technological talent…

    Very well made, although I had to turn the sound off after about 30 seconds. I’m just sayin’.

    1. I would have been upset about you turning off the audio if it had had the original audio, which was the perfect Glee song hand-selected for every slide, and no interference with the two embedded video clips. …So much for technological talent! *hangs head in slushie-covered shame*

      1. I was raised where if you think something nice about somebody: say it.

        However, I took the opposite to be true, which sometimes (all the time) causes problems. People think I’m an asshole. They’re right. I’m also AWESOME!

  2. Well. I don’t like Glee and tend to agree more with The Byronic Man on this one, but I must say that I quite enjoyed the slushie to the face and the video as a whole….and you’re excited about Glee so that’s good 🙂 haha.

    1. Caps! I saw what you had to say over on B-Man’s blog, and I will still mourn your untimely passing of snotitus, but I simply cannot agree that they don’t have major singing talent! I’ve seen them perform live (er…twice) and Amber Riley (“Mercedes”) singing Aretha gave me chills! And Lea Michele (“Rachel”) is actually making me start to like Barbra Streisand, which is something I never, EVER thought I’d say.

      Getting slushied was surprisingly exhilarating! I highly recommend it 🙂

      1. Hahaha ok ok ok, I actually do like Mercedes. I will never be able to agree with you about Lea Michele, however, because she makes me want to smash something (in a totally non-insane way…).
        I will admit, I do enjoy some Barbra.

        Maybe this summer I will ask someone, possibly a stranger?, to slushie me.

  3. I don’t even watch Glee, so you’d think this whole video would be incomprehensible, but…NO! Your mad video skills are so killer, it ALMOST makes me want to watch this show! Almost. But I’d rather watch you catch a slurpee in the face. Seriously. Comic genius. I hit rewind 10, maybe 30 times.

    1. hahaha That is great to hear, Peg, because I was starting to worry people would be so bored by a 3-minute-long video that getting slushied would have been for naught! Thank you!!

    1. John, very astute! I thought long and hard about that one, but decided she would shine in her Very Merkin Moment.

      Of course, that would have worked better if I could have gotten the audio to play over the music…

  4. Do you know how much I would give to be able to make a video like that? Uh, not like that, because I don’t watch Glee. But like that, you know, all happy and upbeat with things flying through the air and people singing and colors all over the place and messages for viewers and the feeling that unicorns are standing by. But not about Glee. About something else. Like ice cream. Or pepperoni pizza. Or cute shoes. Or someone giving me a lot of money. Things like that.

    1. Renee, you are giving me so many ideas. I’ll make one for you, but there’s a small price. It rhymes with smushie in the schmace. It’s really not that bad. I promise.

  5. I love Glee because real life should have more music in it, but it doesn’t, and musicals aren’t on TV enough. At least Glee is on regularly.

    Whoa…you took a slushie to the face.

    ::slow clap::

    1. Thoughtsy! Yea! You’re one of the only readers who agrees (though there is something incredibly fascinating about having a guilty pleasure blog where very few followers share my actual guilty pleasures, LOL)!

      Yeah, man. That’s how I do.


  6. I wandered over from Byronic for this taste test. Sorry… you haven’t convinced me. But your production value was very good! Maybe if everyone on Glee had slap bracelets…

    1. Thank you for considering both sides before coming to your final verdict! It’s very good of you, and I happen to agree that slap bracelets could bring us all to common ground. 😉

  7. I agree with all of Byronic Man’s points but I can certainly think of a long list of songs, TV shows, and movies that I loved simply because they made me feel good, although I can’t artistically defend them in any way.

  8. I love Glee and I fly solo with that love in my house, which, when coupled with our newly reduced TV viewing habits means I don’t get to see it often enough. However, I may just have to pull out the duck tape for mouths tonight because as much as I love Glee, I love Michael Jackson’s music more.

    Thanks for the reminder of tonight’s “Special.” (That’s what I’m calling it so that I can call an exception to our no-TV Tuesday.)

    Oh, and watching that video was the most fun I’ve had all day–and because it’s been a stinkin’ good day, that’s saying A LOT!

    Off to share this on my FB pages….

      1. I did get to see it–and LOVED it! I so wish you could see the comments on my personal FB in response to the link. But, since I’m not tech savvy enough to insert a page shot, I’ll place them here….

        “This girl rocks! Thanks, you! ”
        “Glee and Micheal Jackson both somehow achieved the impossible by making each other even cooler than they already were… ♥”
        “Just made my night! Thanks, Mary!”
        “Klaine!! ♥ ♥ ♥”

        And from me–♥

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m already going through PowerPoint withdrawal. Maybe I should make a case for the cuteness of chipmunks? That’s an easy sell. 😉

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