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GoGuiltyPleasures Gets Slushied: Behind the Scenes!

Post-slushie. ...I think pink highlights could work for me.

Chipmunks, I know you’ve just been dying to hear more about my Glee slushie experience after watching the presentation in my last post, Why Glee Makes My Soul Sing.

And what kind of guilty pleasure blogger would I be if I didn’t indulge your every whim?

Before I give you the uncut version of my first ever slushie-in-the-face extravaganza, though, there are a few things you should I want you to know:

  • Peppermeister (my husband) normally requires at least 7 day’s notice before making ANY plans on the weekend (this includes plans as small as hanging one picture or a trip to Wal-Mart [true story]). When I asked -with only a few minute’s notice- if he’d be willing to throw a frozen beverage in my gourd this past Sunday, he dropped everything
  • That (Target) sweater already had an oops-red-sock-in-the-wash stain on the back and was headed for the bin
  • We were outside. In January. In New Jersey (translation = cold!)
  • You might be able to hear Uncle Jesse (our dog) whining from inside the house, because he can handle anything except alienation
  • We didn’t have a Big Gulp Slurpee (from 7-Eleven) like they use in Glee, so we substituted with a souvenir Medieval Times cup and a homemade slushie made from ice, water, cranberry juice and red food coloring

So. Would you? Slushie in the face? Why or why not?

28 thoughts on “GoGuiltyPleasures Gets Slushied: Behind the Scenes!”

  1. No Slushie in the face for me, but I’d love to Slushie someone else.

    Are you sure the Slushie from Glee didn’t come in a Medieval Times cup? I seem to remember it differently, although I’ve only seen one episode.

  2. Would I slushie? Why the hell not?! I bet it’s refreshing! I’ve been known to do many a crazy thing in my time…anything for a laugh. I know you are shocked to hear that, aren’t you?

    (by the way, I worship you and your devotion to Glee and your mad video skills)

    1. Excuse me. Need a moment to recover from the shock 😉 …Congrats on being the only to say ‘yes’ so far (both here and from people I know in person)! The worshipping is mutual!!

  3. (1) This video is adorable. Seriously.
    (2) If you’d asked me two minutes ago if I’d ever get slushied willingly, I would have said “no.” Now? I’m strangely tempted . . . mwa!

    1. hahaha So glad you picked up on that, Thoughtsy – I love that he said that, too! I was so distracted in the moment that it didn’t really register, but now I think it’s adorable.

      Is it ironic that I was too lazy to drive to 7-Eleven (about 15 minutes away), so I made one instead?

  4. I wanted to give you a heads up, I will be joining the “slushied” solidarity movement when we have warmer weather, so keep an eye out on my blog..


    I wanted to ask if you had any tips or suggestions for me? I could use a pointer or two on the proper “being hit in the face with a slushie” look!

    1. Get outta here! That is AWESOME! I can’t WAIT!!

      I would be amazed if you could control your slushie in the face look, before or after, LOL As for other tips…I wore a decent outfit to make it seem more dramatic, haha (In some of the slushie videos I watched after the fact, people were practically in swimsuits with their hair back — that shouldn’t even count!!!)

      1. Oh I completely understand that.. On glee they were in school outfits and not aware it was coming. I can’t really control the not knowing since I am setting it up with a friend but I don’t plan on cheating with the wardrobe stuff, I want to be somewhat official in my solidarity with GLEE and you and Thoughtsy!
        Hoping for warm weather, because I don’t know if this makes me completely insane, but I am actually kind of excited about getting slushied… is that insane?

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