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If I Were A Celebrity, I Would Be…

Ross Mathews!!

If that surprises you, it’s probably because you’re one of the millions three who think I’m the spitting image of Katherine Heigl*, and

You can't even tell who's who.

consider me an A-List kind of gal. But you should know I’m more the type to surround myself with greatness, in the hopes that some of it will just rub off.

Celebrity correspondent Ross Mathews is the gay man I never knew I always wanted to be. A kindred. He’s funny, adorable, positive, and living my dream. He knows his pop culture, struggles with his weight, and is living my dream.

I LOVE this guy. Let’s talk about him.

I first heard about 32-year-old Mathews via his long-standing gig over on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno as Ross the Intern. In 2006, when they paired him with the Crocodile Hunter, the late Steve Irwin, Mathews went viral. It was worth writing this post just for the excuse to watch this video again. I don’t care who you vote for [on American Idol], how you eat your Reese’s peanut butter cups, or what kind of vodka you drink, you will love this:

I was immediately and understandably obsessed after that, and spent many hours watching Mathews’ video blog (“Talky Blog”) on YouTube. His charm and enthusiasm left me in stitches.

On the last day of his internship on The Tonight Show, the head writer told Mathews they wanted to hire him, and sent him off to interview George Clooney on the red carpet. Not too shabby. Since then, Washington state-born Mathews has made appearances as a correspondent for E!, The Insider, and various award shows. He’s had guest spots on Days of Our Lives and was even on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club.

Wouldn’t he look great in a GoGuiltyPleasures slap bracelet (or eight)?

Recently, Mathews got an offer from E! to write a talk show pilot, produced by Chelsea Handler’s Amazing Productions. I can’t wait! (For a short, hilarious, but risqué interview between Handler and Ross, click here.) And just a couple of weeks ago, Mathews interviewed my Second Husband, Darren Criss, before Criss sang with Kermit the Frog! Sigh. …Double sigh.

I could watch Ross Mathews all day.

Who’s your celebrity soul sister/brother?

*How many strangers have to tell you you look like someone before you can let it go to your head? I already know the answer to how many it takes before you can brag about it on your blog.

34 thoughts on “If I Were A Celebrity, I Would Be…”

    1. I’m so glad you watched it! I cry laughing the whole way through, BUT, I think my favorite part is when Irwin calls him sweetheart and then gets all flustered, LOL!!

      1. I just had my husband watch it and he was laughing so hard he hyperventilated (he was a big Crocodile Hunter fan) When he said, “Oh, no, that’s ok, you can call me sweetheart”, I thought my husband was having a heart attack.

        1. That is awesome! We need to arrange a double-date. I love Maine. (Actually, do you know I spent most of my teen years convinced I would live in a cabin on the shores of Maine with my golden retriever, writing and doing woodsy things?)

          1. Oh. My. God. I used to think the same exact thing. (cue creepy music) Well, at least I have the living in Maine thing down. But I don’t have a dog. Sigh. I do write. hmm. What are these ‘woodsy things’ you speak of? Logging? Competing in ax-throwing contests?

  1. I started laughing as soon as I saw the flowered shirt he wore to “blend in to nature” – love him !I always felt Victoria Beckham has my life – I thought i would’ve been a better Spice Girl, and now, well look at what shes married to!!!!!!! (but I guess this way is OK too cuz at least I get to eat solid food.)

    1. He is DEFINITELY not funnier than you, Byronic Man. But I’m not sure who you would be, either… This could be a dangerous game, couldn’t it? (“What?! Barbra Walters?! I am NOT!”)

      1. Okay. Deb’s comment made me realize I have to come back and tell you that the first person who popped into my head as your potential celebrity soul brother is Jon Stewart. (I just wasn’t sure if you’d like that. Although, who doesn’t like Jon Stewart?!) He somehow makes very smart, otherwise boring (to me) topics hilarious, and there is a sweetness to his sarcasm. That’s you!

        1. He IS Jon Stewart! Today, he even made the Godfather movies sound interesting. I might even have to go and watch the first one now…he really has some power of us, doesn’t he?

          1. I will never forget the day you came into my life, Angie. And now I am the friend that will say, “I’m not even going to HAVE the f&^$*$% party if you can’t come.”

            1. That is the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me on a blog about celebrity lookalikes. And I’m so with you on the Katherine Heigl lookalike thing. She adopted her dog from an animal shelter about 15 miles from my house so I feel like she and I are like this (*fingers crossed in a love knot*). So it’s great I get to have two Katherine Heigls in my life.

              And I am the party, Jules. I am the party.

  2. I’m surprised Katherine Heigl hasn’t taken out a restraining order against you walking around with her hairdo, and her dress, and her signature, over-the-shoulder glamour shot. It’s uncanny. Do you ever get tired of people stopping you in the street for autographs?

    1. It’s more annoying when the papparazzi keep asking why I smoke and if I’m pregnant. On the upside, I get to flip them the bird without consequence. Don’t tell Heigl.

  3. You have a prettier smile than her, and that’s probably also due to the fact that Heigl looks like she’s laughing at her admirers in this picture. Heigl: “BAHAHAHA, you wish!”

    Anyhow, I dunno who I’d pick. It’s a tie between Betty White and Tina Fey, they’d probably hate me laughing at their jokes all day and leave me anyways.

    1. Wow, thanks, Rocket! That’s especially nice of you to say since, in that picture, I was secretly thinking, “I hope all of you wedding guests covered your head cost in your gift.”

      Ooooh Betty White or Tina Fey! I knew I liked you!!

  4. I always say Kathy Griffin BUT I don’t really watch TV (can go weeks w/o looking at it–not that I don’t like to watch “tv on dvd…”), so when she tells most of her stories about celebrities, I *never* know who she’s talking about. Guess what? I DON’T CARE! She’s a good storyteller–you can tell that if she’s still entertaining when you don’t know WTF is going on 🙂

    I’ve never heard of your twin but if you like him, he must be awesome. You look better than that other blonde. You’re YOUNGER! Youth is more important than almost anything … but looks. If you’re young and pretty, you trump anything (it’s hard to tell when I’m BSing or not sometimes; right now, I’m BSing and telling the sad truth!).

    1. Yes! I can see that! I love Kathy Griffin. She really is an amazing storyteller; when I see her stand-up, I’m always riveted (until Peppermeister inevitably makes me change the channel…ulgh. Straight dudes). I even used to watch her reality show (The D-List).

      Thank you so much for the compliment! You’re right I am younger, CHA-CHING! (I’m grasping at straws because my 30th birthday is next month.) You’re also so right that beauty and youth trump everything. I’ve had a draft post about that in my queue for like 8 months, LOL

  5. With one exception, the only folks I’ve been told I look like are Winona Ryder (when I was much younger) and Cher (based on her cheekbones only), neither of whom I look much like. The exception is Drew Barrymore, to whom I have at many points borne a striking relation, mostly while wearing hats. In law school, I used to actually enjoy wearing hats to touristy places to get people whispering, “Is that Drew Barrymore?!” Hee. I think any resemblance has mostly faded since. 🙂

    As for celebrity soul brother/sister, I can’t say as I have one! Wait, wait, can it be like the big (soul) brother whose coolness you’ll never achieve versus a strict compatibility thing? If so, Jon Stewart!

    1. Oh yes! I can definitely see the Drew Barrymore resemblance! I LOVE that you used to run with it!! LOL! If I looked that much like someone, it would be on like Donkey Kong.

      Jon Stewart is the best celebrity soul sibling EVER! It’s so funny that you say that, too, because I was going to tell one of my other favorite bloggers, Byronic Man, that that was my celebrity soul brother pick for him (in response to his comment). You inspired me to go do just that! 🙂

    1. Sprinkles, can I carry you around in my pocket forever? I could pay you. In cupcakes. And hugs.

      I can definitely see Tina Fey as your celeb soul sister. I love her, too. The three of us should go out for margaritas. Oh. Yes. New life goal.

  6. I totally thought you were sisters… and it’s weird that the ugly one wasn’t the funny one… which means you are twins… and you ate all the baby food that contained the funny and the pretty… poor Katherine… it’s a wonder she’s lasted this long.

  7. When I was younger, people used to say I looked like Melissa Gilbert. I think it was the red hair. I’d rather look like Ross the Intern, especially after watching that video. That was the perfect start to my Friday! (And now I’m tempting to wake the family just so they can watch it before school. I think I’l count it towards their science class. LOL!)

    1. I would definitely take that as a compliment (Melissa Gilbert)! I’m so glad you liked the Ross video, too! I hadn’t thought about it in so long, it was awesome to resurrect!

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