Animals, Uncle Jesse

The Happiest Animals in the World

You thought this post was going to be about my labradoodle, Uncle Jesse, didn’t you?

Well, you’re wrong. Okay. Half wrong.

Uncle Jesse DID celebrate his 2nd birthday yesterday, after all:

The bow tie is actually real.

I’m pretty sure he’s a contender for Happiest Animal in the World. We got him as a puppy, from an extremely reputable breeder, after doing months of research to find a breed that would be compatible with my husband’s allergies. (I am a huge supporter of animal adoption, which you can read about over on JM Randolph’s amazing blog, Accidental Stepmom.)

Breaking hearts at 9 weeks old. Playa.

When Uncle Jesse licks his lips, sometimes the hair on one side gets a little caught up, and it looks like he’s smirking.

When his mouth is open, the sides of his mouth are upturned, resembling a smile.

All in all, he’s one content-looking pooch.

Dreaming of belly rubs and hot b*tches.

Yup. It would seem Uncle Jesse has the Happiest Animal in the World contest in the bag.

Nay, Chipmunks. My best friend, Jenn, just shared the following link with me (and if this doesn’t prove why we’re sisters from another mister, I don’t know what will):

The 25 Happiest Animals in the World

Here’s a sneak peek. Even the captions are priceless. You can thank me in animal crackers. Or vodka.

Secret To Happiness: Strong sense of self worth.
Favorite Thing: Looking smug.

Photo and caption credit (sloth):

Do you have a favorite animal? Can you (please) send me pictures?

52 thoughts on “The Happiest Animals in the World”

    1. Uncle Jesse will smirk you right into the next town. That with the head tilt and it’s all over!

      hahaha the sloth is scaring everyone! Maybe not the best way to advertise that hilarious ‘happiest animals’ post, LOL

    1. Thank you for asking, Thoughtsy. I think I’m a purist, because my favorite are the animal crackers that come in the red box with the string (they must have ginger in them or something? They have a little zing), but I also love the Keebler iced animal crackers.

    1. It worked! I’ve heard some people are having trouble with getting comments on their blogs…I don’t know what’s goin’ on, but I’m really glad it’s working now. I missed ya!

  1. Sloths have all sorts of wonderful qualities, like being happy and slothful. I’m surprised they don’t get more respect.

    Lifting my vodka maritini in Uncle jesse’s honor!

    1. According to these comments, I think it’s because of their creepy smiles

      If you smell like vodka, Uncle Jesse might mistake you for his mom. LOL

  2. Drats. Can’t see the pics of the animals on that site on my work computer. I have to try to remember to look tonight at home.

    Alas, I have no pics of cute animals. But, I will buy you a vodka martini at BlogHer if you want!!! πŸ™‚

    Happy Bday to Uncle Jesse. He is no longer a tween but now officially in teendom. Beware of the attitude coming your way. Those teenagers can be kind of a handful!

    1. Oh I hope you do remember, too! In combination with the captions, they really are hilarious.

      Free vodka may actually trump cute animal pics…you’re on! πŸ™‚

      Uncle Jesse as a teenager is a terrifying prospect. He’s got sass, I tells ya. I even wrote him a song. It’s called “Big Ideas in a Tiny Head.”

  3. Oh, God, you had to include the Sloth pic. It kind of freaks me out.

    I am, however going to get a baby elephant or two. I can’t think of any ways that might go badly…

  4. Happy Birthday Uncle Jesse!

    Favorite animal is probably going to be an elephant. Or a grizzly bear. Or really any bear. Or oooo a tiger! OR A LION. Okay maybe I love all animals and once wanted to be a zookeeper.

    1. Thanks, Marta! I did not know that about you! If you change your mind, that would be great, because for once, I would like no cage between me and the monkeys.

  5. UJ is kewl. Although the term labradoodle sounds like something I’d find in the supermarket next to the Cup O’ Noodles…

    1. Thanks, Cooper! I won’t pass it along to Uncle Jesse, though, because he’s got a fat enough head as it is.

      You know I used to be so embarrassed using the term ‘labradoodle’ that I would say ‘he’s a lab/poodle mix.’ In fact, my guilt was so great that it practically inspired this entire blog (my inaugural post was ‘Have Mercy’). Ironically, the shelter dog I grew up with was a mix of lab and poodle. Back then they were called mutts. πŸ˜‰

      1. I hear ya….I have two rescue “mutts”…being bull terrier boxer mixes, both their faces are on wanted posters in the post office…according to the media anyway…

  6. Happy Birthday Uncle Jesse!!!

    Also, how did I live before seeing all those animals smile? Also also, is anyone else worried that lamb was in the middle of the street….???

    1. Thanks, GotC! I, too, wonder how life was possible before that article. The prancing elephant (1st picture) really gets me!

      I have a LOT of questions about that lamb situation…

  7. Uncle Jesse’s so cute… he looks like a muppet!

    We don’t have pets but a lot of stuff goes through the backyard. When the skunk moms start bringing their babies on “shopping trips” to our year, it’s so cute to see the little guys play fighting and posturing! People don’t usually think of skunks as being particularly playful so the contrast between your expectations and what you’re seeing is fun. Also the young squirrels tie the skunks for their gymnastics.

    1. hahaha I just thought of this comment this morning when Uncle Jesse flopped down on a pillow, looking annoyed that I wasn’t up yet. He really does look like a Muppet!

      I love hearing about your skunk babies (are they ‘pups’?). It sounds like lots of great photo ops are going on in your backyard!

      1. I’ve done a couple of photo equipment reviews including one for a flash unit that is wonderful for skunkography. If you’re interested, go to my post “Recumbent Review: The Amazing Nikon SB-900 Speedlight” [address: and skip over the review of the actual flash unit to The Field Test. There you’ll find a couple of fun pictures and that section’s text is not all photo-geek jargon and explains what’s going on in the pictures.

        We call baby skunks “little stinkers”, even though their squirters’ ammo is not fully ripened to full stinkiness.

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