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Halloween Contest Deadline EXTENDED: Oct 27th!

I’m ready. I’m so ready.

**The blonde strikes again. The deadline is midnight EST on SATURDAY, OCT 27th. Trying to give folks some weekend time!** 

Oh my. I haven’t seen too many Halloween Contest entries yet, but I’m sure it’s not because you doubt my gourd-cutting prowess. I think all of us Chipmunks are going a little… No. No. No, I’m not going to say nuts.

I am above such feeble puns.

But I am not above this.

And you deserve better.

You deserve, say, a custom jack-o-lantern from your pal Jules! And a pair of Sun-Staches mustache glasses! Yeah!

You can win exactly that if you enter Hold Onto Your Hats: My Halloween Contest!

All ya gotta do is send me a hat picture. If the rules were unclear, I apologize. You can design the hat or use a wacky one you already have.

The pumpkin I carved for last year’s winner (Deb Bryan a.k.a. The Monster in Your Closet). No…it’s not giving the middle finger. We’ve been through this.

If you want to stay anonymous, you can put the hat on a pet or stuffed animal, or I will gladly superimpose a head of your my choosing onto the picture before posting it.

Submit your pictures via emailTwitter, or your blog (just be sure to let me know you’ve done so).


P.S. – I love you so much. If you were a candy bar, you’d be king size and all those crappy little fun size bars would hate you. And you’d be nutty, of course. …Dammit.

45 thoughts on “Halloween Contest Deadline EXTENDED: Oct 27th!”

  1. I have the perfect hat, but you are going to have to believe me cause I do not know how to send you a pic, and my resident computer guru is away at school — and I am sure I would win–I have a black and beautiful witch’s hat that has flowers and veils and feathers–but alas you are not going to see it, thus I am not going to win. Just imagine this emoticon with hat on and that will be my entry 😉

  2. I’m so annoyed…I had wanted to make a hat for Hugo out of my infected tonsils, but now the surgery has been indefinitely postponed until I find a non-suckass doctor so I’m at a loss. And we all know my life goal: Win a pair of stache glasses.

      1. Renzzz, you get the biggest Snickers bar prize for being the first person to enter and not make me feel like no one cares about me and my pumpkin. In fact, methinks that may be stache-glasses-worthy regardless of any contest.

      2. P.S. – Renzzz, I almost forgot to tell you – I totally dreamed about designing your blog banner last night, HA! For realsies. The sad thing is, in my dream it was basically the same idea I already had in waking hours. Do I have the lamest subconscious in the world or what?!

    1. Wow. Well, now you’ve got me thinking of all of the possible household items that could substitute for tonsils, and quite frankly this is the most fun I’ve had all day.

      You still have until midnight on Saturday! Please also pass that on to Hugo.

  3. I had this fabulous idea for a hat. It is brilliant and you would love it. It focuses on a mutual love of ours. I just have not had the time to craft it and then send it to you. And I’m running out of time!! I will try. I promise. Unless you wanted to extend the deadline until Monday so I can do it this weekend . . . please??? 😀

    1. Misty! I would totally extend the deadline to see your creation. I just need to give myself time to design and carve the pumpkin on Sunday, LOL Right now the deadline is midnight Sat – would pushing it to noon on Sun help??

      1. Leave it where it is. I thought the deadline was Friday for some reason. Wait, I just looked . . . um, Jules? I know you are blonde and I shouldn’t expect more from you, but . . . the 26th is Friday. Did you mean Saturday, the 27th? I can probably get it there if I have Saturday. Please clarify. Thanks.

        1. ha ha ha ha OMG. Maybe I did originally intend Friday, but definitely now mean Saturday. I’ll update. Someone needs to project manage this project manager.

          Holy crap.

  4. I’ve never been a hat guy. I’m virtually hatless. If this were the 1940’s I’d be a pariah. The only baseball cap I have is from a dive bar I worked at as a bouncer (Yes, I’m serious, don’t act so shocked. I’m a lot like Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse. Also in Point Break.).

    1. Whoa. Okay. Something weird just happened where it was letting me add to your comment instead of keeping me in the reply comment box. WordPress REALLY thinks we’re the same person.


      This sounds a lot like surrender, which is funny because I’m pretty sure someone still hasn’t gotten over last year’s disappointment at not entering and thus missing out on the greatest prize the blogosphere has ever known. Should I tell Jenn she can hold off on stealing that baby?

      P.S. – It’s like you just give me ammo now. Bouncer?

      1. Just keep asking. Eventually we’ll wear him down. Speaking of…

        I have to make a pie this weekend – we’re celebrating Babs’ bday. You’d think if he really cared, he’d finally share his pie crust secrets. After all, look what Babs showed him how to do.

  5. Soooo i talk a lot of talk but i didn’t end up making a hat. Schools too crazy but i look forward to seeing the entries!

    1. Aw man, Erin, I have to say I’m a little sad to hear that (but I totally understand)! The deadline isn’t until midnight on Saturday… Yes. You’ve just been WORDPRESSURED!

  6. Both your face and Angie’s face showed up one after another in my reader. You are both the cutest bloggers out there. For realz. Also, I’m hoping to make a hat tomorrow with things I find at work. What else does one do at work besides make hats and read blogs?

    1. Aw, Rache – being grouped with Angie – now THERE’S a compliment! And I laugh every time I see your ‘Dynomite!’ picture over there. I hope it stays up forever. Like a Widget Wall of Shame, I mean, Fame.

      Can I please come work with you?

      (BTW – I am very excited for our November date!)

  7. I thought of you last weekend when I sucked down a bottle of bubbly in less than 5 minutes, maybe 2. I thought, ‘I bet Jules would be proud…or at least start snapping photos…’

      1. Too busy dancing (live music) and RUNNING with marathon runners, finishing up. I seriously could’ve been arrested for assault but meant well. I was happy, at least…

  8. Reblogged this on HannahKollef and commented:
    Hey guys, remember when I won those sweet Sunstaches? Well, GoJulesGo is doing another contest. All you need for this one is a cool hat.

    Seriously. Send this woman pictures of your hats and win some sweet sunstaches. Maybe you, too, could put your suntaches on a rubber mask of Obama.

      1. Halloween is awesome. Carving pumpkins? Even more awesome.

        Also definitely almost snorted tea all over my computer when I saw that old halloween picture.

  9. I have no great hat ideas and I already have stache glasses, but your contest is the best thing ever in the history of the world and I encourage everybody to enter!

    The sight of you in your toothpaste cap brings me to tears.

  10. Jules,
    A fedora hat is making its way through the interwebs.
    Hurricane Sandy can’t do a goddamn thing about it.
    Le Clown

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