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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…OR A SHEET SET!

Friends are great.

They laugh at your jokes, celebrate your alcoholism, listen to your white girl problems…


…And sometimes?

Sometimes when you’re all dried up, fingers cramped and bent from making one too many bacon ornaments, friends write your blog posts for you.

With just one picture.

One of my chipmunkiest friends, Mary (a.k.a. M-Dazzle), just sent me this photo of her husband’s office.

His door is on the right.

Bosco, you do me proud.


Any wacky work shenanigans happening for the holidays with you Chipmunks?

46 thoughts on “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…OR A SHEET SET!”

  1. I went to my husband’s office party and we dressed up in “bad prom” attire! It was crazy! I wore a gown that was gorgeous, but too long, my pink tennis shoes, dog collar and sleeves that looked like tattoos. All night, people wondered when I got my tats and if I was going through a mid-life crisis!
    I hope that you are enjoying the holidays too!

    1. Waitwaitwait waitaholdit. And this wasn’t some sort of theme?

      *gasp* I just got a little choked up, Susie, I really did.

      People like you and Bosco restore my faith in humanity.

        1. I’ll remember that for the next contest I’m planning: Dress Up Like Your Favorite Blogger and Sing Ke$ha Songs in Pig Latin to Win a Chance To Send Me Champagne!

  2. Our holiday party is this Friday. There will be shenanigans. Oh yes there will. And booze. LOTS of booze. Did I even need to mention that part? Pretty sure I didn’t.

    You have TWO submissions from me. I think I have done my duty.

    Heh heh heh . . . I said duty . . . heh heh heh. 😉

    1. Oooh Misty, it sounds like the party already started! I know it has for B-Man and me, thanks to you!

      I’ve heard about these lawyer holiday parties. Have a drink and tell an inappropriate joke for me.

  3. I heart that photo so much, no emoticon can express it. I love it almost – almost – as much as I’d love to WIN A SHEET-SET EMBLAZONED WITH ONE OF MY FAVORITE BLOGGY WEBSITES!


    1. That sounds like a challenge for Lilykins if ever I heard one. But really, it’s the greatest picture ever. Except for your half face next to a Super B. WHICH LOOKS SO GREAT ON PILLOWCASES THAT COULD BE YOUR VERY OWN, PEOPLE! YOUR VERY. OWN.

    1. Bosco is the shiz. I can’t tell if people in my office are scrooges because NO ONE IS HERE. I think they all thought the holiday shutdown started last Friday. I feel like a sucker.

  4. The most out of control our “office” party got this year was someone using the word “pee” in an Eastpoint (name of the church where I work) themed rendition of Jingle Bells. Party. Animals.

    1. Booooo!!!!! Cheaters!

      On the upside, though, something to look forward to in January, the bleakest month of the year. Also, by then you might be able to stomach the sight of more pigs in a blanket (filed under: Things That Are Good…The First 20, At Least).

  5. No shenanigans at work. Only at home since that IS my workplace. My toddler was recently caught eating raw chocolate chip cookie dough from the fridge. Apparently, he couldn’t wait till the treats were baked!

  6. I don’t know which is funnier – the “ditto” post-it, or the so-over-the-top-I-can’t-even-stand-it decoration of his neighbor. Who IS that woman? And of course it is a woman. I want to know all I can about HER. Tell Bosco to go get pictures of her house. Of the Christmas china, Christmas silverware, Christmas music on a continuous loop. Of the 12 decorated trees (each with its own theme) in her living room alone.

    Of her let-down break-down come January when it’s all, all over.

    1. Peggles! If memory serves, it’s a Russian MAN’s cube.

      HA ha ha ha ha…

      But I’m so with you, This needs a follow-up post. (Thank you for sharing my interest in this.)

  7. Hey, Jules – I just discovered what the ‘Reader’ that shows up on the drop down menu means. I wondered why I wasn’t getting updates from many of the bloggers I chose to follow. (I do get posts from some of the people I follow delivered to my email. I am a lazy, lazy person.) Do I feel stupid? Naw . . . I do stuff like that all the time. Anyway, I’m here now, that’s what counts, right?

    I love that office photo – your friend’s husband is a genius! Also, I work at home. I get up to wacky shenanigans all the time.

    1. Ha ha! I should warn you, that Reader is notoriously unreliable, BUT, when it’s working it’s AWESOME. (Although I got to the point where I followed so many blogs, it gave me cold sweats, so now I can’t even look at it! …Because you can’t “unfollow” anyone. …Right? …Right?)

      And it’s ALWAYS good to see you 🙂 I like imagining what your work-from-home shenanigans entail. In my old apartment, we had one of those Poland Spring water coolers, so sometimes when I teleworked, I’d have pretend conversations there with my stuffed animals.

      That’s totally normal, right?

  8. If I had my tonsils, I would punch them in the face for making it impossible for me to participate in your fantabulous contest. Whatever you pick as the greatest entry, I would like to point an arrow at it and say “ditto”.

    1. I’m glad they left your wit when they took your tonsils, speaker. You make me laugh out loud, even when Hugo is peering at me from beneath the crook of your arm, like I imagine he always is.

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