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Holy Sheet: A Holiday Giveaway – The Entrants!


Chipmunks! The bad news is: The deadline for Holy Sheet: A Holiday Giveaway! has passed. The good news is: Now you get to see all the entrants!

The Byronic Man and I asked you to tell us, creatively (through a card / image / blog post / description), what the holidays ‘really’ mean to you. You did not disappoint.

You can check out the rest of the entrants on The Byronic Man’s blog, and we’ll announce the winners tomorrow, December 21, 2012!

In case you forgot, the prize is totally amazeballs.
In case you forgot, the prize is totally amazeballs.

And now, in no particular order, LET’S DO THIS.



It’s hard to appreciate via this image, but Lily sent a snail mail card in which the orange female bird insinuates the red male bird is a total pig.

Peg-o-Leg’s Ramblings

As part of her blog post entry, Peg entered:


Misty’s Laws


Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride

As part of her blog post entry, Susie showed how she made her incredible 2012 holiday cards:




Undercover L

It’s hard to do the poem Undercover L submitted justice here, so check out the full entry/post. This is a sneak peek:

Oh, my dear friend, I hate your Christmas greetings.

When I get them I wish you would get severe beatings.

Your Christmas letter makes your life look so nifty.

But I know better.  Your card is so shifty…

Keeping It Real

Anka sent us this, entitled Dreaming of a White Christmas:


Girl on the Contrary

As part of her blog post entry, Girl on the Contrary made a snow cookie angel:


Steadily Skipping Stones

Wino on a Ramble


Rachel’s Table

Christmas Card for Jules and BMan

Want to see the rest of the entrants (yes, you do)? Head over to The Byronic Man!

Thank you so much for your incredibly fun and creative entries – this has been an absolute blast! Byronic Man doesn’t know it yet, but we’re going to have contests like this every month.

Winners announced tomorrow, December 21, 2012, at 6am EST!!!!

47 thoughts on “Holy Sheet: A Holiday Giveaway – The Entrants!”

      1. “Blush in a Box?” Yes, definitely yes. My mother-in-law always has a box of white and blush stored away in the fridge. She doesn’t like to fiddle around with the bottle opener. We just get right to it!

  1. I just want to thank everyone for participating. The entries are terrific, and this has been a lot of fun.

    Also, everyone should throw some extra love Jules’ way, because she’s an epically great partner to work with. Every time I got all “Wah wah wah. I’m the busiest person in the whole world. No one’s got more to do than poor iddle me” she’d find a nice way to say “get to it, cry baby” or come through with some amazing extra effort to help me out.

    1. SHUCKS. I am feeling the love. Did you catch the part where I said we’re going to do this every month? Hee. I’ve been giggling to myself for two weeks, “He is never, ever going to want to collaborate again.”

      Which would really suck for me.

      Now how the holly are we going to pick just two winners?

  2. Yay! The day is finally here. An unveiling of all the entries. They are amaaaazing! But, I have to say Misty’s card had me blushing. Who knew elves could be so naughty? Thanks for being such a gracious host, Jules! I had a blast participating in this contest! 🙂

    1. Misty’s elf didn’t keep ANYTHING on the shelf, did he?

      Your card is so gorgeous. I love looking at it. Also there’s the funny. And the booze. Thank you for helping make this contest SO FUN! I’m really glad we ‘met’, Anka, and I can’t wait for more bloggy adventures!

  3. Oh man, these are so GREAT! Steadily Skipping Stones’ vlog had me giggling–taking the price tags off toiletries, the tape, the lights. And Misty? She’s a dirty, dirty girl.

    1. I know! I was howling yesterday watching that video. All of the entries are just so fantastic. Thank you!!!

      And you know what I just realized? Did you change your hair / bangs? Your hair looks amazing!

  4. Oh Jules . . . Theses are some amazing submissions!! I don’t know how you will ever pick a winner! Some of these are just brilliant (not mine, but so many of the others’). Can’t wait to see what you decide!! Good luck. 🙂

    Oh, and Anka and I are totally having the same kinda Xmas. 😉

    1. B Man and I were so spoiled, thanks to the likes of you and the other entrants, Misty! We might actually cry, trying to pick just two winners.

      So if anyone sees any mascara smudges on the pillowcases, now you’ll know why…

      1. I know it wasn’t a Christmas card, but it was kind of like those Christmas letters. BTW, I got her annual braggery last night. I was driving down the street, reading it between stop-lights, and I seriously wanted to jump out of the moving car and run myself over. *le sigh*

        1. I know EXACTLY the kind of cards you’re talking about – and I thought yours was such a creative, funny entry! We definitely wanted to encourage all kinds of formats.

  5. Oh man, I know i say this every time but i think these have been my favourite entries so far. SteadilySkippingStones captured christmas perfectly! I laughed and laughed at her battle against the tape dispenser. And i can’t get over that amazing 3D christmas card! So good. Loved them all!!

    1. Thanks, Erin! Your entry is so flipping funny! I think you might be right, ya’ll have really raised the bar with this contest, I’ll tell you what.

      Bacon ornaments for everyone! …If you can wait ’til Christmas 2013.

  6. Jules, have I mentioned that you look even more ravishing than usual? And B-Man, you must be awfully tired. Care for any free babysitting?

    What’s that? The contest results or tomorrow? I had no idea. No idea whatsoever…

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