Holy Sheet: A Holiday Giveaway – The Winners!


Chipmunks! It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for!

In case you forgot, the prize is totally amazeballs.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the caliber of your Holy Sheet: A Holiday Giveaway! entries. My heart is as full as Santa’s jiggly jelly belly on Christmas Day. Thank you doesn’t even begin to express my gratitude for your creativity and support.Bacon-Ornaments

The Byronic Man and I had a very difficult time narrowing it down. In fact, it was so tough, we picked runners-up, too! My runners-up will each get one of my world-famous bacon ornaments. (You’re welcome.)

Check out The Byronic Man’s winners on his blog!

Holy Sheet: A Holiday Giveaway – The Go Jules Go Winners

1st Runner Up



I love Becca’s entry because she captured something so very real about the holidays that never would have occurred to me – her dad’s notoriously terrible photography. It’s charming, funny and creative, and I absolutely adore it.

2nd Runner Up

Keeping It Real


Anka’s entry speaks to the alcoholic graphic designer in me – doesn’t it look like something you’d see on a greeting card website? Except one that’s actually fun? Not only that, but she had a very clever title for her card (Dreaming of a White Christmas), and, well, I heart clever titles.

Grand Prize Winner!

steadily skipping stones

I think we can all agree this video screams winner – Michelle went above and beyond to deliver a vlog that captures the ‘real’ side of the holidays. It’s thoughtful, well executed, and most importantly, hilarious. If you haven’t already, please watch it. And if you have? Watch it again! It only gets funnier.

Congratulations, ladies! Hopefully you’ll all have your prizes by Christmas! And as a reminder, The Byronic Man and I will also make a Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund donation in the winners’ names.

To see The Byronic Man’s winners, head over to his blog

Thank you again, everyone, for your spectacular entries. My sheets told me they want to sleep with all of you.


33 responses to “Holy Sheet: A Holiday Giveaway – The Winners!

  1. Congrats to steadily skipping stones! Her video was amazing. I really enjoyed the creativity of all your followers, they are indeed a creative brood.

  2. Congrats to all the entries, they were all fabulous. See, this is why I don’t do contests, JD. I did one once and made Jim help me pick the finalists, the pressure was just too much to try and narrow it down.

    A big congrats to steadily skipping stones! I watched your video with my kids and we all had a good laugh–hilarious video.

    • Also–well done to you and B. You guys worked really hard on this stuff. Have a very merry Christmas (and a drink or two on me!)

      • Thanks, DP! You pulled out all the stops, too – THANK YOU! And Merry Christmas! I’m actually going to try to get a post up on Christmas Eve… Is that wrong? Do I need help? I ask these questions, and yet, in a few short hours, I’ll be at the post office, mailing you sheets I made with a blogger’s face on them.

    • Ya’ll did NOT make it easy. Honestly, there was a point this week at which I genuinely said to myself, “Maybe I could bacon ornaments for ALL of the entrants.” And I would have, if I had had another month!

      I watched the video again with Peppermeister last night and he was howling at the tape dispenser!

  3. Congrats to all the winners AND runners up!! I am sad that I didn’t win, but knew there was no way that would happen, as the competition was quite stiff. Much like the drink I will be having later to drown my sorrows. And if I had known bacon ornaments were available for the top contenders?? Well, let’s just say Buddy the Elf might have had to get into even more naughty trouble. Damn you, Jules!! Cruel cruel cruel. I think I’m gonna have to make mine a double. :p

    • It’s hard for me to feel sorry for you, Misty, when I suspect you’re roughly 5 minutes away from free booze and all the lawyer jokes you can stomach. Please tell me there are lampshades available at this party. My visual is not complete unless ‘that guy with the reindeer tie’ has a lampshade on his head by 3pm.

      In all seriousness, I love your elf card so much. Narrowing this down was painful. Thank you for all of your bloggy love and support – you’re the shiz!

  4. Y’all did an incredible job coming up with something so fun for the holidays. I am a bit saddened that it is over, and that I will not be sleeping with your sheets, but a bacon ornament?! One hell of a consolation prize. Thanks so much!

  5. A bacon ornament for shizzles! Yay! I can’t wait to showcase it on my tree. My son is going to LOVE it! He’s crazy about bacon! Thanks again, Jules! 🙂

  6. Thank you so much Jules!! I didn’t tell you this, but your video was the inspiration. When I saw you at the attic stairs with that huge box of Christmas stuff, I thought, “That’s it! But I need to fall down.” And then I couldn’t stop adding stuff. This was so much fun! Thanks to you and the B Man for sponsoring this contest 🙂 Everyone had such wonderful entries! There is a creative bunch hanging round these parts 🙂

    • Yayyy!!!! Congratulations! And I can’t tell you how flattering it is to think I inspired, in any way, such brilliance! I am in awe of you!

      And I couldn’t agree more – we’ve got some fantastically creative blog buds. I had so much fun! THANK YOU 🙂

  7. The tape dispenser. I was DYING.

  8. So excited for Steadily Skipping Stones. Yay Michelle!!! Your video was awesome sauce and you deserve to win eleventy-hundred sheet sets. Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy sleeping with Jules and Byronic Man. IYKWIM.

  9. That vlog was amazeballs. Congrats to skippingstones! Well done!

    And Jules, thank you for having such great ideas and generally just being you. This was so much fun!

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  11. Congrats skippingstones. The peeling of the price tags made me laugh so hard. That and the wrapping. I am notorious in our family for shitty wrapping. And shitty rapping, but that’s a whole other story….

  12. Congrats to SSS! As soon as I saw that vlog, my heart sank into a morass of loser-self pity in the certain knowledge that there would be no joy in my particular Mudville for this contest. By which I mean – what a great video!

    Thanks for the fun contest, Jules. Merry, merry Christmas!

  13. These are just awesome!! Anka should make hers into a real card, my friends would laugh so hard at getting that for xmas.
    Awkward photos: my mom is totally that person. She waits until I’m slouched in a corner somewhere and decides it’s a great photo op.
    And the video, I was LOLing the entire time, nice work!

  14. I can see why you chose the winner – hysterical! I was chuckling and giggling for sure!

  15. Congratulations Michelle! Great video. My hand made cards never had a chance.

  16. Congrats to all of the winners! Gotta love that Steadily Skipping Stones video won though because i think it truly embodied that christmas feeling. Very funny 🙂 great idea for the contest too!

  17. Gotta admit, that video was quite genius. Congrats. 😀

  18. Oh. My. Mistletoe. That was outstanding. The wrapping of present part? That is my reality every time. This was a Christmas miracle.

  19. Holy holy, that was fantastic! The scraping off the price tags was my favorite. I have nightmares about scraping off an endless string of price tags before I douse it all in lighter fluid. Which by the way is the greatest way to get off price tags. Well done, Skipping Stones!

  20. Incredible. That video had me in stitches! Is it faux pas to forward it to my mom in February? It’s never too late (or early, I guess) to get in the Christmas spirit, right? 😉

    • Dana, your comments should be bottled and sold for millions, because they are such an amazing ego boost – thank you!

      This was one of THE MOST FUN bloggy things I’ve done so far. I would be honored to be shared with your mom…hmm. That sounds wrong.

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