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I Promise This Will Never Happen Again!

Well, cherry-nosed Chipmunks. Last year Second Husband, Darren Criss, regaled you with We Wish You A Merry Christmas.

This year, I wanted to kick things up a notch. But where do you go from Second Husband and my favorite holiday tune?

Cue First Husband, Peppermeister. You may recall he’s a musician, and the former guitarist for the awesome reggae band, Echo Movement. He agreed to perform a song for ya’ll, on one condition…

…I sing.

Oh god.

Merry Christmas! …I love you. Maybe too much.

60 thoughts on “I Promise This Will Never Happen Again!”


    And Jules, I KNEW IT! With a speaking voice so melodious, how could your singing voice not be even more beautiful? When are you releasing your first album? (Idea: chipmunk back up singers/dancers and I’ll throw down a beat for you on one of the tracks.)

    Merry Christmas to you, Peppermeister!, and Uncle Jesse!!! See you in the New Year!

    PS – We have the same fireplace.

    1. WE LOVE YOU!!! That is very, very nice of you to say. Please throw down a beat any time. Or as the great Pauly D of Jersey Shore would say, beat that beat.

      And at this point I love the Yule Log so much, I don’t even think I want a real fireplace.

      Merry Christmas!!! See you soon!

    1. Rezzzz! Thank you! I’m kind of obsessed with the Yule Log, which you’ve probably gathered by now. And I totally meant to respond to your last awesome Tweet and then, I can’t quite remember, but I think vodka happened. Or champagne.

      I hope you have a very happy new year, although it seems early to wish it! I’m on the look-out for embarrassing moments the next few days… 😉

  2. Merry Merry Christmas Jules!
    Beautiful rendition of the Rudolph song,,and I could just tell that the Peps,,just wanted to join in! Next year I will sent a nicer toque for him to wear and it will fit the first time he puts it on his head!
    K,,,i’m going to break into the 2nd box of wine,,,,,,and pour us both a glass,clink!

  3. Jules! I couldn’t love this more! Your voice is beautiful and with Peppermeister’s guitar,the perfect blend to put me in the Christmas spirit. Great job, guys. Maybe you should do more of these little videos…mix it up with some comedy routines…y’know kinda like Sonny and Cher but without the bell-bottoms.
    Wishing a very Merry Christmas to you both (and Uncle Jesse)!!

    1. D Pants! Merry Christmas! Thank you so much. It’s funny you mention that, because Peppermeister just got a pair of jeans with wide legs… He thinks he looks like he’s going to a Limp Bizkit concert, but now I think we’ve got a plan for those pants!

        1. DP! This might be the greatest comment/compliment any blogger could ever hope to get. I feel like I should close up shop right now.

          Julia is a rock star. This comment seriously made my day yesterday!

  4. Oh Jules. I love you so much!!! That was absolutely perfect. You have a lovely singing voice. When are you and P! hitting the road with this show?

    We just went on a mad search for our very own Yule log, and thank goodness we found it before I watched this video, or I would have been so jealous.

    Merry Merry to you, P!, UJ and Babs, and all your assorted family type peeps!

    1. Misty!!! MUAHHHH. I hope there wasn’t anymore wine loss post-work party, and that you had a wonderful, elf-spirited Christmas!

      Thank you so much. We just need to find a way to flower power our VW van, and then we’re outta here!

  5. Nicely done! Love you so much & thanks for always putting a smile on my face throughout the year! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next year! Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family! Love & hugs from all of us at Nikitaland!

    1. Thank YOU so much – this comment really means a lot to me! I hope you and your family had a fantastical holiday. I’m fairly certain 2013 is going to be as magical as a chipmunk in a top hat teaching the other forest critters how to tap dance.

  6. What a gift! Who knew you could sing? And to a reggae beat at that. I want to know how many cuts it took to make this video. Looks SO effortless! Merry Christmas to you and your family! Hugs~ Anka 🙂

    1. Anka, I have no idea what you’re talking about. We actually staged those outtakes because we recorded the song in one go ’round, but wanted to make ourselves look more ‘real’ and ‘approachable.’

      But seriously – thank you! I hope you had a WONDERFUL, white-as-in-white-wine-o-course Christmas! 🙂

  7. More, more . . . you have a beautiful voice! And, our favorite Christmas album of all time is Raggae Christmas, so this was a perfect choice.
    Happy Christmas, Jules!

    1. Oooh you just made Peppermeister so proud with your album pick! (Full disclosure: I think his favorite song is the barking dogs doing “Jingle Bells.”)

      Thank you so much, and I hope you and yours had a VERY Happy Christmas! 🙂

  8. I haven’t made it to the it outtakes yet, but I doubt they will make me like this less. 😀 Merry Christmas!

    1. Do you mind if I edit out the part about Peppermeister’s guitar skills? I fear his head is already too big for his hat.

      Thank you so much and I hope you had a faaaabulous holiday!

  9. I’ll come back and leave a real comment when I’m done counting the levels of awesome in this post. Just kidding. I’m not coming back because I’m cracking my second box of wine. That I’m drinking by myself. Cheers and Merry Christmas!!!

  10. Aw, that was super! Pep was either getting sloshed by the one you used or he was FEELING it! There are no (thankfully) recordings of my uking and singing with Jules (not you … or was it!?) on guitar. I did a couple of songs (zero practice, just let ‘er fly) before I started drinking. After, it got uglier.

    I was playing with a broken finger…and it did hurt! …Those first couple of songs. Later, I minded less but I think everybody else minded more.

    1. Ha! Pep is ALWAYS feeling the music, and not at all doing dramatic bobs to try to clue me in on when to sing…

      I can’t believe you were playing with a broken finger! I need to know what you drink.

      1. Again, it was no drinking the first 2! After that, I thought we were done (since there was not one SECOND of practice)…I started drinking appletinis and then people wanted requests (non-Christmas songs). I tried is all I can say.

        The vodka did help with the finger pain, though!

  11. You sing like an angel….and Peppermeister plays like….an angel? No, really, you guys rocked that Rudolph!

    But Peppermeister adjusting his hat was what really made this the best Christmas of all.

    1. Thank you so much! And I’d say Merry Christmas to you, too, but I have NO idea who ‘you’ is. Ah well, let’s not be stingy with the cheer – MERRY CHRISTMAS, Anonymous! 🙂

  12. You two are too stinkin’ cute! LOL Loved the outtakes at the end. More of this, please!! Happy New Year (now that Christmas is behind us), Jules and Mr. Jules. Can’t wait to see what y’all have planned for Dec 2013.

    1. Thank you so much, and *gasp*, that is the ULTIMATE compliment! What’s funny is the whole chipmunk thing doesn’t really have a good background story; I just have an irrational fondness for them (compounded by the fact that I SO RARELY see them), and well, this blog started as Go Guilty Pleasures!, a place to embrace our love of the ridiculous.

      Not that I still have oodles of guilty pleasures. Noooo siree Bob. Gave that up when I switched blog names.

      Hey want to watch a Justin Timberlake movie and eat peanut butter out of the jar using Kit Kats?

  13. I can’t believe I missed this the first time, but I caught it now and wanted to say I feel you have a beautiful voice. Sure we all know what we would like to do better, but as someone watching it and listening to it, I didn’t. I have to admit the outtakes were hilarious, especially the hat adjustment and your expressions. I have this magnet at home and I adore the quote “After all that, she was surprised to find that she still knew the words to the song in her heart…and she began to sing along” curlygirldesigns. Keep singing, Jules!

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