Susie Strong

***Thanks to the efforts of brickhousechick from swimmingtomy50s (impressive enough to make my project manager heart swoon!), a band of bloggers has gathered together in support of our friend Susie Lindau, who is undergoing a double mastectomy today at 9:30am MDT. This post is for her.***


Susie-Lindau-2 Susie-Lindau-3 Susie-Lindau-4 Susie-Lindau-5 Susie-Lindau-6 Susie-Lindau-7 Susie-Lindau-8 Susie-Lindau-9 Susie-Lindau-10 Susie-Lindau-11 Susie-Lindau-12 Susie-Lindau-13 Susie-Lindau-14


49 thoughts on “Susie Strong”

  1. Awww, both creepy AND heartwarmning. How do you do it, Jules? 😉

    My thoughts are with Susie. She is indeed one kick ass, I mean boob lady!!

  2. Bloggers are the best people on the face of the planet. You’re among the best of the best.

  3. Oh my God! This is hilarious! I LOVE IT!
    I can’t believe it took me a full week to get rid of the effects of the anesthesia. My brain just couldn’t focus.
    I got your card. It was sooo cute! Love the drawing. I should have brought my ‘stache glasses to the surgery!
    Thank you so much for the shout out! I really did feel the positive energy and prayers. I literally woke up in the best mood before the surgery and practically skipped into the hospital while whistling. Okay. I said practically, but I was cracking jokes and wasn’t nervous at all. I had no idea this was going on. Those prayers picked me up all week too!
    Thanks again Jules! You are the bestest! ***muah*** (((hugs)))

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