Susie Strong

***Thanks to the efforts of brickhousechick from swimmingtomy50s (impressive enough to make my project manager heart swoon!), a band of bloggers has gathered together in support of our friend Susie Lindau, who is undergoing a double mastectomy today at 9:30am MDT. This post is for her.***


Susie-Lindau-2 Susie-Lindau-3 Susie-Lindau-4 Susie-Lindau-5 Susie-Lindau-6 Susie-Lindau-7 Susie-Lindau-8 Susie-Lindau-9 Susie-Lindau-10 Susie-Lindau-11 Susie-Lindau-12 Susie-Lindau-13 Susie-Lindau-14



49 responses to “Susie Strong

  1. This is great, Jules! 🙂 Susie Strong! 🙂

  2. Prayers and thoughts of strength to Susie.
    (And I love imaginary conversations.)

  3. Awww, both creepy AND heartwarmning. How do you do it, Jules? 😉

    My thoughts are with Susie. She is indeed one kick ass, I mean boob lady!!

  4. Love this. Susie is gonna take this battle, no doubt about it.

  5. mistylaws has the perfect comment: creepy AND heartwarming! And that’s you to a tee! Best wishes Susie!

  6. Oh Jules, I do love you so, kooky bit…lady and all. Susie – you got this!!

  7. Perfect! And a fitting tribute to Susie! And thank you for remembering to mention Maria at brickhousechick for organizing! Like an idiot, I didn’t do that.

  8. Beautiful! Jules, you are a true talent. Many prayers for Susie today and always.

  9. Sending positive thoughts and prayers to Susie!

  10. Best wishes for exceptional care and healing for your friend Susie!

  11. Awesome tribute, Jules! Susie’s gonna kick cancer’s ass!!!

  12. Love this, Jules! Just followed Susie. Sending healing thoughts and prayers Susie’s way today.

  13. LOL. Susie’s going to LOVE and be weirded out by this post. It’s spectacular. Go, Susie, Go!

  14. Ah, WordPress is rife with naked pictures of Susie this morning.

  15. Sending loving prayers to Susie!

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  17. Epic. Totally epic! Just like Susie!!

  18. I don’t know Susie and just discovered this blog today but I wish you the best of strength and courage and healing vibes.

  19. Awesome. She is going to LOVE this, JD!

  20. Bloggers are the best people on the face of the planet. You’re among the best of the best.

  21. This was fantastic!

  22. Your imaginary conversations are the best.

  23. Awesomely amazing, and yes as others have mentioned.. maybe a little creepy, but the good kind of creepy!

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  25. Oh my God! This is hilarious! I LOVE IT!
    I can’t believe it took me a full week to get rid of the effects of the anesthesia. My brain just couldn’t focus.
    I got your card. It was sooo cute! Love the drawing. I should have brought my ‘stache glasses to the surgery!
    Thank you so much for the shout out! I really did feel the positive energy and prayers. I literally woke up in the best mood before the surgery and practically skipped into the hospital while whistling. Okay. I said practically, but I was cracking jokes and wasn’t nervous at all. I had no idea this was going on. Those prayers picked me up all week too!
    Thanks again Jules! You are the bestest! ***muah*** (((hugs)))

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