Taking Selfies Is Really Hard (When You Have A Dog)

I know you’ve been DYING to hear how things are going with my Fitbit (a.k.a. the pedometer on crack).

And what are social media outlets for if not to inflate our successes and ignore our failures share both our successes and failures in the hopes of better connecting with our fellow (wo)man?

ha ha ha “Failures.”

As if!

I’m more than halfway to my goal! Woot woot!

You may recall I started keeping track of calories and steps via the FitBit back in July, after struggling with a 2 year-long weight loss plateau. I chose the most aggressive plan (-2 pounds a week), and am now on a first-name basis with the people on the opposite end of town, thanks to all the walking.

I didn’t even realize how far I’d come until I started needing belts to hold up all of my pants. In honor of my shrinking backside, I treated myself to a new pair of [on sale-had-coupon-and-gift-card] blue jeans – in a size I hadn’t bought since 2006.

skinny-jeansI took the above picture because this is what happened when I tried to take a selfie:


Interrupted-2 Interrupted-1 Interrupted-4 Uncle-Jesse-jealous-of-selfie

If you could photobomb anyone, who would it be, and under what circumstances?


67 thoughts on “Taking Selfies Is Really Hard (When You Have A Dog)”

    1. Thanks, DP! The ONE time I didn’t bring Uncle Jesse, a neighbor immediately shouted, “Hey, where’s your buddy?” (I replied, “He hurt his leg yesterday, so I gave him the day off.”)

  1. Looking awesome gurl! I’ve lost 10 pounds since I left the ex, and have moved to a place where I can/need to walk everywhere,,gonna walk off that fattage and feel fab!
    Have you sold the house/ moved? And, how’s the job hunt going?
    nikki aka just another canadian gurl

    1. Thanks so much, Nikki, and congratulations to you! Living in a walking town is AWESOME for keeping fit naturally. When I used to commute to the city for school, I’d walk miles every day without even ‘trying’ to. Supposedly NYC is one of the healthiest cities for that reason – it’s just so much EASIER to walk.

      Thanks for asking! Things are trucking along. We’re getting ready to list the house very soon, so I’ve been running around like mad!

  2. I also wanted to add that you look amazing and awesome, as above, but it feels kind of creepy and stalker-like when an anonymous guy in the interweb says it. It sounds okay coming from your gal pals. What are you going to do about thanksgiving? You could always join me at my mother-in-law’s house where she’ll serve her traditional burnt up, dried out turkey. It’s conducive to small portions. What are your plans for the winter when the wx isn’t conducive to outdoor walking? Got snowshoes?

    1. Do you see what I did there? I used “conducive” twice in the same comment. Pretty clever, don’t you think? That’s because it was 7:03 a.m. and the tiny sliver of my brain that’s in charge of editing was ASLEEP.

    2. Oh, I disagree. I think comments about my amazing awesomeness sound great coming from anywhere. Thank you!

      I think I’ll skip counting calories on Thanksgiving, although I’ve no desire to stuff myself silly. I still eat ‘normal’ food (BACON. CHEESE. YES.), just less of it, so it never feels like a diet. And that keeps me from craving foods I’m not allowed to have – nothing is off limits.

      I’ve actually always walked the dog outside in the winter, so hopefully having less ‘insulation’ this year won’t frighten me off! Maybe I should ask for snow shoes for Christmas!

      1. You are going about it the exact right way. It’s all about portion control. You can exercise until you’re blue in the face but if you don’t control your portions, you won’t get anywhere. Going out to eat doesn’t help matters. Have you seen the portions that are doled out in restaurants? No wonder Americans are losing the battle.

  3. You are a true beauty – fitbit or not fitbit.

    Did you know that just this week the word “selfie” was added to the dictionary? That’s your nerd fact for the day.

    I would want to photobomb my 13-year-old niece – every single time she takes a doe-eyed selfie and posts it to instagram there’d be her crazy aunt in the foreground doing something weird and embarrassing (I think I’m turning into my father – he would say the same thing).

    1. Wow, really? (*pushes up nerd ‘stache glasses*) Look at us, with the timely posts! I think that depresses me a little, though. I won’t know how I really feel about it until I do some more selfie-examination.

      OMG Aunt Rache, you are sooooooo embarrassing.

  4. I love the Jules and doggie selfies! I would like to photobomb any of those occasions where you get two political leaders who really can’t stand each other but they have to do a friendly looking handshake for the cameras, and I think they would be grateful for the photobomb too!

  5. I think you know how I feel about your dog, so we’ll leave it alone. Congrats on your weight loss. Even though I’ve thought you were beautiful the whole time I’ve known you, of course, you do look great. Being healthy is a good thing, so keep it up. We should have done a weight loss challenge or something as a round 2. Oh well.

    1. You just made me go, “Awwwwww.” Thanks, Don!

      I love that idea, except I see your FB status updates and you could run circles around me! Not the doodle-dandy, though. He runs like the wind. THE WIND.

  6. Oh wow your dog is adorable and it looked difficult to get a picture with such a cute distraction. I would definitely want to photobomb a political figure of some sort…any will do. Congrats on the weight loss progress!

  7. Uncle Jesse doesn’t miss a beat! He appears to love selfies! Do you think the fact that I eat an M&M for each step I take is jeopardizing my weight loss goal? Congrats (beatch…). JUST KIDDING! 🙂 🙂

  8. I want to photobomb Uncle Jesse!! Turnabout is fair play afterall. 😉

    You look absolutely fabulous, as has been stated previously, but cannot be said enough!! Don’t think I didn’t notice that you made sure to include the sticker on those jeans that say “skinny.” Because you ARE. You sexy hot mama!

    P.S. I love that you STILL use that phone case. You are da bomb! 🙂

    1. 1. That case is the SHIZNIZZLE – as are you!

      2. Thank you for noticing the deliberate framing of that Instagram photo, counselor. 😉

      3. It’s true. Uncle Jesse has it coming.

  9. I don’t think Uncle Jessie was photobombing you. If I read his expressions correctly, they were: “Hey, do you have different jeans?”; “Hey, did your jeans go down a size?”; “You lost weight? Congratulations!”; and “Jules, you look awesome in this photo!”… No, wait, that last one might have been mine…

  10. Go Jules! …Go. Sorry, felt the need to complete the title after all. Kudos on your mad walking skillz and adorable photo bomber. You look amazing and should flaunt it!

    If I could photo bomb someone I pick Jane Seymour, on set of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Or Sean Connery. Like, could I photoshop/bomb myself into a Bond movie? I should look into that.

    Anyway, thank you for the ever so kind words you left back in your guest blog comment. They were lovely and totally made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Thank you.

  11. Awesome job you walking fool! Not only are the skinny jeans nearly as adorable as the scene-stealing pooch, but I bet you’re in fabulous shape. And a healthy heart is an adorable heart!

  12. Uncle Jesse is awesome and I would love kisses from him any day. Congrats on the diminishing bum. 🙂
    I’d love to photobomb Harrison Ford because that would mean I’m in a photo with Harrison Ford. Duh. 😉

  13. Way to go lady! How are you liking the FitBit? I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while, but figured that there are plenty of apps for my iPhone that will do what the FitBit does. I’d love to hear your take on it. 🙂

  14. I HAVE been dying to know! This was encouraging. I’ve been eating like crap since Halloween and want to get back on track. Nothing works as well as keeping track and staying accountable. Damn–I hate that truth. Great job, Jules!

  15. OH my gosh, your job is adorable. Okay, I know this is about your jeans and success, sorry– let me focus. But really, so cuddly, that dog.

    Hey, congrats on the weight loss! Grr, I’m jealous, I need to get back on track… It’s such a great feeling to be able to buy smaller sizes in clothing (especially when you get a great deal, ha). Keep it up!

  16. Every selfie is made better with the application of a little Uncle Jessie.

    Congratulations on the fitness mountains conquered – I KNEW you could!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Jules.

  17. Congrats Jules!

    As for photobombing, I’ve been doing it at Lollapalooza for years. With so many cameras around, it’s easy pickins. A conservative estimate would put it at a couple thousand pictures with me in the background.

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