PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS…itty bitty living space.

You’re envisioning your new dream home. Images begin to spring to mind…

A small, cozy nook, under a flight of stairs, with plenty of space for your wand and pet owl.


No? Okay. How about this: a tiny house with a loft bed and ceiling hooks for your fixed-gear bicycle and kombucha tea jars.

Still no?

All right. Perhaps this: a 300-square foot, 3rd floor walk-up with no oven, coin laundry, and street parking.


Really? Not even if I told you you’d get to add an extra 10 minutes to your commute?

God, you’re difficult.

Starting November 1st, I’ll call the latter home.


Who needs homemade cookies and clean sheets, anyway?

“A third floor walk-up? Are you that desperate to win the company Fitbit challenge?” you might be asking. Excellent guess. The truth is, about a year and a half ago, I started making some pretty big changes in the name of Mother Earth.

Babs Sheet Go Jules Go

The only mother as badass as Babs.

I even started composting, for crying out loud. And let’s not forget those recycled Christmas presents.


Obviously I have become an environmental hero and goddess to Portlandia fans everywhere.


I’m just waiting for my proposal. From 2007 Leo, that is.

The Next Big Thing in my journey towards braided armpit hair is downsizing. Right now I live in a 1,200 square foot, 2-bedroom duplex, complete with a yard, sunroom, and plush carpeting thick enough to hide Trump’s tax returns.


Also there are ghost cows.

When I moved to my current apartment from a 4-bedroom house, it offered plenty of space for my furniture and featured all of my must-haves.


I mean just look at that flask nook.

As time passed, I realized I needed less room to feel content. I also needed less stuff.

Speaking of, the real reason I’m posting is because I’m trying to get rid of this. Any takers?


I meant the curtains. Geesh.

Do you have any moving / downsizing advice?

P.S. – Don’t even think about it. I’m keeping that Aladdin VHS tape.




12 responses to “PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS…itty bitty living space.

  1. That’s my favorite Aladdin quote! I love you, Jules! ~Cami

    • I would sail on a magic carpet with you any day, Cami.

      P.S. – Confession time – “One Jump Ahead” -the reprise- is STILL one of my favorite shower songs.

      • Aww. Your driving scares the pants off me, so I’ll decline the carpet ride (dirty!). Also, I live in 550 sq. ft. right now, and it would be plenty of room, except that we have a book-collecting problem and a large man. Sigh.

  2. Good luck! Can’t help you with downsizing……I am 110% a hoarder myself. But I shall cheer you on.

  3. No tips for downsizing, sorry. With a couple of exceptions, all my moves have been to larger and larger places. But I imagine at least the process of moving to a small place would be much easier than trying to move a 4br house.

    • That’s what I keep telling myself when I think I might only last one year without an oven. “Well, at least it’ll be a lot easier to move since I won’t have any stuff left!”

  4. That dog…is it a labradoodle? Looks exactly like my daughter’s. Anyway, no advice. Wish I could do what you are doing. 2 payments left on house. So, gonna stay for awhile.

  5. Does it mean anything that I recognized that quote right off?

    I admire your scaling down on the stuff. My last post was all about shopping as a hobby. This is something I really need to address in myself.

    I am obsessed with tiny houses, BTW, and really, really want one. But not to live in, just for travel. I keep laughingly say I’ll have to wait until I’m a widow until that can happen, but it occurs to me that’s not very nice.

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