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Is it…could it be…the BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER?!


THE DAY HAS COME, Chipmunks!

The day everyone showers me with attention, compliments, and permission to drink at 9 AM I announce the winner of my latest giveaway!

For this contest, I asked you to (pretty please) leave a comment describing your ideal birthday, with bonus points awarded for mentioning chipmunks. This particular commenter nailed it. I love word-y puns almost as much as I love sneaking “water” into the movies.

And thus, the winner of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’s “A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo” is…


Go-Jules-Go-birthday-giveaway-winner-2018Congratulations, SHENRYDAFRANKMAN! I’ll be in touch to send you your delightful spoils.

Oh. What’s that? You’re wondering what my ideal birthday would look like? That’s so sweet of you! I hadn’t really given it much thoug—



Photo Credits: Darren CrissChipmunksKetchup dogOreo dogBanana dogPopcorn dogTater tot dog; Justin Timberlake




27 thoughts on “Is it…could it be…the BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER?!”

      1. I am glad to have chipped in, even if it was just monk-eying around. Look for an email from a ride.bianchi guy. My email address usually is recognized as porn and goes right to spam….

        1. YES!! With the whole fam! We’re going to be further south, though, in Bath (second week of August). Definitely let me know if you’re around!! (

          1. I’m hoping to be up in Acadia all summer. I’m unemployed so I might as well make the best of it! I’ll keep your email!

    1. DP! I needed to watch this 87 times before I could decide whether or not it was truly meant for me. Thank you, as always, for legitimizing what others might mistakenly call borderline personality disorder, I mean, true love. (And if anyone reading this suffers from borderline personality disorder, I am truly sorry, and not just because I looked it up before I posted this and am still not entirely sure what it means so I guess that indicates I could have it and hey! Well! …Well. Yeah.)

  1. I freaking love that photo of you dressed like a Crest toothpaste. It’s mind-blowingly awesome. So is your convo with Darren Criss. I’m guessing you saw him in The Assassination of Versace? It was excellent. So was he.

    1. Can you believe I haven’t watched it yet?! But I may have stumbled upon some video clips of him dancing in his underwear so I should really reprioritize here. I am newly obsessed with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime.

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