Chipmunks Forever, Everyone Loves a Braggart...Right?

Bragasaurus & Byronic Man: Best Friends Forever

I don't know why you assume I'm in love...with my new PowerPoint!!!!

Cheerio, Chipmunks!

I’d like to talk to you a little bit about my best friend, Byronic Man. I know we’re best friends because he shares all of his deepest, darkest secrets with me*, and when I’m hysterically laughing at his every blog post, I know he was only so funny just to make me guffaw.

My B.F.F. Byronic Man has even sent me a SCANDALOUS GoGuiltyPleasures slap bracelet picture that features his ENTIRE, HANDSOME mug – AND HE’S LETTING ME POST IT! You are really going to want to stay tuned for the big reveal. Here’s a sneak peek:

I love a good intrigue.

I told you, we’re LIKE THIS:

Oh, and, I totally almost forgot…he’s featuring me on his blog today in this 20 Questions Guest Post!

In all seriousness, Byronic Man is one of the funniest, most supportive bloggers I’ve ‘met’ on WordPress. I promise you he is the real-deal, and I hope this personal endorsement on my silly little blog does not detract from his genuine comedy genius.

I’m pretty sure if you don’t subscribe to his blog, your life will remain a dreary, sunless, chipmunk-free march to the grave.

Er, Happy Tuesday!

*He even told me how he really feels about his wife**.

**He told everyone how he really feels about his wife.

24 thoughts on “Bragasaurus & Byronic Man: Best Friends Forever”

  1. Ooh! Can’t wait for the big reveal! (I’m still thinking he has a mohawk or wears an eye patch…) I can see why you two are besties, he drinks vodka AND rocks hot pink slap bracelets.

    1. A little behind the scenes for you: I knocked over the first martini glass while setting up the picture and it broke all over the floor. Photos were delayed for 10 minutes while I swore, swept and shooed away dogs who thought broken glass looked just so so interesting.

    1. You know, I actually zoomed in on the picture after reading your comment because I thought you were being sarcastic. I need to vacuum in here like NOBODY’S business, LOL! Thank god for low-resolution pictures.

    1. Gee, I’d been asking myself the same question, Cappy! Ha! 😉 Thank you SO much – when a blogger I love follows me back, I feel like someone just gave me a lifetime supply of vodka and chocolate.

  2. Oh poo, this wasn’t the post I read at first (I was talking about the slap bracelet one — by the way, that trend totally didn’t last long enough…) but I like this one too hahaha

    1. Ha! No problemo and thank ya!

      Right?! It was HIGH TIME slap bracelets were brought back! If ya’d like one, just let me know! They are every bit as shiny as they look.

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