Help! Save The Byronic Birthday Man!

A year and a half ago, I cheekily called a favorite blogger, The Byronic Man, my BFF.

We should all take a moment to reflect on how far my PowerPoint skills have come since this.

We should all pause to reflect on how far my PowerPoint skills have come since this.

I thought it was hilarious. To call a blogging acquaintance -whose real name I’d only learned a month earlier- my Best Friend Forever?


Be careful what you wish for, Chipmunks. Since then, The Byronic Man has become not only one of my closest friends, but the people’s choice for Third Husband.

Happy birthday, emoticon-glasses. And, ah, sorry about all of this:

Slide01 Slide02 Slide03 Slide04 Slide05
























Slide30 Slide31













So what are you waiting for? Quick! Leave links to your favorite meme images and/or birthday well wishes in the comments section below, before we find The Byronic Man opening for Carrot Top!

If you have any trouble posting links in the comments section, feel free to email me your images and I’ll do it for you!

To see the first installment of Drunk Girl and Byronic Man, click here.



98 responses to “Help! Save The Byronic Birthday Man!

  1. Now that I’ve lulled B Man into a false sense of security by not linking to his wizard post, let’s get this party started!!


    P.S. – Bloggy friends: Don’t worry if your images don’t appear like this when you paste the link – I will work my vicarious wizard magic on them.

  2. I will save him–just wait and I will find my Joan Rivers costume–we will sacrifice her instead–she cannot laugh anymore anyway as her face is too tight
    Happy Birthday Byronic Man!

  3. Wow. Um . . . yeah. I’m thinking you’ve traveled past massive consumption of wine, and have started to hit the hard pharmaceuticals, Jules. This is the trippiest thing I’ve ever seen. Although . . . the tinkerbell at the end is truly inspired. But the rest made me feel like I was on a bad trip . . . again.

    I don’t know how to do this fancy meme thing (I still don’t even know how to SAY it), so I’m afraid I’m out of this game. Sorry.

  4. I can’t believe you suggested the Scrambler. I hate that ride.

    Happy Brithday, B-Man!

  5. The memes you found are all awesome!

    A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Byronic Man!!!

  6. Today, this is my favorite meme.

    Happy birthday B-man!!!

  7. I don’t remember how I wormed my way into this space but it’s weird and wonderful. Mostly weird. If you listen to that dog howl about six times, you finally stop laughing. My birthday was yesterday. For real. There are no accidents.

    • Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Ya done made my day with this comment, and it’s so nice to ‘meet’ you. Uncle Jesse says things are about to get real weird.

      Also he can’t decide which meme to give you.

      • Well, I have a dog and we are sworn mortal enemies so if I have a choice in the matter (I so rarely do) I’ll take my friend in the striped tie, even though squirrels seem to be your thing, which I don’t quite get. Yet.

        • Wait, you and your dog are sworn mortal enemies? Or you and me, because I’m a chipmunk and you’re a dog-lover?

          It’s all dog love here, all the time. Wait. That came out wrong. (Oh and I realized I should clarify that that is really my dog in this post, and the one howling in the video, and his name really is Uncle Jesse. …Doesn’t make this post any less weird, does it?)

          Squirrels I can take or leave (with the exception of that meme, which is amazing). Chipmunks on the other hand? Fascinating.

          • We took a vote. It was one vote cat (me), three votes dog (daughters + bride). And because my home is a democracy and not a dictatorship (unless, oddly enough, it’s something I want) we have a dog. They’re so needy. Just like humans.

  8. Oh my! Did it take you the whole year since last birthday to do all those? That’s how long it would have taken me, and they still wouldn’t have looked as good as yours! Happy birthday to him! I never really understand what a meme is, and I don’t mind admitting it, people have tried to explain it to me and failed, can you try? – as they say a question is only as stupid as the person who asks it…or something like that…

  9. Wow, this is epic and I’d love some of whatever it is you’re smoking! Happy Birthday, Bman! You’re sort of lucky to have such a lovely wife friend in GJG!

  10. Gah, this is hilarious. Slash disturbing.
    So… status quo, then.
    Happy birthday Byronic!

  11. Happy birthday, B-man! Like I always say to my husband “Congratulations! for one month, you and I are different ages!”

    JD, I cannot get over your skills with this one…the mask on Jesse? The B-man Tinkerbelle? well done!!

    I have no meme to share…yet.

  12. This is my absolutely favorite. Happy Birthday to him and Happy Being Awesome Day to you!

  13. BMan’s gonna need some SERIOUS funny to get out of this predicament. Or some clever puns at the very least. For now, I submit this in honor of aging well (I feel like this ALL the time):

    • I LOVE that someecard, Rache. B Man probably feels his age -which is 89, in case you missed it, but I’m sure you didn’t because you’re sharp like that- when he hangs around me. I feel really bad about that sometimes. I should stop making memes and start helping him prepare his last will and testament (in which I inherit Clancy Pants).

      • So is a someecard different from a meme? Who feels 89 now? (Me)

        • Our friends at Wikipedia tell me a meme is far more complicated than I first suspected: “A unit of cultural information that represents a basic idea that can be transferred from one individual to another, and subjected to mutation, crossover and adaptation.”

          I’m thinking this means ‘no’ then, in response to your question.

    • This is pretty fantastic.

  14. Jennifer Brewer

    I knew it was your birthday. A little birdie told me so.

  15. Happy Birthday Byonic Man! Don’t go too wild on your birthday, don’t do anything Hernandez would do!

  16. I laughed out loud at the Van Gogh call me maybe one. I do not spend enough time on the Internet to know any memes apparently.

  17. I hope she remembers her first husband’s birthday this month.
    I have two pics.

  18. First off, sorry for the delay in getting here! It was my birthday yesterday (I don’t know if you knew that), so I was busy.

    Second of all, this is amazing – both in scope & scale (I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever done anything this cool on my blog, ever), and in being incredibly clever and thoughtful.

    And memes, eh… hmmm…

    • Aw crap, I forgot to also tell you – the images have to be online first, they can’t be on your desktop. (I see nothing here, so I’m not sure what link you used.) I either loaded pics to my blog media first, or found memes that were already online.

      On the upside, I think you’re doing it right, because it’s good that I can’t see any of the HTML tag.

  19. I’m so sorry I missed all the hoopla yesterday but, the thing is, it was B-man’s birthday. I was busy celebrating.

    I spent over an hour during a swamped workday trying to figure out, once and for all, what a meme IS and how to make one. I got nothing.

    So I decided to rock this old school and just say, “Happy Birthday, B-Man! I hope it was great.”
    p.s. Did I leave my special party lampshade at your place?

    • Pegalicious! I should have known this lamp shade was yours.

      • How DO you do it? Jules, you the man! (Except that you’re not a man.)

        I was trying to craft a meme alluding to the fact that this post shows you are a bat-sh*t crazy genius, but I couldn’t figure it out.

        • I have to clarify/confess – the only meme I made in the comments section here is the first one, the wizard one. But man. I’m addicted.

          Luckily for you, I accept compliments in non-meme form. Thank you!

          • I was just checking out the make-your-own meme sites, like the one you suggested, and the examples they give stink! How do you find the funny ones?

            • That’s where you employ YOUR mad genius, Peggles and click ‘make your own’ and upload your own image and add text!

              BUT, if you use and search for anything including the word ‘meme,’ you get some amazing stuff. I suggest starting with “cat meme” or “bear meme” or “animal meme.”

              *twirls mustache*

    • Oh and if you really are interested in making a meme (which, generally speaking, people think of as a pop culture/viral image with text), this is my favorite site:

  20. Pure gold. I hope to someday meme/cartoon as well as you. A couple favs:

  21. I’ve always known that the most incredible blogging work is created when two talented bloggers cooperate. Especially when one of the two bloggers is not even aware he’s being cooperated on.
    Anyway, happy birthday to your husband #3!

  22. All I have to say is that Uncle Jesse totally woke up Jack with his singing. That, and Happy Birthday, Byronic Man!

  23. I hope you had a great birthday Mr. Man.

  24. Man, oh man, Jules. You’ve outdone yourself. Clancy Pants as a Chia pet? I peed a little bit. Happy belated birthday, Byronic Man!

    • O to the MG, I DIED when I saw the Chia pet pet costume!!

      Annnd doth my eyes deceive me? Congratulations are in order for another Freshly Pressed post? I am glad they continue to have such stellar taste!! WOOT! I think I have some leftover beer from Byronic Man’s party; it might not even be skunked. Cheers!

    • P.S. – You left this comment just as I was adding you to tomorrow’s post (mentioning Tough Mudder)! I wonder if your ears were ringing!

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