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GIVEAWAY WINNER: My New Codependent Friend!

Ahhh. I love settling into writing a post with a crisp, cool, Super Gulp-sized glass of vodka.

Dependency? Moi?
Dependency? Moi?

And hey, as long as we’re on the topic… Let’s talk about my latest blog giveaway contest! To celebrate Independence Day, I asked you to describe the person or thing you were unreasonably attached to – your codependent. One lucky entrant would receive this:


Boy. Your entries were stellar; I could scarcely pick a favorite angry cat meme. Nevertheless, the time has come to announce the sole winner. And that is…

Anna Lea West from Life Is Funny (Even When it’s Not)!

Anna-Lea-West-gravatarNow is as good of time as any to unload something. I like to drink pickle juice. No, not a quick sip, but LONG pulls once the pickles are gone. No one needs to witness this. The spicier the better. Sooo, I’m hooked on McClure’s Spicy Bloody Mary mix because it’s sort of like drinking spicy pickle juice … with vodka. I am not always good at life. This stuff is insanity and makes me, but for a brief moment, forget my deplorable Cherry Chapstick addiction.

Obviously, we’re a codependent match made in heaven.

See? Sometimes I actually know what I'm talking about. When that something is booze.
Bet you feel pretty pickled after a couple of these! Oh!

Had I planned ahead (Project Management Professional, at your service), I would’ve made this a recipe post.

This could work. This could totally work.
This could work. This could totally work.

Congratulations, Anna! I’ll be in touch via email to award your prize!

Have any summer cocktail recipes to share?


53 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY WINNER: My New Codependent Friend!”

  1. Congratulations to Anna Lea West! It’s impossible to read that pickle recipe without your mouth watering and drooling out the sides. I’m doing that, and it’s not pretty. Here is my summer cocktail recipe to share:

    1. Buy various bottles of whatever is on special offer at the store.
    2. Mix em up.
    3. Pour over ice.
    4. Stick a pickle in the top (Notice how I’m keeping with the theme).
    5. Drink.

    Voila! I all seriousness though, I did actually win a competition a while ago to create a cocktail using any flavours of Corky’s vodka drinks, and I won a case containing one of each flavour, of which there were about 9 I think, and we’re talking full size bottles here. That was one hell of a party…

  2. I like that first pic. A two-fisted drinker. That explains a LOT. Who takes your photos? A caring family member?

    This places gives out prizes? For real?! I should have wormholed my way here earlier.

    1. It gets really hard to type sometimes, with both hands tied up. My favorite enabler, my BFF, took that picture back in April, while we were pre-gaming for a wedding in TX. (Two Jersey girls at a wedding in TX. Need I say more?)

      I also have a shopping dependency. These giveaways put a positive spin on it.

      1. Jersey? For real?! See…I detected a certain something about you that I couldn’t put my thumb on. Jersey + that first pic tells me all I need to know.
        I live down in Middletown near the shore. Not too far from Sea Bright. I lived on the Lower East Side for many years but was banished when we had a kid. Some tough fashionistas dressed in all black told us to get that fucking stroller off of Avenue B. So we did.

        1. Ah HAH. It alllll makes sense now. I’m originally from the Union County area (north-ish), but now I live out in the sticks of Hunterdon County. We have a barn. It’s special. Horses are even more popular than strollers. (We just have an Uncle Jesse.)

  3. With a recipe like that. She’s well-deserving!

    I tweeted the other day about my joy of getting the juice at the bottom of a jar of raw, fermented sauerkraut! Not oooked, that would kill bacteria!

    Think vodka would kill it, too, but…

  4. Imma go ahead and put it out there, and I might regret sharing this secret, but BASIL LIME GIMLETS.

    In a shaker, squeeze half a lime, add 2-2 1/2 shots of simple syrup, add 1-1 1/2 shots of vodka (or gin?). Drop in about 2 large fresh basil leaves (you can cut them or shred them if you like) and muddle the hell out of them with whatever you typically muddle things with. Shake it all up with some ice. Pour into a martini glass and enjoy!

    (Alternate recipe: Leave out lime juice, simple syrup, and basil. Pour vodka liberally into a Super Gulp cup. Drink. Repeat as necessary.)

    1. Wow, there are like 3 recipes for the price of 1 in this comment! Of course, I’d expect no less from you.

      I like drinking gimlets because a) booze and b) “gimlet” is so fun to say. This variation sounds amazehighballs. I bet it tastes especially good in a Big Gulp cup. ‘Scuse me. I need to go find an inappropriately large muddler.

  5. What?! SHUT UP! I won?! Well isn’t this day just shaping up rrrrrreal nice 🙂 Am I happier than I should be?! Maybe, but I care not … I won!! Thank you, Jules—you just made my day for real!

    PS. would it be too much if I told co-workers I’ve run into a bit of fame and to please treat me accordingly? please advise.

    1. Wipe the sleep and dried pickle juice (ew, sorry, too far) out of your eyes, Anna! It’s TRUE! I just emailed you – let me know if you don’t get it.

      CONGRATULATIONS! When are we going out drinking? Bring your co-workers. They’re buying.

    1. I’ve always wondered what pickled eggs taste like. I used to go to this dive bar in ye olden times that had a jar of ’em sitting behind the counter. I bet they were special.

  6. Pickle juice, huh? My thing as a kid was to suck down the juice of the frozen green beans after my mom cooked them. I don’t know why – it just because my ‘thing’…..for better or worse.

  7. Drive to liquor store.
    Purchase 12 pack of Bud Light LIme bottles (preferably cold)
    Pull to obscure location in lot if house is more than 1.2 miles away from store (if not, go home).
    Twist tops off of bottles and enjoy! Crying about poor life decisions while drinking them is totally optional.

  8. Holy Mt Olive. (pickes that is…) NC’s FINEST.
    I personally add pickle juice to my maraschino leftovers. Could be the other way around. Not sure after the the bottle of vodka. Does it really matter

    …its that trying to spear those lil midgies after a few, that becomes a game to that posed like a game of Twister….

  9. Congrats to your new, co-dependent bud, Anna Lea! Looking at Thoughtsy’s post today leads me to conclude you are naught but a babe in the vodka woods by comparison, Jules of the Nile. Serious.

  10. My favorite after school snack used to be dill pickles wrapped in salami. Followed by pickle juice, of course.

    My favorite drink right now is freshly squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup, mint, vodka, and seltzer water. Ah, refreshing. Or if I’m feeling fancy, red wine with strawberries.

    I wonder what vodka-soaked pickles would taste like…

  11. Congrats, Anna!

    I showed that recipe to Jim and he wasn’t convinced. He loves pickles. He loves martinis. Maybe I’ll have to whip up a batch to get him to change his mind.

    I had to giggle when I read one of the ingredients was “Dill weed”. One of the many nicknames my brother’s gave me growing up.

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