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It’s Official. I Rule.

Okay, there’s a lot of things I’m not.

Like cool.

But guess what I AM?

A Project Management Professional (PMP)-certified project manager! Yes siree Bob. Today I passed the dreaded 200-question, 4-hour Project Management Institute (PMI) exam and join the ~400,000 PMP holders worldwide.

Yeah. I'll manage the CRAP out of your projects.

I’ve never been so happy to be called “moderately proficient” in all my life. And this also means…I finally get to add some credentials after my name!

Are you taking me more seriously now?

You should, because I’m going to be far too busy and important to post things like that anymore. Or this:

Or this:

P.S. – It’s also my wonderful husband’s 30th birthday. He’s the greatest, but I’ll always be younger. Wow. Maybe I am a lot of things.

8 thoughts on “It’s Official. I Rule.”

  1. I’ve never been so happy to be called “moderately proficient” in all my life.
    LOL! You know where I’d fall on that scale? A whole lot lower! I have to use a little bit of project management in contract negotiation, but . . . oh, who am I kidding? I used to have to use a lot, back when I worked for a much larger software company!

    CONGRATS! And happy birthday to your husband!

    1. That test was SO frustrating for so many reasons. I told the woman at the testing center, “No offense, but I hope I never have to see you again.”

      Thanks very, very much!!!

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