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Deep Thoughts With GoJulesGo

Sometimes...it depends on what the meaning of 'is' is.

I’ve been moved, Chipmunks. Moved to go where this blog has never gone before.

Into the depths of my big, beautiful brain.

Who have we to thank? Well, we could call her Siri, but I prefer Annie Leibovitz, because my new phone takes such beautiful pictures. That, ultimately, is why I got her.

Meet A-Leib.

Come, let us look at all of the profound musings A-Leib has inspired since coming into my life last Friday…

If cars ran on hay, and horses ran on gas, I’d be okay with us running out of gas.

Is there anything hot glue, a ball of twine, and an intense desire to mask inner turmoil with superficial beauty can’t do?

Sometimes, as the sun goes down, I wonder why all them “Twilight” haters hate. The protagonist is the epitome of quiet, selfless inner strength. She’s also a pretty good cook.

Man’s best friend can help us cherish simplicity: fresh air, open fields and sunny skies. And all the deer poop you can eat.

When one looks for signs to lead them down the right path, one often finds pebbles in one’s shoe.

I believe inner peace can be found in the most unexpected places. Like someone else’s backyard. …Or jail.

Happy Thursday! What’s been on your dead sexy mind lately?

P.S. – In case you were wondering, they’ve put in new trailheads on our street, and the trails lead to some pretty spectacular views. Yeah, man! This is Jersey!

55 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts With GoJulesGo”

  1. Is your skin really that smooth and clear?

    You’re such a bitch! At least I feel better that I don’t have a mustache. Black, too. Even after waxing that’ll show stubble.

    1. LOL! Nope. It’s kinda blotchy, and you can definitely see my pores in my ‘t zone.’ I wear liquid foundation AND pressed powder, and rarely go out without it (I’m a vain b*tch, too ;))!

  2. I sincerely would like an iPhone. Just for Instagram. They should just create an Apple Instagram camera and send me one. For free. C’est la vie!

    1. There’s a rumour that Apple will be making a surprise announcement in the next day or two about a dedicated camera. When I hear something, I’ll be posting something, in case you’re interested.

    1. haha! I flipped out when I saw those glasses at Claire’s last weekend (Babs and I were killing time before “The Hunger Games” – which was AMAZING, by the way, and I didn’t even read the books!)! I would have gotten them, but they were like $12 or $14, and my new phone and I are broke. 😉

  3. Did you put those glasses back on the rack after you had the stach up your nose? Bleccchh!

    Wow, your trails are gorgeous! That last photo isn’t really from your street, is it? It’s a lemonade commercial!

    1. I licked them, too! …Was I not supposed to do that?

      It is! The red building is a farm/barn on our street, so I’m sort of angled towards the street, but probably a good half mile away, because the farms near us are -apparently!- on tons of acreage. Protected farmland, too, hooray!

  4. Those pics were taken with your phone? Crazy! I have the “bigfoot special” where every picture comes out blurry and pixelated, allowing me to claim it’s a photo of whatever I want.

    1. Thanks and, right?! That’s how I justified getting a new phone – I don’t have a digital camera, so this is like a cool phone and a camera in one, for less than the cost of either (because I did get a good deal from Verizon)!

      I mean, I think I owed it to my blog. Speaking of, if you ever want any pictures of Jersey or Uncle Jesse for your blog, you know who to ask. I might even be able to get a decent one of Big Foot with this thing.

  5. That’s not Jersey. I mean I live in Jersey and it doesn’t look anything like that from the Wawa next door….

    1. LOL! I know, it still blows our minds. We grew up in a much different area of Jersey (closer to NYC), so this western Jersey lifestyle is a marvel! I seriously see people on horses cross the street when I walk the dog.

        1. I grew up in Fanwood (near Scotch Plains/Westfield), so not TOO too far from Nutley (then again, Jersey ain’t that big, LOL)! You have great taste in spouses. 😉

          1. He has tons of relatives in Nutley and in the surrounding areas. (Huge Catholic family!) His family used to own the Shop Rite chain of grocery stores.

            I do have very great taste in spouses! He’s a gem! 🙂

  6. That first picture is epic. I love those things. I wish you had purchased them. And then persisted to wear them throughout BlogHer.

    Those pics are beautiful. I love my iphone and don’t use any other camera now. It’s great.

    Side note: now that you have a good camera . . . I will expect weekly emails containing pics of whacky things you see that I can use for my next reader submitted weekly whacked. Don’t let me down, woman! 🙂

  7. I still have the iphone 3gs, but I think it takes a pretty decent picture, as well. The family is up for phone upgrades in Oct. and my husband wants to get the newest phone with Siri–he loves all things gadgety!
    Your pics are beautiful! You’re in a really pretty area. You’re also quite the philosopher! 🙂 Happy Friday!

    1. I have to say Siri disappointed me a little bit, because I thought her voice would sound more human (I even tried the British and Australian settings, LOL, but no go)…but maybe that’s a good thing?? The other day she scolded me, “You could at least say goodbye first.” Oooh. Creepy.

      Too bad it’s not Hugh Jackman’s voice! 😉

      Oh and we were definitely riveted with this past Big Fat Gypsy Wedding episode! Palm trees and coconuts, ha!

      1. I’ve told my husband that Siri will start out friendly and then eventually turn into HAL from 2001; A Space Oddessy. When she starts saying things like “I can’t do that, Julie,” after you give her a command, it might be the time to abandon phone. Her chastising you for not saying goodbye is only the beginning.

        I think I told you earlier that the Gypsy Wedding show filmed in a town that neighbors mine. I talked to one of my teacher friends the other day and she knows the family that they most likely filmed. She’s taught some of the children. I can’t wait for that episode!

        1. I know! I need to sleep with one eye open. (Maybe there’s an app for that? ;))

          I can’t wait to see that episode! So they really came to the States?? Squeee!

  8. This has been a very, very quiet brain week for me. I’m only now finding energy to do something other than work and/or sleep. (I think it’s the fact I’m watching the movie Stargate. How could I not be invigorated by the memory of watching this movie in the theater with my sister, roughly a dozen times?!)

    1. That makes sense to me, Deb, after last Saturday’s experience! You didn’t just clear what was on TOP of your head 😉

      For some reason this comment made me remember Titanic is coming out in 3D soon (erm, maybe cause I saw that a dozen times in the theater?! LOL), huzzah! Look at that! You not only shared your thoughts, but inspired new happy ones. Why am I not surprised?!

  9. Your thoughts, Julie, are as deep as the pores in my t-zone — which is to say, very — and, just coincidentally, I recently had smores with my t-bone.

    Meet A-Leib: a most fetching photo.

    Thank you Siri.

  10. oh my goodness, you are so worldly wise. you need to download the celebrity juice app. some of it might be a bit lost on you as its a comedy panel show in the UK, but its essentially a mouth with a big tash that you hold up in front of you that barks hilarous phrases. dinner entertainment for you and le pep!!

    1. hahaha Oh I’ve seen an app like that!! I think you’re right – it’s something I need to have, like, yesterday. Now who is worldly wise?! 😉

    1. haha I know! Even after two years out here, my husband and I are in awe that this is NJ. It’s definitely a wonderful balance between the quiet country life and the plugged-in city life, because great stores, restaurants, and even NYC, are still easily accessible. And there are definitely enough people around that we don’t feel isolated. Most of our neighbors are also from more densely populated areas of NJ, and moved out here for the same reason, so we feel like we fit in (we weren’t sure if we would)!

      1. I think it’s amazing that you have NYC at your fingertips. I love that city, but would NEVER want to live there. Haven’t been since 1989, but would love to go back for a visit.

        BTW, I love your writing and sense of fun. Yours is one of my favorite sites to read and visit. Wish I could get to it more frequently than I do.

        You know, I still have pics I took *hangs head in total shame* from DECEMBER of the “Guilty Pleasures” slap bracelets. I MUST take them off the camera and send them. I’m truly pitiful!

        1. Hi MJ! I hope you get to visit NYC again soon. So much has changed in the last 20 years. I think I could live there…if I also had a house in the country to escape to whenever I wanted! And a chauffer. LOL! (Something tells me I won’t ever be living in NYC.)

          Thank you so much for the heart-warming (truly) compliment! That really made me smile!

          And of course, I’m sure seeing those slap bracelet pictures would make me smile, too… hee hee (I mean, what kind of guilty pleasure enthusiast/blogger would I be if I didn’t lay on a LITTLE WordPressure?)

  11. This design is steller! You certainly know how to keep a reader amused.

    Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Fantastic job.

    I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool!

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