Rule the World AND Win the Greatest Giveaway – Leave a Comment by Oct 21, 2016!

My Fellow Chipmunks,

It’s that time of year again! Orange heads at every turn, scare tactics full of fluff hay, stress eating Tootsie Roll pops…

And oh yeah, it’s Halloween!

That means you can enter THE BEST contest ever known to the interwebz for a chance to win a CUSTOM JACK-O-LANTERN, carved poorly by yours truly!!

All you have to do is leave a comment describing how you would rule the country. Or the planet. Or the universe.

Here’s how I would do it:

The Rules

Simply leave a comment below describing what the world would look like if YOU were in charge.

The Prize

A custom jack-o-lantern, carved just for you by Go Jules Go. Don’t think that’s the greatest thing you’ve ever heard? Think again!

For more on past winners, click here, here or here.

The Deadline

MIDNIGHT EST, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21st. (Winner Announced 6am EST, Monday, October 31st.)

I’m so excited I could pee brush my teeth.


14 thoughts on “Rule the World AND Win the Greatest Giveaway – Leave a Comment by Oct 21, 2016!”

  1. I’d vote for you Jules. But if I were in charge, here are some of the key changes I would make:
    1. Bird-proof squirrel feeders in every garden.
    2. All politicians must prove that they are there to serve the people (meaning they have to do community service like clean the toilets and pick up garbage)
    3. Baby boxes like they have in Scandinavia (cause children are our future)
    4. Roundup all reality TV stars and exile them on an island without TV cameras or social media (kinda like a medical quarantine to protect the rest of us from becoming mindless zombies).
    5. Cats to be given squirrel sensitivity training (no more persecuting cute squirrels ….and chipmunks)

  2. If I ruled the world, I would make everyone watch your video. I had to watch it twice because there was just too much to absorb. (off to watch it again…)

    Your pumpkin creations are ah-mah-zing. I remember the monster in your closet one. I faintly remember posting my own little video admitting my love for Golden Girls and Reese’s PB cups. Ah, the glory days of blogging!

    And that photo of you as toothpaste! Happy Halloweenie, Julsey-Drawers!

    1. Thanks, DP! Based on your last post, now I’m worried I should have been carving Oprah every year.

      I remember that entry like it was yesterday. And? Someone beat us to it!

  3. If I were Divine Supreme Ruler of ‘Murica…

    – Uncle Jesse’s face would be on the newly-minted $1.50 bill, which would also be known as the “funny”. $1.50 would be the cost, by law, for glasses of wine, movie tickets, and everything else fun.
    – Babs would be named Czar of Sheets and the proper method to fold fitted sheets would be a required part of all school curriculum.
    – all IRS employees would have to wear the same uniform, the Julesie Crest Ensemble. They would still collect taxes, but we wouldn’t mind so much because, you know, the Julesie Crest Ensemble.
    – Jules and Darla would be named Semi-Supreme Czars of ‘Murica. (Sorry, but their can be only one Divine Supreme.) In addition to coming up with a master list of fun things that will now cost $1.50, their main function would be chill-axing with the Divine Supreme Ruler of ‘Murica and giggling.

    Vote For Peg-o!

    1. I don’t even know where to begin. Can the world handle this level of perfection? We might need to promote the Czar of Sheets to Arbitrator of Awesome for this contest.

    1. Ha! So sorry I didn’t respond sooner – this looked like a spam link when I got the comment notification in my email!

      I’d have to change my underwear every half hour if I thought about all of the 16-year-old drivers on the road.

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