TV Junkie, Uncle Jesse, Wipe the Drool


Oh. Oh-hoh-oh-oh-oh.


Sometimes, friends send you things on Facebook that they think SCREAMS you, and you think, “Meh. Okay.” Or “Yeah, that’s cute.”

But sometimes, friends send you things on Facebook that change your life.

For the better.

On Wednesday, I received the following Facebook intel from both my BFF, Jenn, and my blog bud, freshveggies/gingerleaphotography:



Jesse and the Rippers are performing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. tonighT. (click for more info.)

Jesse and the Rippers!

As in, Uncle Jesse from Full House!

That'd be me.
That’d be me.

My beloved dog’s name sake!

This is…

…this is…

A decision I did NOT take lightly.
A decision I did NOT take lightly.

No. There are no words.

What…what are you waiting for? Go set your DVR! (I say “set your DVR” because I assume that, like me, you a) go to bed at 8:30pm, and b) with great pain, deleted a high-def version of Sharknad0, and now have room on your DVR.)

You’re welcome.

What TV characters from your youth would you poop a brick to see brought back to life on a late night talk show?

P.S. – If you need a distraction from counting the seconds ’til this airs, why not travel back in time and watch my AMAZING Uncle Jesse (man) / Uncle Jesse (dog) tribute video?


47 thoughts on “Set Your DVRs. TONIGHT.”

  1. From the depths of the re-run land of my youth, I want—no, need—Ginger and Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island to come back to me. Launchers of 1,000 bedtime dreams. Do you like your love glamorous in a silk gown or kissable girl-next-door? A young boy searches for answers.

    Fun fact: In real life, “Uncle Jessie” is an accomplished musician who has toured with The Beach Boys as their drummer. Did you know? All those good looks AND a musician. Stealer of girlfriends. Bastard. Oh, how I hate him.

    I’m happy to report that a sequel to the incomprehensibly successful Sharknado is already in the works. Same all-star (?!?!?) cast.

    1. I think I had heard that about him (why don’t I remember for sure? What kind of fan am I?)? Yet I know for 100% certain that there will be a Sharknado Part Deux in our future.

      I will pray for you re: Ginger and Mary Ann. After all, Jimmy Fallon proves tonight that dreams really do come true.

  2. Why is it every time I see Uncle Jesse I remember his gig with the Beach Boys where he was playing the bongos? “Oooh I wanna take you to Bermuda, Bahama….c’mon pretty mama…”

    Who do I want to see come back from my youth? That’s a tough one, there are so many. Balki Bartarkomous. I’ll go with him. Just so I can hear him say “Doan be ridiculous.” But I certainly wouldn’t poop a brick to see him.

    1. I sang that song for a school concert, around the time that Full House Beach Boys episode aired, and I pretty much lost my shiz. Needless to say, the two are closely linked in my brain, too.

      BALKI! YES YES YES. Perfect Strangers would be the BEST reunion EVER on Jimmy Fallon. Nice one, DP.

    1. Louise, it’s with a heavy heart that I inform you: I tried to watch it before I deleted it yesterday, and sure, my hopes were insanely high, but I actually couldn’t get past the first 20 mins. I think if I was as high as my hopes, I might have enjoyed it. It’s SO terrible.

      But I learned something amazing. Ian Ziering is 49! He looks incredible!!

  3. Oh yes, this was MADE for you. I heard about this and of course thought of you. Figured you’d be all over it.

    Sadly, I am sans DVR as I am in a hotel down the beach right now. I guess I’ll have to catch it on YouTube. OR, when you eventually posts the video here on your blog! Enjoy. 🙂

  4. I just now realized, looking at the post-date here, that today is the 19th. A friend of mine’s birthday was yesterday and I even TALKED TO HIM ON THE PHONE and thought his birthday was today so said nothing about it. DAMN IT.

    Ugh. Sometimes I just wish a sharknado would take me away.


    Most of the TV reunions I’d love to see have happened… and they were usually depressing. This one at least has a quick setting and a song and it’s with Fallon, who’s pretty great. So I have confidence your faith will be rewarded.

    1. You COULD make it up to him with an epic blog post. Those seem to go over well.

      I’m already looking at the clock wondering if there’s any chance I can stay awake another 13 hours (there isn’t). Thanks for the retweet! Oh, I’m supposed to say that on Twitter, right? I really suck at this.

  5. I want to thank the genius who put this performance together. I am so glad you brought this to our attention! I just recently watched the episode with Jesse’s Forever video. I hope tonight he is also wearing a flowy white pirate blouse and is flanked by Phantom of the Opera candles

  6. I really, really miss Lovely Lady Locks. There was a TV show, video tapes, and dolls… but *none* of my friends remember it. Not. One.

    Lovely Lady Locks was the BOMB and she had these fluffy pink and purple bunny companions and there was a prince who was a DOG… I don’t even require a revival; I just want one person I can geek out over her with.

  7. From my youth, I’m going to have to go for Scott Baio, from his Happy Days days! Notice how I have helpfully picked somebody American so that you would know who I was talking about! Not that I can actually think of any British ones from my youth that I would want to bring back…there must be one, let’s see…hmmm….oh yes!…oh…no….Ooh! There’s that one…erm… what’s his name? You know that one? Nah, got nothing.

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