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M-Tee-V’s “My Life as Liz”

I love MTV’s “My Life as Liz,” and here’s why. They make being uncool cool again. Now, I’m not into Star Wars and comic books like Liz and her nerd herd, but you won’t ever hear me saying I’m too cool for Twilight. Or Maroon 5.

I also like the show just because I like to see what t-shirt Liz is going to wear next. In the transition shots, she wears a red and black Fangtasia shirt. Nice. Her will-they-won’t-they boy “friend,” Bryson, sometimes wears a “Legalize Gay” shirt. Dig it.

There is, too, Liz’s hot-ass new love interest, Louis, that keeps me tuning in. He sings and plays the guitar, and you must know by now how I feel about that (wait, singing on MTV? What is this, the 80s?).

Liz has got some singing chops herself, which she FINALLY busted out again on this week’s episode (ironically, at an 80’s club). You can watch the full episode here (skip to minute 17:30 to get to her performance with Louis).

While I am eternally grateful that they made it to season 2, I wonder how much longer they can keep this going. As it is, after commercials, there’s only 20 minutes worth of show a week. And that’s the only reason I think this might be [kinda, sorta, maybe] based on Liz’s actual life. In 28 years and 363 days, I’m pretty sure I only have enough ‘interesting life occurrences’ for two episodes. Two and a half, if you count the time I almost died.

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GOGP’s Guilty Flavor of the Week – Week 3!!

I love this picture because I love chipmunks and I love Dunkaroos. (Photo courtesy of:

Wow, my guilty pleasure boopies, is it already that time again?

Herrrreeeeee comes your Guilty Flavor of the Week!!

It’s like the time you thought you dropped your bag of popcorn at the movies, but it landed on the floor without spilling!!

It’s every bit as nifty as the first time you tried Dunkaroos!!!

And it makes all of your wishes and dreams pale in comparison!!!!

This week’s renowned Guilty Flavor of Week award goes to:

COMPLAINING! Isn’t it great when you can torture your co-workers with another rant on gas prices and the lines at Panera!?!

(…just kidding…kinda.)

This week’s REAL Guilty Flavor of the Week honor goes to…

DANNY RADCLIFFE’S STAND-UP COMEDY!!! Coming soon to a town near you!!

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Tersely Yours, Lazy McCantBeBothered

Forget texts, forget Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, IM…I have no expectations when it comes to your social media well wishes, but giving me a real card with nothing but your name written inside? Why bother! Sure, the dog dressed as a rabbit on the front might scream “Julie!”, but you know what else it screams? L-A-Z-Y. Just because you spent time and money seeking out and purchasing that card doesn’t mean you can let it do all the work for you.

The ultimate example is holiday greetings with the family name STAMPED on the inside: “Happy Holidays. The Jones Family.” Are you serious, Jones Family? You killed a tree and I risked getting a paper cut for that? It’s the card that says, “You are an obligation. Merry Christmas!”

This obligation theory applies to any type of card, but especially thank you cards. Oh, you like the gift and thoughtful card I composed for you? Well your sloppily scrawled, “Thank you for the blankety blank and blank. I really like using my new blank blank blank. Love, Boring Betty” makes me wish I didn’t get you anything at all.

Remember when your parents used to say, “Don’t buy me a gift, make me something instead”? They had the right idea. You grumbled and groaned, but when Mother’s/Father’s Day rolled around, you learned that you were capable of making some pretty sweet friendship bracelets.

An exceptional thank you card, in just a few short sentences.

My point is, even craftng a crappy card is better than buying a card and writing nothing inside. And believe me when I say getting no card is better than receiving a cop-out card. Your empty (i.e., soulless) cards go right in the blue bin, but anything more I will treasure forever.

There are other perks to taking a minute or two when you open that Hallmark gem, pen at the ready. You will be the envy of friends and family alike if you take the time to think of something touching or cute to add. It doesn’t take much. A simple, “I’ll always be younger than you” does the trick in a birthday card pinch. Even if you’re not artistically inclined [like me], you luck out in greeting cards, because stick figures are almost always hilarious.

Still don’t know what to write? Try one of these:

Write anything in big block letters.

Draw a stick figure in a hat appropriate for the occasion.

Write “That’s What She Said” or “Preach” after whatever’s already inside the card.

Draw the one thing you were always good at doodling during 7th grade algebra (Mickey Mouse? Trees? Peace signs? Mrs. Jonathan Taylor Thomas inside a heart?).

One word [that speaks a thousand]: Stickers!

Tell them about the effort you went to to find that perfect card.

Give it a try and don’t over think it. I believe in you. And I’ll be sure to tell you in a future post how you’re doing.