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A Super Star Tree

Chipmunks with cheeks full of roasted chestnuts, you are in for a treat – a guest post from Babs, the very woman who gave ALL OF THIS (i.e., me) life!

You’ll soon see how the [shamelessness] apple doesn’t fall far from the [guilty pleasure Christmas] tree.

(Click on any of the pictures to enlarge.)

So, for years my (our) guilty pleasure has been to find someone/thing worthy of the most high honor of being our Christmas Tree Topper (the ‘star on top’). It started with Britney in her red unitard, then swoon-worthy Justin Timberlake, and another year it was NSYNCer, Joey Fatone. In 2009, it was sparkly Edward Cullen, and last year, the singing Bieb himself. Oh, baby.
But this year, to honor your blog, our angel is a… chipmunk!
Decked out in huge wings, a starry halo, and yes, her own version of a slap bracelet (it’s Second Husband!).

Merry Christmas!


Isn’t that magical? (And yes, she adds the wings and halos herself!) You rock, Babs! By the way, for those of you who requested GoGuiltyPleasures slap bracelets before Monday, you should have them by tomorrow! For those of you who haven’t requested slap bracelets, what are you waiting for?? I’ve got one with your name on it (or, you know, 200 with my blog name on it)! Just email your address to me at

Happy Slapping! …Er, you know what I mean.

24 thoughts on “A Super Star Tree”

  1. Those are quite the tree toppers, I have to say that I’m surprised that they make Bieber, Spears and Timberlake tree toppers in the first place =)

    1. Oh but Marta, they DON’T! That is Babs’ handiwork, adding the angel wings and halos! LOL!! I think I’ll update the post to mention that fact (thanks – I didn’t even think to!)! 🙂

    1. It wasn’t letting me add captions to the pics (I guess ’cause they’re part of the quote??), but I was going to say under the Bieber pic, “If anyone can tell me why the Justin Bieber doll came with a director’s chair, I’ll send you a slap bracelet.” LOL

  2. Your mom is so funny! What a fun Christmas tradition! I have this large red felt star, and I was pondering gluing a funny picture into it- because I’m used to having something ‘weird’ on my Christmas tree! ha

    I love the bracelet by the way! 🙂 Good idea!

    1. She is a riot! Can’t wait to hear if you find a good ‘weird’ pic!

      I have no problem sending a bracelet to France if you’re interested! 🙂 I’ve already sent some to England!

  3. That chipmunk is awesome. My son informed me that is, ‘Britney’ of the famous Chippettes. He should know I guess. I sat through almost 90 minutes of Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked at the movies last week with him (eating Reese’s Pieces by the shovel-ful…which reminds me, go check out my comments to Pegolicious about what is better in my chocolate post. I say, Easter egg PB cups.

    Also, I was so excited to get the mail today and see a lovely envelope with your slap bracelets! I couldn’t get my kids to let me try one. They kept slapping the crap outta each other, it was hilarious. Thank you!! Pictures to come…

    1. Ha! I thought it must be one of the ‘Alvin’ crew! Thank you to your son for enlightening me.

      Hurrah! I’m so glad they got to you safely…and then became potentially not-so-safe, just like in 1991.

  4. We have nothing on top of our tree this year. It was a Santa hat, but looked juuuust a little weird.

    My bracelet didn’t arrive today. I suspect the mailman, and am going to go searching the neighborhood for him.

    1. They’re in the mail to you, JM!

      I’ll do your marketing if you’ll do the sound for my first show: Why Polygamy Was the Right Choice For All (Three) Of Us.

  5. Those are great tree toppers! I totally want to do that now. My boyfriend’s kids wouldn’t ever let me put the Bieber on the tree though. As a joke, I got them a Bieber gift last year. They shot it with their air gun thingy.

    1. Thank you, and thanks so much for the follow! Your slap bracelet is in the mail! 🙂

      Luckily my niece and nephew (who were 7 last Christmas) were on board with Bieber. He had a microphone and sang and everything!

  6. Love the tree toppers.. never thought of making my own topper with such great subjects..
    Mine is a simple snowflake..

    I received my slap bracelet and am trying to plan the perfect picture for ya!

    It will be wonderful, I think..

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