Hi! Thanks for falling in love with me checking out my blog! My name is Julie. You can call me Jules, because I sense you’re ready to take our friendship to the next level.

The Blog

I like to write about life (mostly my own, but I’d be glad to take a crack at yours) and all of the ridiculousness that comes along with it.

I recently shaved my ‘stache.

I usually only blog once a week (Wednesday mornings PST) because someone once told me you can have too much of a good thing.

The Blogger

I’m way too old to blog about celebrity obsessions in my late 30’s and known for my epic fails and my even more epic fails. Perhaps my only win is my doodle-rific dog, Uncle Jesse Every now and then, things get serious.

Have mercy!

Originally from New Jersey, in 2019 I began auditioning cities for “Home Base of The Girl Who Says Yes to Everything Just for the Blog Post.” Which might be how, in June 2019, I landed in central Oregon!

Dear Oregon: I did it all for the blog post.

By day I’m a project manager, humane educator, creative writing coach, and YouTube sensation. By night I blog about missing thumbs and saving the planet. Eventually I hope to chuck it all and open a goat yoga studio.

Oh! One more thing you should probably know. I like chipmunks. A lot.


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256 thoughts on “About”

  1. It kills me to see chipmunks and squirrels alongside the road. So I guess I too am a chipmunk enthusiast.

    I did my honours thesis in creative writing and got my Masters in English after that.

    I am currently underemployed. Go university education! 😉

    1. Ooh two Julie’s commented on my About page in a row. I feel like I just saw a double-rainbow.

      You know I haven’t had one person tell me they don’t like chipmunks (unless they’re just afraid of hurting my feelings). I think this blog is raising Chipmunk Love Awareness. I feel really good about that.

      I’m sorry to hear you’re underemployed (though that term made me laugh) – I wound up taking a job in Big Pharma, and boy, the creative writing outlet is just…well, I can’t even bear to finish that sentence, or maybe it’s just that I can’t, because they sucked out all of my creativity over the past 6 years 😉

      1. I went and took my B.Ed in the hopes I can at least teach Englishy-type things in the future. I’m just subbing now.

        At least there’s blogging. Makes me feel useful somehow.

  2. Dear Jules, c/o Go Jules Go,

    You have made it to my blogroll for your attention to the craft of Storytelling. Thank you for your reflections on the human experience.

    While I am NOT a fan of chipmunks, as detailed in my 6/14/12 post, your stories make me giggle and stand proudly. While I have read you for a while, you had me forever at “New Name. Same Beloved Blog.”


    1. Hi Colleen! Wow, what an honor – thank you so much! I am truly flattered and humbled to my chipmunk core (and, okay, I’ll let the not being a fan of chipmunks thing slide, LOL ;))!

      I’m going to try commenting on your blog again – I tried earlier, but my computer is acting up today.

      Thank you again!

  3. Hello there Jules!!! I wasn’t sure where to write this on your awesome blog, but then found this spot, so here goes. I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, because, simply, you inspire me. Details here at my blog. http://wp.me/p2nm8L-p6

    1. Thank you SO much, and thank you for the follow. I absolutely cannot wait to check out your blog (your name is amazing)!

      It’s funny no one ever brings that up, but, exactly. Exxxxxactly. Thank you for understanding. LOL <—Yes. I must laugh. 😉

  4. I’m so happy I happened to stumble upon your blog. You just made my morning so much better and I can’t wait to have a laugh with you (…or your expense)!

    1. And I’m SO happy to have, er, tripped you up? Thank you so much! This really made my day, and I look forward to gettin’ to know ya! I can see already that you have a most chipmunk-y spirit. 🙂

  5. You seriously make me want to grow a mustache….or maybe just go buy one on a stick….anyways, I’ve nominated you for the “Wonderful Team Member Readership Award” . For details, just visit my most recent post. I will understand if you do not participate, I just wanted to show my appreciation for what you do!! Have a great day!

    1. Dear Le Clown,
      I heard you thought my blog was boring. I think this was just the push I needed to branch out and start my line of chipmunk lingerie.
      You will, of course, receive the employee discount for your candor.

  6. Hi Jules! I am back and incognito this time. I was good enough to follow before; maybe I still am. Can you guess who I am?

  7. I am nominating you for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger award. If you accept, I’m pretty sure there’s a secret handshake, but I haven’t been shown it yet. If you would like to view it, you may check out my Award Showcase and scroll down to the Sisterhood Award.

    Congrats sis!

    1. Okay. How weird is this – I JUST commented on your post at the same time, and said to call me Jules! Ha! Bloggy mind meld!

      Thank you so much – that’s very flattering and I really appreciate it!

  8. just started blogging, your posts made me laugh so much and since I too have an affinity for small cute furry animal things I totally appreciate your love of chipmunks! Happy New Year to ya xo

    1. Well welcome to the blogosphere! Thanks so much for the kind words and the follow – it’s great to see a new, friendly face, and meet someone with such amazing tastes in blogs. 😉

      I was brand spanking new to blogging last Feb, and I’m not ashamed to say it’s TOTALLY changed my life – for the better! I’ve made some wonderful ‘real life’ friends through blogging, too. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂

  9. Would you believe that since I have been in Tenn for the past 3 1/2 years I have not seen a chipmunk and have only seen one squirrel… I screamed when I saw the squirrel and hubby almost wrecked the truck. I was excited. It was this past Summer when we were on the Military Base. All the animals seem to hide there lol…

    1. Wow, get out! Also, you’re the first person to admit to having a similar reaction to seeing woodland critters, ha! I almost NEVER see chipmunks, so I get ridiculously excited when I do. Everyone else tells me they see them all the time. Whenever I DO see them, I naturally take it as a very good omen, and it has always preceded something positive!

      I realize this comment makes me sound insane. And I’m okay with that.

  10. Hiya Jules! It’s been a while! I hope you had a good start of your year and had a blast last Christmas hehe. It’s been a crazy first few weeks for me too, but I take it as a good start of 2013, just wanted to tell you that my blog is now a .org but was wondering if you were receiving my post via email or Reader still? If not, would love for you to re-follow me, so sorry for the inconvenience, it’s one of the things that’s inevitable going self-hosted. Love having you on my blog! xx Donah (say hi to Mr Pep, Uncle J and the Chipmunktastic entourage!)


    1. Hiya Donah! Your site looks AWESOME. Congrats on going self-hosted! I just subscribed by email so hopefully there won’t be any issues. I know I’ve had people tell me they’re still having Reader issues (le sigh)…

    1. Aw man I never replied to this, but that’s okay because we’ve transcended the ‘About page’ comment reply via mutual following. (It’s science.) CHEERS my friend!

      1. Oh thank God! Tomorrow would be one month since my comment went unaddressed and I was going to cut myself for being so worthless and bothering a person who wants nothing to do with me. I can move your name over to my ‘this person is ok list’ now! Yay..what, me psycho???

  11. You have a wonderful sense of humour, and a way with the words.
    Seems like a fun place to be.
    Will be coming around more often 🙂

  12. I just nominated you for the Yada Yada Blogger Award. Please come to my blog and bring everybody you ever knew so I may bask in your reflected glory forever and ever, amen.
    Also, do you want to buy some Cialis or expensive handbags?

  13. I shall follow.

    Because (a) you appear quite funny, and I need to laugh more…and (b) my name is literally Chip Monck. So it seems quite necessary that said named individual would follow the blog of someone so passionate about chipmunks.

      1. After a life of mocking regarding my name, I am glad it has finally brought joy to one’s life. 😀

        You can thank my three bubbles off of plumb parents for this moment of pleasure.

        Believe it or not, my first “girlfriend” (8th grade was so grand) had the last name Dale. She could only endure about two days of Chip & Dale before she decided I was clearly not worth that much agony.

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