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The Last Will and Testament of GoJulesGo

Well, Chipmunks.

This is it.

The weather in western New Jersey seems to finally be cooperating with Peppemeister‘s (a.k.a. First Husband’s) birthday gift to me plan to kill me. You know.


Help me.

We leave in about an hour for our very first hot air balloon ride.

So close to the heavens, it’s only natural that I start to think: Once the angels catch a glimpse of my rocking side-pony and hot pink slap bracelet, they won’t want to let me back down to earth.

So in the event that I don’t return to you, please find…

The Last Will and Testament of GoJulesGo, PMP*

*Project Management Professional

Heartthrobs should stick together.

I bequeath my beloved dog, Uncle Jesse, to Second Husband, Darren Criss. Darling, it was only a matter of time before he was yours, anyway.

I bequeath whatever is left of my vodka supply to my best friends, Jenn and Mary, who will treat it exactly as I would. With cranberry juice and shamelessness.

Remember me this way, ladies.

To my mother, I give you all of Peppermeister’s musical instruments. Babs, he just killed me. Sell that shiz and take yourself on the shopping spree of a lifetime.

Go nuts, Pop. I love you.

To my father, I give you the money in my savings account. Take yourself out to a nice dinner. And what the heck, get the fries, too.

To my sister, I bequeath all of my dresses. To go with the ones you think I gave to you but really I thought we both understood this was a temporary thing.

And, finally, to you, dear Chipmunks, I give you this blog. May you honor my memory by ensuring that you indulge in your guilty pleasures, loud and proud, for all the rest of your days. And don’t listen to a word Zest and Zeal tell you. They have NO idea how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

They are not to be trusted.

Do you enjoy risking your own life?

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