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A Mother’s Day Haiku: To Babs From Boo

Vintage Babs (left) and her sister in handmade threads.

What do you get for the woman who has everything? It’s an age-old question.

But really. What do you get for the woman who has everything?

She already has me, for chipmunk’s sake.

I asked myself this question time and time again over the past few weeks. My mom, Babs, is a very special, thoughtful lady, so not just any present would do for Mother’s Day. I could design a custom wine label, draw a picture of Bella and Edward, get tickets to see Daniel Radcliffe naked on Broadway, but, been there, done that.

Then, suddenly, a promising train of thought began…

Babs likes this blog…

…and Babs likes guilty pleasures (as you know, she taught this grasshopper everything)…

…and who doesn’t love haikus?! This entire blog has been a build-up to the grand poobah of all haikus, really.

So, Babs, grab a Long Island Iced Tea (or seven) and enjoy:


Shop ‘Til You Drop

You sure love shopping;
You say you can smell the mall
When we’re getting close.
This has worked out well,
For two daughters who like clothes.
“Hey, it was on sale.”
But sometimes I fear,
Retail therapy will cost
Us much more than dough.
Do you remember?
It wasn’t that long ago.
…You don’t remember?
Though we laughed later,
-Once we’d changed our underwear-
I was scarred for life.
You veered to the right,
Then we almost got side-swiped;
A g.d. close call.
Horns were a-honking,
My life flashed before my eyes,
But you didn’t care!
We almost died and
All we got was this picture
For my silly awesome blog:
Was it worth it, Babs?
Almost killing us to get
to Pier 1 Imports?


Happy Mother’s Day, Babs!

I’d also like to wish a very Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mother-in-law and my sisters (both in blood and in law)!

And to YOU, ‘o course! This includes moms of pets. Don’t let anyone tell you us it’s not EXACTLY like having real kids.

In Babs’s honor: Is there a store you’d die to get to?