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How Would You Spend Your Fantasy Fortune?

This upsets me more than you could possibly ever know.

Sometimes, when I’m not busy fantasizing about getting paid to blog about guilty pleasures or chipmunk tea parties, or asking myself why on EARTH anyone would put a scorpion in a paperweight, I like to think about money.

Money is very important to me, because I like living in a house and going to movie theaters where they serve you beer.

I often ask myself: What would I do if I had REAL

I’d really have to watch out for Zeal.

money? More specifically, 1 million dollars? Would I allow myself to indulge in any guilty pleasures (like, I don’t know, say, a state-of-the-art karaoke machine)?

My answer might surprise you. But you can blame the cost of living in New Jersey. Here’s what I’d do:

1. Pay off the mortgage. Quit my job.

2. Pay off the mortgage.

3. Hoard Invest the remaining $100. …Kidding. But I would invest the rest.

4. That’s it. (Unless my investments pay off, then I would travel, travel, travel!)

I know. My answer is so boring. Which is why I really want hear YOUR answer.

So, if you were given 1 million U.S. dollars (after taxes – it’s all yours), what would you do? How would you spend it? Any guilty pleasures? Would you loan/give any to family or friends (…you would, wouldn’t you? Don’t you ever watch those specials about lottery winners? You are so one step away from wiring money to a “bank” in Nigeria)?

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91 thoughts on “How Would You Spend Your Fantasy Fortune?”

  1. I’d be so conflicted between paying off the mortage and getting a new car vs donating the money. OK, now the truth, I’d pay off the mortgage, get a new car, invest, TRAVEL, and make a donation to a couple charities. I’m so boring.

    1. Renee, we’ll be boring together, and call each other up to cackle as we review our growing investments. Just think, though, you could hire someone to drive you around while you eat ice cream, so you can focus your attention where it belongs 😉

  2. I teach English in China, and *just this week* I asked my class this question! How ironic! Many of the guys in my (college) class said they would use the money to buy a house and car so that they could propose to their girlfriends. How sweet is that? In China, it is almost unheard of to get married before the groom-to-be has purchased a house and a car.

    Personally, I would buy a house on the lake and a BOAT! 😀

    1. Oh that is funny! And uplifting to hear their sweet answers. These U.S. menfolk could learn a thing or two… 😉

      P.S. – That’s so cool that you’re teaching English in China! I have so much respect and admiration for people that can live abroad on their own/away from ‘home’.

  3. Back it up–there are movie theaters that serve beer? Well, then. I’d invest in those. Or maybe just buy one for myself.

    I’ve seen those lottery winner specials and we all know it’s bad to have lots of money. Bad luck just follows you around. So I’d give some of it away. Help out a few people. Take the remaining and travel the world. Maybe buy a new car, some clothes, new house. Wait a min–it’s only a million? A million doesn’t go far these days does it. Even a billion. Just ask Mark Zuckerberg.

    1. Ha! Sweet – that means all the movies and beer I want for free! …Right? (They have like 5 of these AMC dine-in theaters in NJ now and I think they’re AWESOME. Peppermeister thinks it’s too distracting. But there’s SO much leg room/big seats, and you reserve your seat ahead of time, so you don’t have to worry about what time you show up.)

      I know! I might have to do a follow-up post asking what people would do for a billion, because it’s a TOTALLY different ballgame. (Except for Mark.) With a million, you kind of HAVE to be sensible. Which is why I’d be really happy with a million. I mean, I wouldn’t even feel guilty about keeping it all to myself…it would be just enough for me to retire at 30, just like I’ve always wanted ;o)

      1. Ditto! By the way, do you know how awesome it is that you’ve put your mustache-pic as your avatar? It made me laugh this morning, thank you. You are my hero, Jules!

  4. Being Canadian,,I believe your not taxed on the lottery winnings, so I get the WHOLE Million babee (I may be wrong,,but I rarely am,lol).
    First I’d open up one of those AMC Diner things,,just cause it’s cool.
    Then by a Condo on the lake in my town
    And of course a nice cottage up on Lake Muskoka, (that’s the place where all the rich Americans and movie stars come to get away). I’d meet probably George Clooney or some other hot guy, fall in love, get married and live happily ever after,,,,,,,,,
    4. Travel, travel, travel and stay at all the finest places…..

    I love to dream 🙂

    1. You do me proud, Nikki! You have definitely made the most of your million. I won’t tell George that you were willing to settle for ‘some other hot guy.’ 😉

  5. That would be so “hideous!” (I am trying to get out the word of this new meaning….new post) I tried the lottery last night for the first time in months, but I was only off by 6 numbers…dang!

    1. ha! Just think, if you only miss 5 next time, that’ll be totally ‘hideous’! (What is hideous, per the old-school definition, is the fact that I am so behind on blogs! I shall catch up this weekend, though, and am excited to do so! :))

  6. Jules, there is a reason you are my imaginary BFF. We have so much in common! My fiance and I frequently have fairly ridiculous conversations about what we would do if we won the lottery. This is typically brought on whenever we remember to actually buy a ticket. Here is our most recent list.

    1. Get liposuction on my ever-widening ass. (me)
    2. Get a new boat (him)
    3. Get a breast lift (me)
    4. Buy a 1000″ tv. (him)
    5. Take mom to Italy (me)
    6. Quit job (him) (I’m a grad student)
    7. Travel (both)
    8. Donate to animal rescue orgs. (both)
    9. Buy a farm in Connecticut. (both)
    10. Buy a movie theater that serves beer and cake but doesn’t allow cell phones on the premises. (ok, I added that one in)

    1. ha! You’re so right. We are totally in sync here – more than you will even believe. Peppermeister has been talking NON-STOP about getting a boat for the past year, and I would sooo go for nos. 1 and 3! Actually, there isn’t a single item on your list that we wouldn’t be on board for. I advise that the two of you continue to discuss this at length, and share your thoughts with me, so I don’t miss out on any other good ideas 😉

    1. Whew – Ashley, you had me worried for a second there! 😉 Then again, by ‘common good’ you might have meant ‘free champagne for everyone!’, in which case, I’m okay with the first part, too.

  7. I often dream about this when the Mega Millions gets in the hundreds of millions, because there is a huge billboard on my way to work that I see Every. Damn. Day. So, for a measly million, I would pay off the house and quit my job. There probably wouldn’t be any left over after taxes, but if I didn’t have a mortgage, my hubs’ salary could float us.

    If we are talking multiple millions, like in the tens or hundreds, same first 2, although add in paying off both of our school loan debts and all the other outstanding debt we have accumulated, then we would invest in the kids’ college funds and set up funds for their future homes/weddings, etc. We would obviously give some money to family members (we have a ton of family members), and/or pay off all our sibling’s mortgages, or comparable. Then . . . travel all over the world. Oh yeah, did I mention the house in Key West, the condo in San Francisco, the apartment in Rome, Italy, the flat in London and the beach front home in San Diego? (I guess that would only be if it was 100s of millions). Oh, yeah, I forgot about donating a bunch to charity and setting up some scholarship programs as well. We would try to be as altruistic as possible, without losing all of our wealth.

    Told you I’ve thought about this quite a bit. I should probably start buying some tickets, huh?

    1. OMG, Misty, that reminds me of something I NEED to blog about – there is a billboard for some Super-Church on my way to work, and it is BUGGIN’.

      I figured I would pose the ‘1 million’ question since it really DOESN’T go that far and people would have to make tough fantasy choices – I’m definitely with you on what I’d do with the multiple millions! Have you ever been to San Francisco (I’m assuming so from your comment)? I’m dying to go. I mean, it’s the home of Full House (and our dog’s name is Uncle Jesse) AND Second Husband!!

      haha, we never buy lotto tickets either!

  8. I’d cut my job, too. I’d invest some and then travel, too. I don’t know if I’d actually give any to my parents and brother, but they would definitely get some killer gifts at Christmas and birthdays. Or maybe I’d pay for us all to go a cruise together.

    I need to start playing the lottery….

    1. Ooh, I’m dying to know what luxurious trips you’d take, too! I’d definitely go to Europe first (I’ve never been) – U.K., Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy…

  9. Hi Jules! 🙂 Wow, this post is so fitting with the conversation I just had with my other half earlier on the phone. Would a million dollars be enough to sustain 6 children? Since, as he said, if money wasn’t an issue, apparently, I would be the baby-making machine Mommy?! So I won’t only just be AJ’s Mom anymore, I’d be so and so’s Mom, etc :-D. So I guess with the economy right now and cost of living (!), I would have to invest the (rest of the) money. I mean, that’s after I buy us a house and then rent a race track somewhere in the US or abroad (wherever that maybe), so my other half could drive on a race track in a spanking new sports car. This is one of his dreams. I think that’s about right. 🙂

    1. Hey Baby Girl(Bibeautyful),

      Since you seem to really like this blog and this particular post, I decided to make a comment myself in regards to this million dollar question. The thing is, I’ve actually had plans in my head for a while now, based on different amounts of money I would acquire, if ever. But for $1 million? It would go like this.

      1. Put $100k aside for each of the boys(that makes $200k), for school or business. I wouldn’t push them to go to school if what they want to do in life doesn’t require it. But of course it would be encouraged.
      2. Buy a house in Florida for my mom. That’s another $100k right there.
      3. $100K for you for a business you would like or that child care you mentioned. This would also include Korean language and cooking lessons.
      4. $50K to your grandmother, so she has everything she needs in her last days. Maybe more.
      5. $300K for our home, whether that be a house or a condo next to the water
      6. $100k divided among all my brothers and sisters
      7. $100k invested
      8. The rest saved in a bank

      As much I want my GT-R, with only a million, I’m sure other important things would come up.

      Love you.

    2. haha! My hub used to say that all the time – that the number of kids we had would depend on how much money we had. (Of course now with the house, work and post-grad school, he’s like, “NO KIDS!!!” Which is A-okay, with me, so not to worry!)

      You are a very generous wife re: the race track 🙂 I guess I’d let Peppermeister get the fishing boat he wants…

    1. ha ha! Now THAT was a guilty pleasure list if even I’ve seen one! Tila Tequila, really?? Maybe I should fork over Go Guilty Pleasures.com to you right now, LOL

  10. Interesting how so many want to travel.

    I’d ditch the house; home ownership and maintenance is boring and confining. I’d help out some folks, probably buy a small version Winnebago thing and get west of the Mississippi. I’d get a decent haircut. Find work that’s fun and where I could help people or at least make them laugh. Think about having simple, permanent living quarters somewhere for when I’m not in the Winnebago. I’d go to the Albuquerque hot air balloon festival.

    1. Hiya Linda! I love your answer (and it even features a hot air balloon festival!) – especially after spending 8 hours doing yard work today (you should see my arms – I look like I was attacked by a bitter gremlin). I think rolling around the country in a Winnebago would be AWESOME.

  11. Sell everything and travel for as long as it lasts! If you know how to travel on a budget you could really stretch it out and see the world… 🙂

    1. Excellent – I know who to come to for budget travel tips now, after I win my million. …Wait. We’re not talking hostels, right? I saw that movie. 😉

  12. You could say my answer is also boring, but me and my husband have discussed this. We would: 1. Pay off the mortage
    2. Give 10% to our church
    3. Set up a college fund for our son
    4. Set up a retirement fund for us
    5. Not tell anybody
    6. Live fairly normally so we didn’t have to worry about money for a long time.

    My husband would keep working because he loves his job, and no, 1 mil would not go as far as you think.

    1. I’m with you, Symanntha! And with only one million, I think you’re wise re: #5! Especially if your husband is still working; maybe no one would suspect a thing, LOL

  13. $1 mil is just chump change from my couch. If it were real money, though, like $2 mil, I’d use the first $1 mil to pay the taxes and give to my family and charity. The next $1 mil I’d put in really safe investments, and use the $60,000 annual interest to supplement my income. I wouldn’t ever have to worry about money, but I wouldn’t have so much it would change everything.

    Not that I’ve ever thought about this, Jules.

  14. One million dollars isn’t a lot of scratch. You only have to be related to my brother to see the squalor he lives in and know that he blew through half of that amount out of my dad’s retirement money in the 1990s alone.
    Where was I?

    One million isn’t enough to “quit my job forever” but…I’d be hard-pressed to not quit THIS job, travel a bit, decide what I want to do NEXT, educate myself towards THAT and then job-seek whilst living on the tiny bits left off that money.

    I’d also probably invest 100Gs (or whatever would be the best amount to off-set the tax-bracket jump on the NEXT year).

    1. Wow – I hear you! I think it would be so easy to blow through the money. My first goal would be to maximize the money so that I wouldn’t ‘have’ to work for as long as possible, but I would definitely have to keep doing something (plus, I’d probably become a total alcoholic if I didn’t have some sort of ‘real’ job).

  15. This is fun and I think about it often! 🙂 Unfortunately, a million doesn’t go that far, but I’d make good use of it! First, I’d pay off any debts we have. Then I’d build a new home on a wooded lot (nothing super extravagant, but very nice). I LOVE swim! I’d have an enclosed, inground, heated pool built, so I could swim year round. Any leftover money I would use for travel! 🙂

    1. Sprinkles! ANOTHER thing we have in common – an indoor pool would be AWESOME (along with a cute pool boy to take care of it)! We’re lucky we have a pool in this house, but wow is it a LOT of work. I spent the entire day out there today, and it’ll probably still be a few more days (at least) before we can swim. Not that I’m complaining since I love to swim, too!

  16. If you asked me this question before law school, I believe my answer would have looked like this:
    TRAVEL THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now, my answer would look like this:
    * Pay off my law school debt
    * Pay off my siblings’ school debt
    * Procure a modest house
    * Invest the remainder in Li’l D’s college and/or in actually investment-type . . . thingies. Because I invest. Hard. As you can tell based on my highly technical lingo!

    1. Aw, Deb, I hope you’d squirrel (chipmunk?) away a little for yourself to travel 🙂 But I love the spirit of this answer – I think as we get older we realize we don’t need more than we need. I’d go as far to say – having more than we need is STRESSFUL!

      P.S. – I am a couple of days behind on blogs, but I do believe I saw in my reader that your sister has a blog now?!?! Squeeee!!!!

  17. $100,000 – I would hire Meredith Salenger for one day to let me watch her bake a cake in a white t-shirt and torn jeans.
    $100,000 – donation to Ann Coulter to keep her from appearing in public for a year.
    $100,000 – customized contacts that change color on command and shoot laser fire at all identified chuckleheads.
    $100,000 – to buy all the products I get ads for in my email inbox that promise a bigger penis.
    $100,000 to buy all the products I get ads for in my email inbox that promise bigger breasts – for my wife on her birthday.
    $100,000 – a lifetime supply of toenail straighteners
    $100,000 – charity; either Feed the Homeless Ocelots or The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Chevy Chase. It’s a tossup.
    $100,000 – Traci Lords. Just cuz.
    $100,000 – Buy the original negative of Notting Hill and burn it.
    $100,000 – 20 square feet of ocean front property. Just enough for a tent with a view.

      1. oh dear…another million?????

        $300,000 – to paint the washington monument in a swirling ’60s tie-dye pattern using all the colors of the rainbow.

        $100,000 to tar and feather Bill O’Reilly. (An additional $50K can be allocated if Bill O’Reilly can be tarred and featherd TO Rush Limbaugh)

        $100,000 – to hire Christina Hendricks to stare into my eyes for 30 minutes.

        $100,000 – for Dick Cheney’s immediate funeral.

        $100,000 – donated to PBS to be used solely for a makeover on Patrick Stoner to prevent him looking like Satan.

        $100,000 to BP Oil to keep making those cute, fictional short films about the cleanliness of the shrimp in the Gulf Coast.

        $200,000 – to any company that can wire every seat in the House and Senate to supply high voltage shocks to anyone spinning the truth. I figure they’ll all be dead in a week…

    1. Cooper! I am so late to the party here, for which I can offer no proper excuse. But, this comment deserves to be chiseled into the heart of non-guilty pleasure enthusiasts everywhere, so they can learn from their mistakes. Wait. Do they even have hearts?

      I, too, must invest some of my million in the Cooper coup.

  18. Oh my goodness. One million?! Well… I am incredibly lucky to have a wonderfully hard-working husband who has managed to pay off both of our student loans (we are only 25), and we have no other debt. So if we got $1 million? I have no idea WHAT we would do! We would probably save it/invest it for a while… He would want to buy a house and I would want to travel. Now you’ve got me all day-dreamy… *sigh*

    1. Hiya Kiya (wow I could say that all day)! That is AWESOME that you are debt-free! I’ve been pretty diligent, but still have a small bit left on my student loan, and now the house, which we’ll be paying off for 28 more years, LOL I think getting a house and traveling sounds like a PERFECT plan. I’m pretty sure if we daydream about it long enough, it’ll totally happen 😉

  19. Love your mustache! It brings out your nose – er – eyes.

    Seriously… no one channeled the Barenaked Ladies song, “If I had a million dollars”?! I’m disappointed in your readers, Jules.

    I suspect we’d pay off the mortgage, get a new ‘used’ car, and save the rest. I doubt we’d do anything fancy. Okay fine. Maybe I’ll buy and eat Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food more than I do now, because I could afford a gym membership and personal trainer.

    Seriously? No one mentioned the Barenaked Ladies? Wow.

    1. ha ha! Maybe I could get the Barenaked Ladies to come sing with me as the follow-up to this post – but only if I get to keep the mustache. I’m sure it’s doable. I mean, I DID get Tom Bury to read my letter to him in my post before last… LOL!

      *I* can’t believe no one mentioned Ben & Jerry’s except you in their answer!

  20. What?! That’s such a conservative answer I’m so surprised. My husband would do the exact same thing as you, minus quitting the job. Is it sad how little a million will get you? Let’s say 10M. In which case I would sell my house and buy a big ass house in California. Furnish it. Buy a car. Buy nice clothes. Take all my dear friends that I love to Fiji. And then create estate accounts for my kids. And then well I have to pay that Malibu mortgage somehow!

    1. I know. I’m disappointed in myself, too. LOL But my number one goal is to maximize the money so I don’t *have* to work (and can just blog instead). I debated what amount to ‘give’ (snort) people in this question; 1 million really doesn’t go far so you have to make some tough calls!

      But you’re right. We totally need 10 million. At least. Can I come to Fiji?

  21. I can relate to your list. But I would invest and invest in business and share some with my family; help them out. Then I would travel big time! I’m in the same wagon with you with regards to that paper weight. Haha!

    1. Karla, thank goodness. Finally someone willing to take a stand against scorpion paperweights with me. Maybe we can use some of our lotto winnings to fund our campaign?

  22. Buy $1,000,000 worth of $1 Scratchie cards. Rinse. Repeat. Then cry myself to sleep when i have no money left and nothing to show for the million except a gigantic pile of that weird dust crap that comes off scratchie cards when you scratch then and gets EVERYWHERE! .. or ya know.. invest or something..

    1. OMG. You should invest in scratch off cards that don’t make that dust! Maybe you scratch the cards and it turns into candy?? Hang on. I didn’t say that. I’m off to patent it right now…

  23. We’ve got two choices. We can talk about what we’d REALLY do (e.g., pay off the mortgage) or we can talk about our guilty pleasures (e.g., travel, travel, travel). Sad and strange to say, a million isn’t enough for both. So my guilty pleasure would be a stateroom on board “The World” which is the planet’s only residential cruise ship. See their website: http://aboardtheworld.com/ or see my blog for a fuller explanation.

    1. Wow. Once again your comment is blowing my mind. You are so right that 1 million forces you to choose between sensible and guilty pleasure. I’m so ashamed to admit I picked the former.

      I NEVER knew there was a residential cruise ship. Wow. …Wow. …Did I say, “WOW”? I’m pretty sure I could get over my sea-sickness for that.

  24. If I was given a million US Dollars (for the record I am HAPPY with any currency!) I would:

    1. Buy gym membership which has a clean swimming pool with fluffy towels.

    2. A nice apartment for me and a nice little car. I’m still thinking about either a Mini or a Lamborghini.

    3. Pay off mortgages for family and friends. Buy them cars too, because they go hand in hand 😉 And a lovely holiday for them too.

    4. Travel the world. That would mean that I save money as I don’t have to buy an apartment or a car… I think.

    5. Quit work and do something different like open a bakery. Mini cupcakes…..mmmmm!

    6. I would give much of it to charity, and oversee projects.

    7. Invest for a rainy day.

    8. Every girl needs a pair of Jimmy Choos and a nice handbag.

    9. I would buy an art studio where I could paint to my hearts content.

    10. I’m a Gadget Girl so I would probably buy something quite geeky like a robot!

    1. All right. I need to start sucking up to you, because you are going to be the one with cupcakes and a robot. …Did I mention you look really hot today?

  25. I’d have one massive party that involves detonating a building, and a literal battle of the bands, and ostrich rides, and a water-slide that goes for miles. Then when the money was all gone I’d save $20 so I could go to a dive bar and sit there saying “I had it all, once…”

    That or…
    1. Pay off all debts
    2. Pay for Kidney Bean’s college
    3. Invest toward retirement
    4. Do a little traveling

    1. Honestly, I think Kidney Bean would be disappointed to hear you paid for her education when you could have been regaling her with stories about a literal battle of the bands.

  26. It’s interesting that you did this post when you did because i was having this exact conversation with my friend christine the other day after finding out that my friends parents just won a million dollars. Do you remember when a million dollars was this amazing never ending magical idea? I remember being a kid and thinking that you would never run out of that kind of money but really where i live you’d be lucky to have anything left after getting a house. I think i’ll wait for the billion dollar question 😉

    1. Get OUT! I can’t believe you know someone who won a million bucks. And now you’ve got me curious about what you’d do with a billion… (I know a million pretty much only covers the house/taxes in a lot of places – especially Jersey!)

      1. Can you even believe it? And they already have a huge house lol. I was like, now they can build a manion next to their current mansion! LOL. Seriously though rich people always win but they’re good people so good for them!

  27. I would buy a “reader” that works because apparently you have been dropped from my list of blogs I follow. I had no idea.

    1. Buy all the copies of 50 Shades of Grey
    2. Buy enough lighter fluid to burn said copies.
    3. Buy hot dogs, buns, roasting utensils, etc.
    4. Buy beer, wine, champagne, etc
    5. Invest in side dishes (chocolate covered bacon, peanut butter cups)
    6. Invite friends to bonfire

    1. I’ve been having trouble with my reader for AGES! I really want to read one of the 50 Shades of Grey books, just so I can do a review here, LOL, but I will SO be at that bonfire!

  28. My husband loves the mountains of NC – I love New Orleans. This has already been discussed: Cabin on the side of a mountain in Bat Cave, NC and a house in the French Quarter for me. Summer in the mountains, winter in New Orleans.

    And count me in on burning 50 Shades. If could bring myself to own a copy.

    1. Wait wait wait. There’s really a place called Bat Cave, NC? And I don’t know about it? Do you think that’s where they’re hiding the next 50 Shades of Grey book?

  29. Well, I have decided that we’re talking sterling here, as I have noooo idea what you can buy for a dollar…. and it’s not taxed here either, so a whole £1,000000 for me…. oh dear…. feel faint….

    Anyhoooo I would buy an oak wood… I would then gradually build tree houses throughout…. and live as a squirrel/Ewok 🙂 (And you think I’m kidding) 😉

    1. That is amazing. I’m going to buy my next lottery ticket and give it to you. All I ask is for zip lines to transport us from tree house to tree house. Or gorilla piggy back rides. Or flying broomsticks.

  30. I would buy a house (I don’t have one) and a car for myself and one for my wife. We both drive 2003’s with a lot of miles on both, so it’ll be more of a necessity sooner rather than later. Other than those, I don’t really want anything else. I would consider paying off my mom’s or my brother’s house as well.

    I’m pretty boring as well, I just don’t like spending money on wants when there are so many needs. I would like to think that wouldn’t change if I came into some extra money.

    1. Hi Jeff! I agree – I’d like to think my perspective wouldn’t change too much with money. I really would just love the freedom to do any job I want to without having to worry about paying the bills. And of course knowing I could support my parents would take a load off!

      1. It would be really nice to be at Walmart (yeah, i don’t think my shopping habits would change either) and see an outfit for the kids for $10 and not have to think, “do I still have that much left in the account?” And definitely the freedom to do any job I want. I hadn’t even thought of that.

  31. First, I would pay off the mortgage. We would not move into a new house because my husband has long nursed a desire to be Millionaire Next Door — meaning the millionaires who drive beat-up pickup trucks and bitch about 10 cents a pound bananas.

    Second, I would buy a Teddy Ruxpin for all the little children of the world so that they might always have a friend to talk with. Batteries? Ah well, they’re on their own there.

    1. I’m so with you. Batteries is exactly where any reasonable person would draw the line. Plus, your husband will need that extra dough to detail his pick-up trucks.

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