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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet by Babs

Hey remember when you didn’t know how to fold a fitted sheet?

Listen up, Chipmunks. We’re about to put the fitted sheet issue to bed.

You heard me.

Buckle up and wipe off your ‘stache glasses, because my remarkable mother, Babs, is about to live up to her claims.

Just remember you loved me first.

Do you have any impossible questions for Babs?

P.S. – How great is Babs, and more importantly, how much do you think I could charge to rent her out?

135 thoughts on “How to Fold a Fitted Sheet by Babs”

  1. Your mom is my hero. Of course, the main thing I was thinking was, Don’t spill the wine!

    You guys must have so much fun together. Can I borrow her as my mom for a day?

    Also–brilliant video, nice editing there, Julesy. The chipmunk laugh really tops it off perfectly.

    I think you should do a video like this once a week.

    1. Me too, D-Pants! I couldn’t take my eyes off that wine. I should have a little more faith in Babs, I guess.

      If there was ANY way I could make ridiculous videos for a living, I would never ask for anything ever again as long as I lived.

      Except for a house in Maine. Right next to yours.

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I need the master class!! My mama taught me how to fold fitted sheets the exact way your mama, I mean Babs, teaches us all here. I have attempted to teach my own youngins, but they need remedial work. Maybe because so many of our sheets have the elastic all the way around. Damn that Ethan Hancock! I want to have more free time to go do more important things, like drink. From now on, I’ll have a glass of wine while folding my sheets….that may help my folding and not notice my girls’ dismal folding.

    1. I think I need the remedial class, too. When she started demonstrating, I’m not sure if you could hear, but that was a very genuine reaction on my part (“Oh Jesus.”) I guess if anything could motivate me, though, it would be booze.

      I am not doing Babs justice. You should see what she can do with scissors and a pile of pictures.

  3. Omigosh. I want that Master Class.

    Your mother should be a regular feature. “Ask Babs.”


    My jaw was hanging open when she got all four of those corners tucked into one and the sheet was flat!

    I’d like to know if Babs has a recommendation about how to go grocery shopping ONCE a week so as to avoid a million other little trips. My Produce guy knows my name. So does the guy in Dairy. And the Fish Market. I’m there waaaay too much.

    1. Ren-zay, me too. I basically want to pimp out everyone I know and love. Is that wrong?

      And I look forward to her answer to your question. I do the same thing. And by “I” I mean Peppermeister, because he does the grocery shopping.

      1. I’m with you here, on this one, Boo. Grocery shop? Only if it’s for snacks for cocktail hour(s). Then it’s up to your father if he wants food. We only have a kitchen because it came with the house.

      1. What Tupperware? Don’t you have it all by now? Actually, I use bleach to get stains out of …well, almost anything that can handle it —plastic ware, enamel kitchen sink, the bath tub and that nasty caulk around the edges. Just don’t let it splatter.

  4. I have told you how much I love your mom, right? And how adorable she is and how I just wanna put her in my pocket and carry her around, giving her snacks and petting her head occassionally. Like my own little pocket chipmunk? Yeah, so she is and I do. But not in a weird way. All of that is totally normal.

    I would have been worried about the wine, if I didn’t know how much of absolute pros you and your mom are in all things liquor and that you would never ever EVER spill a glass of booze.

    And that is a brilliant tutorial. I see big things for Babs in the future. Add a few more special effects (Uncle Jessie with a machine gun/explosions in the background and the fate of the world resting on the need to fold a perfect fitted sheet) and I can see Spielberg calling any minute!

    1. That is the greatest compliment anyone could ever give someone, Misty. I hope Babs appreciates it.

      And I know! I really didn’t need to worry about that wine at all.

      Does anyone have Spielberg’s number? Because I can totally make that happen. Then again, Uncle Jesse’s already a diva.

      1. Well, yeah, there’s that way to use, er…tie a tie but…umm, where was I Oh, yes – and I was thinking it is a nice way to get your arms around a man – showing him how to tie his tie. Jules – find me a model. I think there’s another video in the making here.

  5. I, too, was concerned about that wine. I can’t believe I’ve never learned to fold a fitted sheet like that. It looks complicated.

    Babs is absolutely awesome!

    Looking forward to more riveting how-to hints from Babs, Jules and Uncle Jesse.

    1. Maybe Babs can next teach us how to make moonshine with what you have lying around the house? Oh, who am I kidding. Look at her sheets. She doesn’t leave anything “lying around” anywhere.

    1. Part of me wishes Babs held out a little longer. Now I feel like a failure. I’m still too scared to try with one of my own sheets.

      Maybe I’m just not drunk enough?

    1. We have my bloggy BFF,, to thank for inspiring this idea! Should I upgrade him to “muse”? That could be fun. I’ve never had a muse. I suspect he would cave under the pressure.

      Oh and regardless, feel free to give me (…I mean…Babs) all the credit.

  6. I feel like I just saw the Loch Ness “monster” (monster is in quotes because let’s be real, she’s as terrifying as a cute lil’ chipmunk).

    Thanks to you and your mom, this is what I end up doing at work:

  7. I stared at her wine glass the WHOLE TIME, waiting for it to get knocked over. I’m completely and utterly impressed.
    I’ve always said that while some people can be astronauts and doctors, I have really great boobs (or did, THANKS BABIES…*sniff, sniff*) and can fold a fitted sheet. But Babs does it with much more grace and panache than I could ever hope to muster.

    1. I did the SAME thing when I was taping it. I should have known she’d never jeopardize her wine.

      Perhaps your confidence will be restored when you can fold your fitted sheets in ‘stache glasses??

  8. You were right, Jules. EPIC!!! I once volunteered at a camp for an afternoon. My job: fold fitted sheets (hey, it was better than interacting with children campers or something horrifying like that). The kind housekeeping ladies showed me how. I folded about a billion fitted sheets, but not like Babs. I like Babs way, especially since it involves wine.

    Speaking of children, did you say, “Why do people even have babies?” hahaha. I’m wondering the same thing.

    1. Rache! Thanks!! I’m still impressed, even if you weren’t folding under the influence.

      And seriously. Even my mother couldn’t answer that question. (Actually, shhhh, she did, but it was soooo funny to cut it.)

  9. My mind was just blown. Your mom is fabulous. It explains so much, really. I think you should make this a monthly installment: “Babs Shows You How.” How to get all of the toothpaste out of the tube. How to track down phantom socks. How to make the perfect frozen margarita. She’s onto something, that Babs!

    1. Rian! I think you’re right, and these are all stellar ideas. I wonder if she knows how to get the wrinkles out of Freshly Pressed posts that have been sitting around for a while?

      1. Okay, so I just have to let you know, I tried this yesterday and…it really worked! Your mom has just changed my laundry life for the better. No more swearing at sheets. Thanks, Babs!

  10. So very funny and entertaining. All my sheets have the elastic all the way around- I’ll look for a future how to video!

  11. OMG! Babs just made my quest to be the perfect 1950s housewife possible. I shit you not. I just did a really crappy job of folding a queen-sized fitted sheet a few minutes before watching this video. The minute I hit “post comment” I’m going to give her method a try. Seriously, a million thanks for this video! XOXXOO

    1. Sprinkles!! You get an A for effort and my undying respect for your willingness to go back and try again after this video. You certainly don’t disappoint Babs, unlike all 3 of her fitted sheet folding-failure children.

  12. That was fabulous. Babs is a wonderment. And a chipmunk.

    I was going to ask how to get wine stains out of my tablecloth – but I’m not sure anyone there actually spills wine (well, maybe a sloppy drunk guest, perhaps?).

            1. Do you know I refuse to drink out of martini glasses (if I can help it) for that very reason?

              Not only is the slosh inevitable, but the AMOUNT of booze you stand to lose is just tragic.

  13. Oh man. From the moment Babs donned the mighty stache glasses my loyalty went to her! I’m sorry Jules but you must have known this was bound to happen. The cute laugh! The classy wine and fold. It was inevitable 😉

    Great video. I loved all of the extra touches. The asian flair as Babs was about to unlock one of the housewives oldest secrets was impeccable! I also liked the guest spot from you and Uncle Jesse.

    1. Hmph. Look at Babs, trying to make it all better. Well you know what, Erin? I’m still tattooed on your hand, and that’s not something you can just wipe away after a 3-minute video. You’ll come back to me. I know it.

      1. I’ll always come back it’s true. But I mean there is one unavoidable fact that you’ll never be able to top Jules. Babs made you and not just any ordinary person could be responsible for so much mustachioed, sparkly, good times brilliance.
        Anyways there is enough room in this bloggers heart for both of you.

        P.S Do i dare ask for a stache glasses family portrait somewhere in the future? Oooh a stache glasses christmas card perhaps? Hmm you’ve just inspired a blog post

  14. I love Babs! I love you too, but Babs is a golden mother chipmunk. The dynamic between the both of you reminds me of me and my mom. Except my mother would NEVER consent to be videotaped and put on the internet for all the world to admire. Then again, she has a moron daughter who can still not close an ironing board even though she has been taught so many times. I can solve algebra problems, I can bake like nobody’s business, but ironing boards are just not my friends.

    Kudos to Uncle Jesse on his stellar “aren’t I just the cutest?” cameo!

    1. Jess, you should know Babs quoted you (“golden mother chipmunk”) in an offline message. I think she’s getting that engraved on a trophy for herself as we speak.

      Ironing boards can suck it. I think if hell exists, it’s filled with people ironing fitted sheets after being put on hold by *insert your favorite Help Desk story here*.

      P.S. – Please forgive me for not passing on your kind words to Uncle Jesse. His ego has gotten out-of-control ever since he saw his picture on my About page.

    1. Linda! You Freshly Pressed rock star you! I’m sure you won’t see this because you’re too busy signing autographs, but I’ll follow-up with you about agents later. I hope you have a good one by now.

  15. Babs is awesome! I can’t fold a fitted sheet to save my life. If you were to video me, it would consist of me standing there pouring and drinking wine (while glaring at the fitted sheet). Eventually, you’d get to see some drunken attempts which would require a PG-13 rating due to language.

    Babs, do you remember the first time you read something by Jules that was awesome? Did you always know that your daughter would go on to write an award-winning, popular, and entertaining blog? Also, any juicy tidbits about Jules’s first boyfriend? Did you stand there with the shotgun?

    Okay, I think that’s probably enough invasive questions for one day…

    1. That settles it, Jules. You MUST do a series called, “Ask Babs,” where your readers ask a bunch of quetions and you get your mom to answer them. Things about you, or how to guides, or just life in general. I sense that this will be a huge hit for you!! I mean, if your mom is willing. But I imagine if you ply her with enough wine, she’d pretty much be game, yes? Liquor as payment usually works for me, anyway. I just assume it’s the same for everyone.

    2. I’m tempted to not even jump in here and let Babs have her way with both of you, but… I feel I must warn you: Her juiciest stories probably involve things like me willingly going to the movies with her (and my dad) as a teenager, and bedazzling shirts for ‘NSync concerts.

      Er…right, Babs? You’re not going to mention the…and the…and THE THING?

    1. A video response?!?! Don’t joke about that, because that would make my entire LIFE.

      You mention the liquor store, so I’m thinking this is serious. I know you wouldn’t josh about that. (I said ‘josh’ because that’s funnier than ‘joke,’ and also because it makes me think of Josh Jackson, who’s from B.C. like you, which I’m sure you knew. …Er. That’s a normal train of thought, right?)

      P.S. – Congrats on your pepper photo victory! You are the shiz.

  16. I love Babs! I will rent her just to sit in my house, drink wine and wear those stache glasses. Oh and fold fitted sheets.

    I learned to fold them exactly like this from back when I worked in a department store in college. Never ended up looking as smooth as the one she folded. Why, Jules, why?!

    Sometimes I’d have to fold them and shrink wrap them to put back on the shelf. Shrink wrap is very forgiving.

    The Kung Fu music on here….PERFECT!

    1. Whoa, Nnng. You hold the answers to getting them back in the packaging?! Is this shrink wrap machine something that should be kept in the common household? I think they could use you over at B Man’s blog right about now…

  17. I saw them do this before on this Canadian tv show called Steven & Chris that is on CBC but it seems like the trick is that you need to have a table to work with (which I did not when I lived in a bachelor suite, lol!) but now that I have witnessed yet another fabulous person complete this task right before my eyes maybe I can work up the guts to do it myself, go Babs!!! ❤

    1. Aw man. Babs doesn’t even have any more room on her fridge to hang this comment; I suspect she’ll take down all of the pictures of me to make room for this one. (She’ll leave up the ones of Uncle Jesse, of course.)

        1. Oh gawd. She still has Peppermeister making her mixed CDs; imagine what would happen if I gave her one of those electronic picture frames?!

          But you’re right. I know you’re right.

  18. I’m so glad there was follow up to remind me to come back to watch this. I couldn’t watch it from work last week.

    I can’t pick a favorite thing, there’s SO much! First, Babs. May I call you Babs? Way to rock that ‘stache!

    Uncle Jesse’s cameo? Words fail me, except to say that he has my heart forever.

    Jules’ cameo? Same.

    And the little bubble about Hancock? If that doesn’t earn this an Oscar for educational short-film, it will be a crime against film-making as a profession . . .or hobby. . .or whatever.

    1. Aw, Debbie, thanks for circling back! I have to say, I think Babs makes it worth everyone’s while. <— Is that REALLY how that looks in print?

      Uncle Jesse's already hounding me for a sequel. He wants to show everyone "How to Get Away With Murder." He's not being cute either. We haven't seen the neighbor’s cat in weeks.

  19. can you believe me when I say i run to my room and unfold an already folded fitted sheets and folded back watching the video? It really works and only took me 3 hours to do it right !

  20. I am quite sorry I missed this. I fold slightly differently than Babs, so that when it’s time to make the bed with said sheet, it can be quite simply unfolded all-the-while making the bed with the unfolding sheet. Great video! Tell your mom rocks.

    1. Shannon, it’s never too late to witness what Babs can do with wine and ‘stache glasses. Sometimes I play it back just to remind myself it really happened. Unfortunately, I’m still in the “take off the sheets, wash them, dry them, and put them immediately back on the bed” camp. No folding necessary!

      1. That is absolutely the best way! Except when a kid vomits in the middle of the night and a quick midnight change and wash is necessary. I’ll say it again…Babs rocks (though I don’t think it quite came out that way the first time)!

  21. After seeing the tutorial from the Bironic man, I actually started wondering ‘How DO you fold a fitted sheet?’. I am forever grateful to your mom for sharing her secret. I am so gonna impress my hubby (who really is much better at this than me!).

  22. How did it take me so long to see this? BEST VLOG EVER! I love your cameo appearance, Jules, and the “why do people even have babies” part killed me. Seriously. I’m slayed. (But I need the advanced vlog asap. We have elastic all the way around our fitted sheets, or should I say “sheet”.)

        1. *gasp* I HONESTLY DO NOT KNOW.

          He is my BBFF. (Bloggy BFF.)

          He’s about to have a baby, actually (like, NOW…why do people do this?!), and I fear for her fitted sheets.

        2. Oh Dana. Forgive me for that last comment. You know you haven’t been getting enough sleep when you start repeating yourself/obvious facts.

          By the way have you ever heard of this guy Byronic Man?

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