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Slap Bracelets Comeback – Part 4!

Chipmunks. I’m so excited I could just pee.

But I won’t.

I don’t think.

I now have enough GoGuiltyPleasures slap bracelet photos to do not one, but two Slap Bracelet Comeback posts! So, continuing on in the order in which they were received…

#1 – Olivia from A Single Blog

Olivia and I are new buds. I was excited to hear from her a few weeks ago, requesting a slap bracelet and bloggy feedback. She reminded me of the best part of blogging – connecting with other writers.

Isn’t she purdy?
I think Russell is positively rabid for his slap bracelet.

#2 – Misty from Misty’s Laws

Misty really wants everyone to put their best foot forward, especially her family. She reminds people to stay on track (and out of stretch pants) in her always-amusing Friday fashion disaster feature, Weekly Whacked. For even more hilarity, check out this recent post that is as humorous as it is horrifying.

#3 – Erin from Catstache

You may remember Erin from her recent victory as a runner-up in the GoGuiltyPleasures gift basket giveaway. Her guilty pleasure submission, along with her AMAZING photo accompaniment, were simply breathtaking. She is a true chipmunk.

And her cat, Alex, may just be one of the cutest pets I’ve ever seen. Even if he is trying to mangle the greatest fashion look since side-ponies.

More slap bracelet pics to come next week! By the way, I still have some slap bracelets left, so email me ASAP., a.k.a., As Soon As Perfection-interests-you.

For more Slap Bracelet Comeback pics, click here.

What kind of guilty pleasures are you engaging in this weekend?

P.S. – I didn’t pee. …Yet. I think we’re safe.

61 thoughts on “Slap Bracelets Comeback – Part 4!”

  1. Yay! I’m all famous now. 😉

    It is a testament to how much my family is accustomed to my craziness that when I threw slap bracelets around their ankles and took pics, not one of them asked me what on earth I was doing. Not one. Yep, we are that kinda family. It also helps to do it while the youngins are distracted by Angry Birds, I guess.

    1. Ha! I love that. You should see how far you can take it. Like, tying them to the chair… Oh. Am I the only one who would try to tie my kids to a chair to see if they’d notice?

  2. Alex is EATING the bracelet. Disqualified! Just kidding. Esme did the same thing.

    Misty, when we go to Cinnabon, are we wearing bracelets on ankles or wrists?

    1. LOL! I know – he is REALLY enjoying some slap bracelet. They probably do make pretty cool cat toys, but do they freak out at the ‘snap’?

      It would make me so very happy if ya’ll wore slap bracelets to Cinnabon.

  3. Today is my blogging day, so I’m trying to see if I can comment on all your pages. I do have a real question for you, though. As the proprietor (can you say that about a free blog?) of a “wildly popular website,” I think a lot of us would like to hear you describe your creative process. How long does it take you to write a blog? When do you typically write? How many times do you obsessively go back over your post looking for typos before hitting that scary “Publish” button? (This has nothing to do with me, BTW.) Thanks.

    1. haha Louise, you crack me up! I feel so wild and popular! 😉

      Once I have an idea for a post, it usually doesn’t take too long to write it (less than an hour). The lengthy part is doctoring up photos and formatting, because I like my posts to be visually appealing and (hopefully!) easy to read. For ones with a lot of pictures, or where I’m ‘making’ pictures, it can take 2-3 hours before it’s ready to go. (For ones with videos I’ve made, I’ve spent many, many hours on them. But I love doing it!) I try to post 3x/week, usually Mon, Wed, Fri. Sometimes I feel like I’m bursting with ideas, but definitely can struggle to come up with new and fresh topics. I usually write during the day, on my lunch break or weekend mornings. I seem to be most inspired when I’m supposed to be doing something else 😉 Lastly, I usually ‘preview’ my post at least 4-5 times before actually publishing it, then a few more times after I publish, just to be sure.

      Thanks for the great questions! I’m always more than happy to talk about writing/blogging!

  4. Alright. I think this means I need to outfit my family in slap bracelets and email it to you this weekend! Plus its my husband’s birthday tomorrow! Slap bracelets as decorations!

  5. I just got my package and — for real — my son and his friends immediately ate the Pop Tarts. Some girl ate the bacon chocolate. I didn’t get one bloody square. The girl across the street took the chipmunk sticker, and then everyone got bread and laid into the nutella. Sheesh! I still have the pop up book and the mustache and my slap bracelets. I will send you a pic. Thank you for the box of deliciousness. I can’t believe most of the edibles are gone. Well, I have your doggy to look at. Have mercy. 😉

  6. That bracelet will be mine. Oh, yes. It will be mine. My daughter has a snap bracelet and I often find myself sneaking into her room at night and stealing it away so I could have it for myself, if only for a couple of hours. I think it’s time I get my own.

    My guilty pleasure this weekend is I’m going to watch the last few episodes of the last season of Big Love. I don’t care what the critics say about how great it is because I think the show in fact sucks. It’s one big drama-filled soap opera. But I am completely in love with it and I don’t care who knows it.

      1. You won’t be sorry, Darla — you won’t be sorry that you watched it and you won’t be sorry that you hate it. It’s worth every bit of self-loathing you’ll feel as you sit in your room all day watching all five seasons back-to-back.

          1. The Megan cleaning the apartment part? The Pete wanting to be called “king” by a prostitute part? Or the Peggy in the theater with a stranger part? I hope I didn’t throw out any spoilers here.

            1. Yes, yes, yessssss! All of it!


              Well, the most disturbing so far for me was when Draper’s daughter walks in on Roger getting uh….”taken care of” by Megan’s French mother. They crossed a line there. (but I will still watch it)

              1. Yes, that part was the absolute worst. I think it sucked out (oh, God…no pun intended, I swear) every last shred of libido from my body. Horrifying!

            1. Yes, you most definitely do. It’s amazing writing, great sets, actors. It’s got everything. Drinking, smoking, wild sex. You know, all those things none of us ever do anymore so we can watch this show instead.

    1. Angie. You know I cannot WAIT to outfit you with a slap bracelet 😉

      I’m afraid to watch Big Love. Because I know exactly what will happen.

  7. Dear You,
    I just called to say “I suck,” I received an AWESOME GGP SB in the PM (postal mail) and didn’t even call to say I love you, er, send a photo.

    Anyway, I hope it’s a small comfort to know that I feel guilty and cretinous. Will send a better thank you soon. Till then, thank you!

    — Lameperson

    1. Ha! No need to feel THAT kind of guilt here at GoGuiltyPleasures 🙂 I’m so happy it arrived safe and sound! It’s like I can hear the onslaught of compliments you’ve been getting all the way over here in Jersey.

  8. I almost feel like a celebrity! I’ve made all my friends check out your blog to see that I was mentioned in it haha

    Thanks for all support!

  9. Evvery time I see you wrote a new post I get so excited because I know I am going to laugh my butt off. Well my butt’s still there, but I definitely laughed!

        1. Yes!! I want to use it ALL The time (and think of you when I do)! And dang, I should have given you credit here – I meant to the first time I used it on my blog! 🙂

          Can you find a gypsy to wear the slap bracelet?! OMG. No pressure, but that would make my life complete.

          1. That would make my life complete, as well!! I’m pretty sure I saw some gypsys in Micheal’s a while back. They were being thrown out for rowdy behavior! I’ll keep looking for a friendly, calm, approachable gypsy to pose with one of your bracelets!!

  10. Hey, the package just arrived yesterday! Thanks again. The bacon/chocolate was snatched up by a certain pregnant woman living in my home before I’d even finished unwrapping it. The flask may be safe, though… And thanks for including the autographed pic of Uncle Jesse. Now I don’t have to sulk.

    1. Sweeeeet. That makes me so happy that Mrs. B-Man got to have bacon-chocolate whilst with child. (Did she like it??)

      And I seriously can’t tell you how many times over the past ten years I’ve tried to make that card ‘work.’ I was sure Jenn would be its eventual recipient. But it knew its moment was coming.

    1. Thanks, Karla! And you are in luck – I’m MORE than happy to ship worldwide! Not counting the U.S., slap bracelets have found happy homes in China, England, Canada and even Pakistan so far! All I need is your address (! 🙂

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