Slap Bracelets

Slap Bracelets Comeback – Part 5!

Chipmunks, you can get excited now. Oh yes. Here is the promised 5th round of GoGuiltyPleasures slap bracelet pictures!

As usual, let us continue on in the order in which they were [oh-so-lovingly] received…

#1 – Girl4dabible from Just Keep Swimming Forward

Girl4dabible has won over my guilty pleasure heart in many ways. Like by showing her solidarity in her slushie-to-the-face video. She also granted me free reign over captions for her pictures. So, come with me on a very special completely fictional journey…

The sun is shining, but it does nothing to distract Girl4dabible from the awful truth. It’s Monday morning.

Even Dino, a former Fruity Pebbles addict, stares ahead dejectedly. I feel like I’ve been doing this shiz for an ice age, he sighs. And don’t you dare put that thing around my tail again.

Once at jail work, Girl4dabible plops down in her chair and pulls out her workday essentials. The banana mocks her with its cheeriness.

Her keyboard does not care for the slap bracelet. You shan’t sneak off to read any fun blogs using me, it says. And yes I’m allowed to say shan’t. I’m a keyboard for crying out loud.

Finally, lunch time arrives. The slap bracelet snaps away from the carrot sticks as quickly as possible, grabbing hold of the nearest alternative.

The meager lunch of rabbit food does not help Girl4dabible cope with the onslaught of afternoon phone calls. People in the offices next door want to know where the bright pink glow is coming from.

The slap bracelet overhears these conversations and sneaks off to hide in a basket of Smurf back-straighteners. They’ll never find me here, the slap bracelet thinks. (Editor’s note: I never said slap bracelets were smart.)

With the work day over, Girl4dabible heads out to get her fitness on. The slap bracelet reminds her that it doesn’t feel good when she sweats, so maybe she should just forget the whole thing. For some reason, she persists. And perspires.

Finally. Finally! It’s time to head home. Dino invites Sir George Monkeypants of Backseatville up front to enjoy the ride home. It’s the only time he shares the dashboard. Ah, almost time for Smash, they say, as though segregation weren’t a part of their daily lives. Do you think Julia will be able to resist Michael Swift tonight? Girl4dabible chimes in, Ooh and how are they going to make sure Katharine McPhee gets a solo, while she’s still supposed to be just a choir country mouse? They chatter like chipmunks the whole ride home, and live happily ever after until Tuesday.

#2 – MJ Monaghan

I always love seeing MJ out and about in the blogosphere. He leaves comments that are as thoughtful as they are funny. In fact, when I see his gravatar on another blog, I’ll often pause to read his comment there.

I was very excited totally stoked, my rad bros, to see what California Dreamin’ adventures the slap bracelet got into with MJ on the West Coast! (Psst. MJ, what would it take to get you to send a fellow lefty some of those In-N-Out burgers?)

Zest, Zeal and Second Husband were so excited about this picture, they had to make an appearance.

#3 – Linda (a.k.a. The Mad Queen) from The Magic Bus Stop

Chipmunkianly awesome is a pretty good way to start off describing Linda. If you’re wondering about her blog name, the bus is not just a metaphor. Linda bought a kick-tail bus a while back, and together they’re bringing fun and adventure back to the blogosphere.

Linda sent me one of the kindest notes along with her pictures, once again proving the infectious nature of positivity (what we’re all about here at GoGuiltyPleasures).

Please do yourself a favor and check out Linda’s slap bracelet post, which contains a series of pictures so top-notch, this li’l guilty pleasure blogger might explode into sunshine and rainbows and Hanson songs.

P.S. – If you’re wondering why Linda has so many slap bracelets, it’s because I’m incredibly blonde.

I saved the best for last (not counting the one with Linda and the bus, ‘o course):

#4 – Renee Schuls-Jacobson from Lessons from Teachers and Twits

Let’s try not to be too jealous of Renee’s recent Gift Basket Giveaway winnings. Besides, how can you hate someone so adorable? And nice. And funny. And talented. And popular. Who’s well into writing her novel and looks ridiculously babe-alicious in a bikini.

Well. Okay. I know it’s hard.

Thank you so much, you wonderful, neon-clad Chipmunks, you, and please keep ’em coming!

One last note: I would like Renee and Linda to know that their slap bracelet pictures have given me the greatest idea pretty much of all time. Let’s just say this year’s ‘win a custom jack-o-lantern by gojulesgo’ contest is going to be the most fun we’ve ever had here on GoGuiltyPleasures. (Any guesses?)

If you could take your slap bracelet anywhere in the world, where would it be?

52 thoughts on “Slap Bracelets Comeback – Part 5!”

  1. Slap happy, I am; a queen true to her word! I am so coveting Dino — s/he would be so therapeutic for the little gargoyle’s neuroses. And if I could take my slap braclets anywhere, it would be here: Now tell me this guy wouldn’t look spec-tac-u-lar slapped with a martini in hand. With the Queen, of course.

  2. Jules, I’ve been a fan since … well, a while now. Just love your sense of fun and adventure. Plus the running “second husband” thing is one of the most amusing … Oh, and I also love the whole chipmunk thing.

    I leave you with this image:

    1. Thank you so much, MJ! When I started this blog I had NO idea how much of my true self would seep out in the form of woodland critters and plural marriages 😉

      Ha! Now THERE’S a chipmunk who could kick some tail! And thank you again for these wonderful slap bracelet pictures! I’m pretty sure everyone wants those burgers AND your dog.

  3. Fantastic submissions. (But did you have to rub it in with a picture of my lost monkey wine cozy, Jules? Did ya?). 😦

    Oh boy, let’s see . . . based on the submissions, I’m going to guess it has to do with crazy pictures of us wearing the slap bracelets? Too mundane? Hmmm, balancing items on our heads? Yeah, I’m out. I don’t know.

    1. I just hope Renee is keeping that monkey busy.

      Ooh you’re the first person to try to guess (re: the jack-o-lantern contest idea)! I think I will have to reveal the idea soon-ish since obviously people are losing sleep over it.

  4. Haha funny pictures, had no idea you could do so much with these bracelets! I remember we used to have them in all kinds of colors and red arms every day, these things are dangerous! 😛 Great post.

    1. People have really sent in some amazing pictures, I’ve gotta agree with you there! They actually banned them from my school growing up because they thought the metal inside was too dangerous, ha!

      Thank you so much 🙂

  5. Oh no you didn’t… Smurf back straighteners? SMURF BACK STRAIGHTENERS????
    Renee looks so, so cute with the (practically stolen from me!!) contents of her prize basket.

    1. …Too far? 😉

      I know. Doesn’t she look like a shampoo commercial?? Oh man. That would be a confusing commercial. “I’m supposed to lather, rinse and…eat?”

    1. Thanks, Susie! It has been SO much fun seeing what people come up with! I fear the end of an era, though, because the remaining slap bracelets in my stash seem to be getting less and less snappy (humidity? age? LOL).

            1. It’s mj speak for double-double, sorry.

              I thought of you, and Jules, as I enjoyed each savory bite. Boy, that sounds vampire-ish now that I read it. :/

  6. Smurf back straighteners? Really? I guess that is funnier than what those really are (DVD security strips!)

    I loved the story, though I can tell that it is totally fiction, considering that half the pictures were taken on Vaca to Michigan while the rest were taken at my job (local library)..

    It made me smile 😀

    1. Heh. That’s where I lost all credibility, right? The Smurf back straighteners? 😉 (I actually thought they were CD security strips, but I wasn’t sure what they were actually called, which was when creative license took over, tee hee.)

      Thank YOU so much for all of the wonderful pictures! I love knowing their true stories, too! 🙂

  7. What are you talking about? I DO not take my bracelets off. I feel like Wonder Woman when I wear them. I wear them everywhere. I’m pretty sure your bracelets are why neon is making a huge comeback this season. I heart my slappies. And my family is savoring our gift basket yummies. So good. Not quite sure where to put the picture of your pup. Hmmm. 😉

    1. Wonder Woman – yes! That is so you with the slap bracelets.

      Whatever you do with the Uncle Jesse pic, make sure you brag about it within earshot of Byronic Man. …Wait. I didn’t say that. 😉

  8. Can’t wait to get ours. excited 🙂 [Jules I am not sure what’s wrong with WordPress, I am following you definitely but I didn’t get this new post alert that I normally do.. I don’t like you right now WP! :-l

    1. Yayyy -4- slap bracelets! Oh, so many people have been having trouble with alerts lately, including me! I hope it will straighten out soon, if not, I need to get a really, really loud bullhorn. 😉

  9. Oh lordy I got your mail today and i loved it! I actually got the slip letting me know i had missed the package yesterday and tried to keep sane until i could get it today 🙂 I stopped eating all meat except for fish a few months ago but i allowed myself some bacon chocolate. It’s definitely an experience. I liked it because one bite would love it then the next i wasn’t sure and then i would like it again. I also shared it with a few loved ones too. I think this guilty pleasure isn’t just great in the taste but also in the shock value it gives when you offer someone chocolate with bacon in it.

    Also i can’t wait to use the mustaches and of course the sumo thumb wrestlers are amazing. It’s actually funny you sent them because (I might have told you this already but it’s worth being told twice in case) but a few weeks ago i was at a friends 30th birthday and these guys decided to arm wrestle. First one went fine but then another guy came to arm wrestle the birthday boy and next think you know someone is yelling “call 911!”. To make a long story short the second guy who arm wrestled the birthday boys arm snapped in two places and he to go to emergency to have a plate and screws put in. He’s also getting married in a month or so. Crazy eh? I think from now on we will sumo thumb wrestle instead.

    1. Yayyy I’m so happy it arrived, and that several folks got to experience the wonder that is bacon-chocolate! I think the brand of chocolate itself is part of what makes it so yummy – it’s sooo creamy. Oh man. Need to stop thinking about it.

      That is WILD about the broken arm, YIKES! I’m so glad I’ve provided a safer alternative 😉

  10. Ooh if i could wear the slap bracelet anywhere it would be paris. Mostly because i just want to go back there so badly

    1. Niiiiice. I would give anything (or, you know, my remaining slappy stash) to go on a European tour! (I’ve never been ANYWHERE in Europe. Poop.)

  11. It’s all tooooo upbeat, interesting, life loving and colourful… you’re having tooooo much fun. It’ll end in giggling and a restful night’s sleep… have you no feelings for the grey people out there?

  12. I am getting loads of great ideas for my own photo sessions with Snappy. I’m so giddy I can’t stand it! I am crazy in love with your storyline for #1. That Fruity Pebbles Dino freak is crazy, man.

    1. Yesss. I cannot wait. And thank you! I was worried I was getting a little long-winded with my storyline, LOL People really should know better than to give me free reign over captions.

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